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Helpppp! I love writing and I find great solace in it, but I don't know where to start! Getting published seems like such a far goal and I'm never motivated to start. Plus, it's overwhelming to think about all those hours I need to spend on writing. Where should I even start? How do I get motivated?

Break everything down into smaller goals. Don’t think about publishing. Instead, focus on just writing 100, or 500, or 1000 words a day. Focus on finding specific things in your writing to work on, such as characterization or descriptions. Writing is like learning any skill - it requires patience, dedication, and setting individual goals that you can work on in your own time and at your own pace.

teen wolf femslash week 
     ↳ day five - rare pair - erica reyes/laura hale
AU where Laura Hale never came back to Beacon Hills and she owns a diner in NYC near some of the NYU dorms. When Erica goes to NYU for college, she starts hanging out at Laura’s diner a lot while she does her homework, and slowly but surely they fall in love. 

The funny thing about setting a goal is if you chip away at it enough-little by little, you’re bound to overcome it. Motivation becomes dedication, then evolves into discipline, and that’s when the magic happens. I’m a big believer in documenting progress. Most of the time you don’t realize how far you’ve come until you look back. There’s a quote I like that basically says never look back unless it’s to see how far you’ve come. I kinda like it. In lamest terms, you are your own worst enemy. You are your biggest competitor. You are the only person that can hold you back from becoming better than you were yesterday. Don’t cheat yourself.

Dear Parhlo: Pakistan’s Women’s Football Team is Brilliant. Bas.

An article was posted with enthusiasm in a Facebook Group to which I belong. I believe that the intention to highlight and recognize these women was  sincere. This squad of skilled athletes has not often received tremendous media recognition. I wrote about their efforts in previous SAFF tournaments and aside from very infrequent reports, there was not much available.

So, to have a piece written about them with a powerful headline that is lauding their, um, gifts, could be considered generous and helpful. RIGHT?!?


The title of this feature was horrible. As a Sports Activist, writer, a footballer and a Pakistani woman, I was completely appalled. Is the click-baiting header trying to entice male readers? Yes. Does it welcome attention sexualizing the physical attributes of the players? Yes.

Does it draw attention to their looks instead of skill sets and dedication? Yes.

In fairness, the article itself focuses the strengths of the team and their manager. It recognizes their efforts and accomplishments. I’m not inclined to believe that the author, subsequently female, selected the header. It might have been decided by a male superior- as is often the case with sports stories. But it is far too easy to blame a weak editorial decision.

And judging by the weak editing and grammatical errors of the piece, I am unsure at how much Parhlo’s readers expect in terms of sexist material.

The problem with this is how is is considered acceptable to report on a women’s team by using uncreative and reductive labelling. That the players on the National Women’s football are very beautiful is actually irrelevant to how well they play.

They are not eye-candy. They are athletes.

If certain outlets of Pakistani media can not grasp this, they should be ashamed. And at the least, challenge the women to a match. I’m sure they will be fixated on beauty as the players run circles around them.

Responsible and intelligent media should certainly show support for the team by offering far more relevant ideas and avoiding the usual sexist tropes offered up to represent women in sports. Particularly in Pakistan where women are not always shown solidarity from male athlete counterparts.

These instances also lead the way for other outlets to report in a similar manner. The sexist and ignorant tones of such pieces do no service to the women for whom we should be cheering.

There have been tremendous strides for the advancement of women’s football in Pakistan. Islamabad recently hosted a hugely successful SAFF tournament at which there were many spectators enjoying the matches.

It was reported that starting in August 2015, there will be a brand new women’s football league.

While some of the stories of the women’s football in Pakistan have been hopeful and positive,

there is no space for petty reports masked as compliments. Nor should there be tolerance for attempts to sexualize the players by media.

Team Captain Hajra Khan, an incredibly articulate and strong player, stated that she thought the headline was only helpful in “amusing the small minded!”

The female footballers of Pakistan are brilliant and inspiring. And they deserve far more respect.

I’m thinking in honor to our lovely ship, and people who have been dedicating on not letting us get crap on our ship, I’m opening my Steggy Headcanons graphic series for the shippers, meaning: you may send me your Steggy headcanons if you want and I’ll put them on my graphic set of headcanons and dedicate it to you. So come to me Steggy shippers and let’s be happy together about our babes.

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How would the challenge of having DFCs in a set without a dedicated sheet and slot(s) in boosters be solved? Would there have to be a separate plate done for the backs of the sheet that the DFCs are on in order to ensure that DFC back faces line up with front faces? Is there any chance that we might see error cards popping up with DFC front faces & regular backs?

Double-faced cards need to be on their own sheet. There is no way around that.

Okay Here It Goes….

I Think It’s Okay To Use Japanese Words Or Phrases In English Sentences, Even If You’re Not Japanese.

(Unless You’re Not Using Those Words Or Phrases Correctly Or Close To Correctly, I Know Levels Of Politeness Are Tricky To Fold Into A Language That Lacks A System Like That)

Why Do I Think This?

First, It’s Good Practice For Learning The Vocabulary, Especially If You Are Anxious To Try A Full Conversation Or Even A Full Sentence With Someone Who Speaks Japanese. It Helps You Become Comfortable With The Words And Their Usage.

Second, Japanese People Use English Words In Their Japanese Sentences Every Single Day. There Is An Entire Set Of Characters Dedicated For Writing Loan Words From Other Languages (Primarily English).

Even Though I Think It’s Okay To Use Gomennasai To Apologize To Someone, I Do Not Believe It Is Okay For Random Desu~s To Be Thrown Around In Sentences, Or For Inappropriate Titles To Be Given To Other People (-Chan For People Who Are Not Close, -Kun For Girls, Etc).

I Guess What I Mean To Say Is It’s Okay For You To Use Japanese Vocabulary As Long As You Respect The Language, Coming From A Japanese Person.

Maybe I’m Wrong, But That’s How I Feel…


City of Cards edits part nineteen

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Dear lord still so much to do. I dedicate this set to Plato’s hands because there were a lot of them.

I have no idea if this process is at all interesting to anyone but myself, but I’m sticking with it. There are days where it all starts to blur together and I wonder what I’m doing, but then I remember sometimes you need to stick through things for the sake of the work.

So here’s hoping for the sake of the story that this will all be worth it, and thank you all for being so patient. I love this story and I hope that others will enjoy it as well.

Goal Overview: 200 panels total by the end of May (so twenty more), twenty per month average from then on, approx 800 panels in 1-4 to complete total not counting what I’ve already done, 5-6 to be decided once I get closer. If all goes well I’ll be done in maybe two years? Probably closer to three.

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And if Liam was already set to dedicate the next album to the way Zayn grinned wide with his tongue stuck out between his teeth in response, well, no one had to know that either. --- THE END. (I was writing it as I sent so sorry for the delays. I'm glad you liked it!)