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Wanna Bet? || C.T.H.

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Summary: You’re over at Calum’s house and decide to place a wager on who can go the longest without touching or kissing each other.

Relationship: Calum Hood/[Y/N]

Word Count: 851

Be there in 10! You texted Cal as you hopped in your car and started your way down to his house. He had recently come back from tour and you couldn’t be more excited. The two of you had spent hours with each other since he’d come back, but never a full day since he still had a few things to wrap up, and today, he was finally done with everything. 

“Babe?” You yelled through the house as you walked in. 

“In the kitchen.” You heard a familiar voice yell back and you couldn’t help but smile at the sound of his voice. Quickly kicking off your shoes setting them astray, you slid into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his torso cuddling into his back. You felt his back vibrate as he laughed pulling you so you were facing him. 

“Did someone miss me?” He teased as you pouted but couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Of course I missed my hunny bear.” You laughed poking at his stomach. 

“I missed you too sweetheart.” He said before sweetly kissing you. 

“Whadaya feel like doing today? You know since you missed me so much you can’t let go of me.” He asked teasing you again. You retreated from his body leaning against the cool counter, your brows scrunched together. 

“Oh please, you can barely survive when I go to the store, I don’t know how you finished the tour without me.” You smirked as he crossed his arms over his chest. 

“Are you calling me clingy?” He asked, stepping closer. 

“Maybe I am.” You chided back, smirk still plastered on your face. 

Wanna bet?” He initiated as you grew more interested. 

“I bet, that I can go longer without touching you.” He wagered and your eyes followed him. 

“What are the rules and what are we playing for?” You asked intrigued. 

“No touching, no kissing and no teasing. Winner gets the loser to do anything they want.” Calum stated as if it were the simplest thing ever. 

“Deal.” You spoke after having a moment to think about it, extending your hand for Calum to shake. He took your hand shaking and nodding, “you are so gonna loose.” He spoke confidently as you chortled, “okay whatever you say.” 


You had to admit, this was harder than you thought, not being able to touch him. I mean you should have no problem with his, he was away for seven months. But him sitting there was just so tempting and he looked so good in his muscle tee, his tan arms seemed to call to you. You shook off those thoughts as you refocused on your book. 

“I’m getting water, want anything?” He asked as he stood up, “some water too please.” You requested with a smile as he walked into the kitchen to grab to glasses of water. Walking in soon after handing you the glass, your finger tips brushing slightly making the two of you freeze. 

“That doesn’t count, right?” You rushed out. “No of course not, it wouldn’t be fair.” He reassured the two of you as he returned back to his spot beside you. 

You were so close to giving up because quite honestly, you didn’t think you could handle it anymore. Calum had gone into the shower and you knew the second he got out, you would snap like a twig and rush over to him. Still, you resisted the urge even when he exited the bathroom, towel hanging loosely over his lower half, hair sticking up but also plastered onto his forehead. 

“Have you seen my Green Day shirt?” He questioned holding his towel up with one hand. 

“Which one? You own like 14 of them.” You joked as you got up to search with him. 

“The white and green one, it’s really simple.” You nodded your head as you recollected your memories of the shirt. 

“Here it is!” You exclaimed as you pulled it out of one of the drawers tossing it to him. 

“Thanks babe.” He smiled, about to hug you but stopping himself and clearing his throat. You sighed, crawling back in bed waiting for Calum to join you. Once Calum had finished in the washroom he joined you in bed. It was a little awkward and the two of you were getting antsy from being in such close proximity all day but unable to touch one another. 

“Lights out?” You suggested as the two of you acquired some wandering eyes. 

“Yeah, yeah, good idea.” He confirmed as you two turned off your lights.

“Night, love you.” The two of you quickly commented as you turned back to back. 

You were almost asleep when you felt an arm snake around your waist, “you lost!” You celebrated, abruptly turning to face him. 

“I thought you were asleep!” He whined, clearly defeated. 

“Stop being such a sore loser.” You laughed as he pouted. 

“This is not a fair game.” He argued as you snuggled back into his chest. 

“Whatever, you’re my bitch now.” You said making the two of you laugh quietly before falling into pleasant somber. 

`{/ little moe things }

When Guzol was at the end of his life, Lala sang him into eternal sleep. They wanted to die by their own terms. “And when I die, let my hand be the one that breaks you…”

There’s probably no doubt at this point that the Earl is Mana (or something more complicated). I suspect that the one who wanted to be destroyed by Neah is Mana himself–perhaps to save the him that went mad as the Millenium Earl?

Alma went mad with hatred, anger, and sadness. He loved Kanda, and wanted Kanda to belong to “that person” forever by being bonded by the promise of meeting again. That as long as Kanda spent searching for her, he’d belong to her. (*cough* he found her thanks to someone and stopped searching *cough* and now “Search for A.W.” *cough cough*)
But he couldn’t stop killing back then. He wanted to kill Kanda, and then kill himself–for them to die together. So Kanda destroyed him to stop him.

Allen straightforwardly told the others that if he were to lose control, that they should kill him. And it seems as if history would be fated to repeat itself. It seems that someone, likely Kanda, would have to be the one to kill Allen when Neah becomes the Millennium Earl and becomes a mad puppet too.

Neah, who seems intent on killing the Earl (Mana), probably to save him from his madness.

Destroying someone you love to save them is a reoccurring theme of this manga. That much is apparent.

“But Kanda… I want to become a destroyer who can save others.”
In other words, to save someone by destroying them.

I wonder if maybe it’s up to Kanda this time to recall those words, and live up to, or maybe even go beyond those words. If he could somehow, along with the others, find an answer to save Allen Walker from his fate of disappearing, that would be nice…

But my point is:
Guzol and Lala loved each other.
Kanda and Alma were friends while Kanda and past!Alma were lovers.
Mana and Neah love each other

While Kanda and Allen…
WELL. Kanda and Allen.
They obviously break this pattern, huh?
Or maybe even, just so far.
Maybe they have even further to go in their development of their relationship. It was obvious since the beginning that the potential for growth and change in their relationship dynamic was great.

So. I wonder what that means.
–/eyebrow wag.