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Jealous!Newt x Reader

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Anonymous requested:  Can you please do a jealous!newt x reader ?

Anonymous requested:  Can we have some jealous Newt hc please?

AUTHORS NOTE: I changed the prompts a little bit and made it jealous!reader because I was inspired ok… please don’t be mad

-you’re Tina and Queenies younger sibling

-when you first meet Newt, after Tina brings him back to the apartment, he sets you’re heart aflutter immediately

-But you see the way he looks at Tina and it makes your chest ache for a man you barely know

-Sometimes your body tries to trick your brain telling it that Newt cares for you, FEELS for you

-Like when its dark, after everyones gone to bed, and your stuck in the middle of a recurring nightmare about the death of your parents.

-Newt hears you, sits beside you in bed and listens while you talk about it, about THEM

-He always brings you a special tea that he makes down in his case.

-he tells you theres a secret ingredient in it that helps you sleep. Your too shy to tell him you know that all that is in the tea is a small drop of honey

-Your body tricks your brain, until you see Newt and Tina together again, laughing quietly to each other.

-your brain can no longer be tricked and all of a sudden tears flood your eyes and it feels like your hearts been replaced with a hollow wooden box

-you carry that wooden box inside you, until you get hurt by the obscuris

-theres jinxes and lights flashing everywhere and your on the ground, silent tears rushing down your cheeks

- Y/N! Y/N! Newt rushes to your side and kneels beside your shivering body.

-“Don’t you dare leave me Y/N, don’t you dare!” he starts healing your wounds with quick waves of his wand

-“Newt… if something happens to me, I nee-” “Nothing’s going to happen, you’re going to be fine” he interrupts you, his voice panicked.

-“Let me finish,” you croak, and he turns to listen to you, “ I know that its Tina, that its always going to be Tina” you smile and theres a little blood on your teeth but to Newt it is the most beautiful site hes ever seen. “But for me its you, your my Tina” you finish.

-Newt takes your head in his hands and whispers softly, “Your my Tina too.” he laughs.


Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone?
There’s a light that you shine
There’s a love, I see it in your eyes
Every day, every night

I know time may divide
But fate is something we refuse to hide
And it’s real, and it’s right
Something strange, out of sight
We say goodnight 


So you want to make a poly verse!

I have seen a huge upsurge of polyships on tumblr lately and it makes me really happy as living, breathing, polyamorus person. Everyone likes positive representation, even if its just people writing it on tumblr.

But lets take a step back and examine what polyamory means, and what you can do to make your polyverse better and more realistic.

What is polyamory?

A lot of people don’t know what it is, or they have a misguided idea of what these types of relationships look like based on the media and culture. On the most basic of levels, polyamory is simply a relationship consisting of more than one person where everyone is 100% in the know. This is not an excuse to cheat on partners. It is 100% consensual from everyone involved.

Polyamory consists of various different styles. There is the one that most of you are likely interested in - the one where everyone loves each other, has sex with each other, etc etc. But this is not the only form. There are poly relationships where not all members engage in sex but still love everyone, and there are even forms where two people are dating the same person, but they are not dating each other, but are 100% aware of the other person and consent to their relationship. 

Jealousy does exist in these relationships. But knowing how to step away from it, to remember that you are loved and cherished just as much as another is really important. Having trust in your partners enough to not let those emotions rule you. I have had poly relationships fail because people couldn’t set aside their jealousy. But its also important for one to step back and make sure that they aren’t acting in a way that is eliciting those negative emotions. Like… have you been devoting a significant amount of time with person y while person x could use a little more attention? Now, another important note is: expectations for relationships like this are dangerous. Remembering that no one owes you anything is important, and therefore you are not entitled to attention or affection. Similarly to RP, people get in moods where they want a specific type of attention, and perhaps you are not the one in the relationship that offers that. Remember that they still love you and your time will come as long as you aren’t an ass about it.

Communication is KEY. Remember to talk to your RP partners AND their muses about desires and thoughts. Muse having a bad time because x is happening? Maybe they’re jealous. If your muse doesn’t communicate those emotions, things could get worse. Just like in any regular relationship, communication is important, but its especially important when more people get involved. Speaking up when you’re uncomfortable instead of going with the flow is super super critical to a successful poly relationship.

Poly relationships aren’t just one big giant orgy all the time. Usually, its just a large cuddle pile while watching scary movies or arguing about who used the last of the coffee creamer - or goddamn it you two get out of the shower, I have to pee. Its sharing your life with more than one person. It’s knowing that one person cannot be your everything, and expecting that of someone isn’t fair. It’s knowing that you have so much love to give and knowing you’re going to get just as much back. It’s the idea that we all have more than one “soulmate” and sometimes you meet them all at once.

Give me more realistic poly relationships. Just. Give me more poly ships. I support your poly ships 100%. I just thought I’d give my insight based on my personal experiences. If you ever have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask, because I love talking about this kind of stuff.

Sometimes when facing our toughest battles we wonder why Christ’s voice seems so small. The reason why He doesn’t have to shout to get you out of your mess is because He is with you every step of the way.

I’m not in love
but god knows I want to be

I should be in love like a cloud, like a picture, like singing myself to sleep in the summer

I could be in love like a fight, like a slammed door, like screaming my voice hoarse when nobodies listening

But I want to be in love like a storm, like a hurricane, like twisting my ribs apart to set my heart free

And I’m not in love
but god knows I could be with you

—  a love letter from someone who’s not in love || s.b.a.

Do you long to be left alone, set apart with a heart made of stone? There’s a light that you shine, there’s a love; I see it in your eyes. Every day, every night, I know time may divide, but fate is something we refuse to hide, and it’s real and it’s right; something strange out of sight. We say goodnight.

Fairies walking Gruff to his cave as requested by devotedlydisney
Gifs of the Neverbeast as requested by anonymous (more to come)

Taylor is so talented and she is such an amazing songwriter, such a creative lyrical genius. She has vocals that make your hair stand up. She has had 4 extremely successful tours, 5 beyond successful albums. She’s broken records and then broken them again. She has won awards and awards and awards and awards. Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest name in her industry and in general around the world. But when I look at all that, still, my favorite part about her isn’t the talent and it isn’t her awards. I think the thing that really sets @taylorswift apart, is her heart and her endless way of loving. She has done so much for us. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

Strange sight, you stand in the light

You’re wrong but your right
My heart’s beating wildly
Strange how I’m scared but delighted
Afraid but excited too

You have a cold heart
You’re reckless and distant
But I’ll be persistent
I will understand you
Strange how I’m drawn to the danger
I reach out my hands to you

Do You long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone?
Let me help, Let’s begin, Let me learn
Won’t you let me in? All the right, let it show!

You were a strange sight, some new kind of wonder
With good hidden under, I’m sure that it’s true
Strange, how your dark doesn’t phase me
No I won’t give up on you!

Do You long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone?
Let me help, Let’s begin, Let me learn
Won’t you let me in? All the right, let it show!

If you’re caught in the shadows and turned all around
Lost, lost in the darkness, 
you will be found

If you hear my voice,
follow the sound
‘Cause I’m here to guide you home!

Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart, with a heart made of stone?
Let me help, Let’s begin, Let me learn
Won’t you let me in? All the right, let it show!

Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart, with a heart made of stone?
There’s a light that you shine,
there’s a love, I see it in your eyes!
All the dark let it go!

You’re not alone.

Do not focus on the warrior-poet, but rather upon the Warrior-Poet (Jesus). Make Him the big deal of your life. Get away from the nonsense of looking for the “right guy” and lose yourself in Jesus. It is when you are completely obsessed, lost in, consumed with Him, that He will orchestrate, in His perfect timing, an encounter with a true warrior-poet. I know we warrior-poets are seen as a rare treasure, but so is a true Christ-built woman of God. I am not interested in a “religious” girl, not even one who is radical – I want a woman of God who is grounded in the Word, who delights in Jesus alone, cares not what the world thinks, and dresses and behaves with the highest standard of modesty, dignity, and honor. It is far more appealing, enchanting, and romantic to find a godly woman who is lost in Jesus than one who is worried about finding the right guy to marry. But remember, our precious Jesus is faithful, good, and overflowing with love. Trust Him.
—  Anonymous Warrior-Poet-in- the-Making