set a course...for home

Love At First Sight [Bokuroo drabble]

Genre: romantic comedy.

Fandom and pairing: Haikyuu!! (Bokuto Kentarou x Kuroo Tetsurou)

Word count: 1623 words.

Author’s note: I don’t know what this is. Inspired by this post.

It hadn’t been the easiest of days and Bokuto is tired.

He walks his way to his car stretching his neck and popping his shoulders. The parking lot is almost empty but that’s normal at this time of the day. The sun has already set and everyone’s gone home. Except, of course, for Bokuto, who had to stay until late to fulfill his ugly boss’ demands. Okay, yes, maybe his ugly boss had told him a week before that this particular report was due today but man, everyone procrastinates a bit. It ain’t Bokuto’s fault if he left the report for the last second of the last day so he had to rush and stay till late to get it done.

But you know what, it’s Friday night! Job’s over until next Monday and he’s definitely texting Akaashi to hang around and do something tonight.

He’s taking out his phone, thoughts of bar and drinks in his head when someone clutches his shoulder and presses something cold and circular against the low of his back.

He startles, heart snapping, and turns around mumbling, “Yo, what the fuc-”

But is cut off by the golden eyes that pierce him from underneath a black hoodie.

“You know how this rolls,” the stranger says, voice smooth and even. “You give me your money and everyone walks outta here happy.”

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“We did it”

Speaking of finales that we were robbed the emotional impact of I’ve always felt we needed one more episode of Voyager that sets the course for the family we’ve come to know.

I will though admit the following exchange is somewhat poignant… 

JANEWAY: Mister Chakotay, the helm. 
CHAKOTAY: Aye, Captain.
JANEWAY: Set a course for home. 

I’m actually very happy with how this came out - sadly there is just no way I could capture the whole crew in that last scene no matter how much I bent the idea.  But Aunt Kathy’s expression just melts my heart.

The original without the quote is available over on the Etsy store. sold sorry!!!

There’s a certain picture of stage Mikey that turns Y/N on anytime she sees it, Michael knows that, so he sets the picture as her phone background.

To get him back, Y/N takes a very /sexy/ picture of herself with only his favorite guitar, turned upside down, covering her naked body and proceeds to set it as his home screen background.

Of course, Michael doesn’t realize this until the utmost inconvenient time, when his mother borrows his phone to make a call.

Deck the Halls

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That night, and the next morning, Enzan made several calls to various stores and a couple of restaurants, as well as an ice skating rink, and a theatre. Any possible diversions on this date were accounted for. (“Mm, yes, you’re right. Since the decorations are better downtown, set up that store the same way, just in case.”) He pulled a lot of strings to get together, which he hadn’t done in a very long time.

Once that was all settled, he assured that his home field was set up. Blues help, of course, making sure all the staff was ready (they all had a grand time, and took it as permission to dress up a bit).

The more he worked, the more nervous he got. He’d thought preparedness would have snuffed out the nerves, but no dice.

In the airport terminal, Laika stood still for a moment and took in the scene. Festive advertisements and decorations reminded him just what time of year it was. New Years and Christmas, at least he didn’t have to work through it all. Even if it was a forced break on his part, he was wise enough to know that he needed it. 

Besides, it gave him a chance to figure things out with Enzan. That dinner date was still on his mind. Often. 

Laika took his PET out of his jeans pocket, and shot off a quick message. 

[ SMS ]: “Landed and at the airport. Should I come by the office?”


I was inspired by a handful of prompts in my inbox so those who asked for some Alistair x Evelyn, here you are. It’s been a while since I wrote these dorks so I apologize for the rustiness. But writing them is like coming home again. Of course set in ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ AU verse. 

1256 words, SFW 

Evelyn couldn’t remember the last time she woke up alone. Over the last few years, ever since her relationship with Alistair became something more, she had grown accustomed to him being the first thing she saw in the morning, securely wrapped in his embrace. That morning, however, she felt strange and uncomfortably cold.

It took a moment for Evelyn to push herself out of bed, tugging her night robe tightly around her body to combat the cool air of the apartment. She quietly stepped out of their—Alistair’s—room, peeking her head into the across the hall bathroom to see if he was there before moving to check the rest of the apartment. Bruce was peacefully asleep on the couch and didn’t even perk up a little as Evelyn passed by him. The patio door was cracked open and when a small gust of wind blew the curtains aside she realized Alistair was standing on the balcony.

The sun was barely peeking over the horizon, the first light of the day giving Alistair a certain kind of mysterious glow. Evelyn approached him softly, not wanting to startle him but also so she could get a better look at his face. It wasn’t so often that he looked so serious, so lost in thought and it worried her. All that self-doubt from her youth, from before them started to bubble in her gut and she nervously chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before Alistair noticed her.

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