Detour, by jasondodd

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a last minute dash to capture a sun set and it won’t get the last. Looking out the window and realising there might be a spectacular light show, I quickly jumped into the car and headed for Snape. However when I got there I noticed the tide was extremely low at the river, so the initial idea of shooting the music hall from across the river was scrapped. This left me with a 1.5km dash to the dead trees further south of the river. Thankfully I just about made it in time as the sun revealed itself, but this was a particularly unusual shoot as for the first time in a couple of years I wasn’t using a tripod (thought it was in the car boot…) But surprisingly it turned out I didn’t really need one, anything below 1000 iso on the 6D is quite manageable and even at f4 for a lot of the photos, they were still fairly sharp throughout. I think too much importance has been placed on the tripod, I know I have done in the past. But going handheld was actually quite liberating, so much that on my latest shoot I didn’t bother taking it.


This photo set is an evidence of how gold i felt yesterday. Only because, despite from the fact that it was raining hard, i have mad skills for braving through rainy season in WHITE. LOL.

I was wearing an old White Tank top from Forever21 // a simple Denim jeans from Forever21 as well // my Waterfall cardigan from TopShop // and my Adidas superstar shoes // And by the way i used Kylie’s shade Like K—looked nice, eh?

And i looked quite nice and glowing because finally got my face way clearer nowadays, maybe because i’m fertile, hence why. And i’m just glad i rarely get pimples nowadays when i’m PMSing or during my period. I wished my body could do the same and lose weight. Hahaha. Or that i wished all these mosquito bites (because my aircon’s a mess in my room for days now so i’m trying to settle only with a fan) on my legs will be long gone now. I’m seriously having problems trying to get rid of these unsolicited bites. Okay you guys i know i’m sweet and all but can you just fxck off already? He he.

PS: I love sitting on the floor.