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A Better Place - Sehun x Krystal | Highschool!AU

“Can you find another place to kill yourself?”


“I like this place. If you jump here, the school will close this place permanently. I have to find another place to sleep.”




sekaistal || jeguk high au

It had always been the three of them, from the start. The King, The Princess, and The Joker. The world had been theirs for the taking.

Their teachers used to refer to them as the three musketeers, whispering at the back of the classroom. These days, Soojung wondered if her boys - and they would always be her boys, in her mind - even remembered she existed.


sestal au // honeymoon period
krystal still doesn't know what love is, still gets flustered when he smiles, and still questions every step they take but she's happy and that's enough. love, rather than a word, has always seemed like a blanket to her, one that covers her left side when sehun hogs the it in the middle of the night. love is also the blanket that covers his well-being because she thinks it's cute instead of hurting him. everyone tells her it's going to fade, but krystal doesn't mind because she's excited for the day when she'll make use of the hideous antique his aunt bought and get to smash his head in when she wakes up cold.