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Toxic (Handle with Care)

A/N: 2k SehunxKrystal for Nikki. So much sexual tension I felt crushed by the weight of it while writing. Accidental angst. Oops. Sorry I haven’t been a very good author lately ;;;;;;


She looked up as soon as he turned the corner into the hallway. Sehun stood at the end, eyebrow raised inquisitively at the unexpected guest sitting in front of his apartment.

Krystal rolled her eyes and sighed impatiently. “Shut up and open the door.”

Sehun mimicked her eye roll and adjusted the backpack haphazardly slipping off his shoulder. “How about a ‘please’? Or a ‘hi’? Or better yet, how about an explanation ‘cause I distinctly remember you telling Jongin that you never wanted to see him again.”

“I’m not here to see that bastard,” she said indignantly. “I left a sweatshirt in his room.”

“I thought you got all your stuff last week. I’ve still got the broken plate you threw at his head to prove you were here.”

Krystal got up from the floor, hiding a smirk behind her hair before flipping it away from her face. “I can’t find it, and the last time I wore it was in his room.”

Sehun finally approached her and she stood up straighter, pressing herself against the door and making it obvious that she wasn’t going to move until he let her in.

“Open the door, please?” Krystal gave a small smile, even batted her lashes sweetly for added effect.

Sehun took a step closer, which Krystal clearly did not expect. He towered over her, watching in mild amusement as her confidence wavered from the sudden close proximity.

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