Blessed are the Poor!

D&D 5e

Context: We took 8 sessions (32 irl hours) to deliver a mysterious box to a far away mages guild. Finally, on the last session, 5 out of 6 of the party go to claim the reward, whilst the 6th member (Neutral Good Cleric, who joined the party late and so wasn’t officially on the delivery quest) stays on the boat to help the NPC survivors of our journey, sacrificing his share of the reward in order to help.

*In the Guild*

Guild Member: Thank you for this. We have been waiting an awfully long time for these components.

Rogue: Yes, it was a hard journey. We were told there was a reward?

Guild Member: A substantial one! 60,000 gold pieces will be transferred to your assigned guild bag

Mech Construct and Barbarian (simultaneously): Our WHAT!?

Guild Member: You should have received one at the start of your quest?

Barbarian: We didn’t get a bag!!!

DM: Guys…you remember that bag that you looted off your teammates corpse a few sessions back?

All players begin to remember

DM: Yes, that one. The bag that you…kind of……left on the ship?


Cleric, On the Ship (OOC): I ROLL FOR PERCEPTION!!! *Rolls Mod 20*

DM (laughing): As you pass one of the rooms, you hear a loud thunk and a scattering sound. When you enter, the floor is littered with gold and a strange bag in the corner is filled to the brim



(After 10 minutes, the 5 at the guild rolled initiative and started a ‘Rat Race’-style mad dash to the boat, tripping each other up along the way, trying to be the first one to get the 60,000 gold off of the Cleric) 

After reading a crap ton of supercorp fanfics, I’ve decided to come up with a top 10 list of my all time favorites.

The stories that are completed says total chapters and the ones that are in progress say current chapters. 

If you want to know why each one is my favorite, you can shoot me a message and I’ll answer. 

I hope you read some of these if you haven’t already. All of these authors are brilliant writers and deserve the signal boost. 

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Jake English likes to fight, and likes the Brobot.

TW: Physicality, Discussion of Physical combat

So, like. It’s long past time I wrote about my favorite character in this webcomic.

Jake English is the best and most interesting character in Homestuck, and it’s pretty tragic that barely anybody knows it. This is partly due to Jake’s narrative and personality being one of the most understated and subtle in the comic, but it’s also due to a Fandom Narrative building up around him that unfortunately  paves over a lot of Jake’s most unique and interesting character traits.

Let’s try and rediscover this diamond in the rough as we wait for the game that will largely center around an alternate version of him, yeah? Here, I’m going to debunk some pretty common misconceptions about Jake, what he likes, and what he dislikes. 

Brawls, Wrestling–Scrums and Whatnot. And the Brobot.

Let’s put it plainly: Jake English likes fights. A lot of the discourse surrounding Jake’s relationship with the Brobot seems to ignore this, or implies that the Brobot, like, Ruined Fighting for him somehow because it was outside of what he initially envisioned when Dirk sent it:

A point commonly further backed up with this quote Jake gives Jane: 

There’s a few issues with this interpretation. Jake’s initial negative reaction is his very first encounter with the Brobot, and his quote with Jane is one he delivers as a passing remark. And by simply comparing Jake’s actions before and after the Brobot is sent, we can tell Jake really wouldn’t rather deal with the monsters.

Before the Brobot is sent, when Jake is 13, he explicitly avoids going outside:

Which is easy to link to being afraid of the monsters, since Jake complains about them himself…

And has no problem going outside three years later, after the Brobot is sent. To some extent, this can be put down to Jake’s increased experience and competence. But…

That clearly doesn’t account for the entire shift, since Jake does indeed need the Brobot to save him. I’ll come back to that later, but really, we don’t even need to do all this backwards story introspection to decide what Jake Really Feels. It would be easier to just listen to the guy himself. 

So yes, Jake complains about the Brobot to Jane in one passing remark…while he’s still dancing around the tangled web of his relationships with Jane, Dirk, and Roxy. A period of time when Jake, by his own admission, is thinking very much about what other people think and not entirely being honest with the people around him. 

What does Jake say when he is being honest, though? What does he tell John in his letter, which Jake wrote when he was 16, after 3 years of dealing with the Brobot?

What does he tell Caliborn–who’s opinion he doesn’t care about–after entering the session, after 6 months of dating Dirk?

And what does he tell Jane about the Brobot when he’s actually being honest with her–which he’ll CONTINUE to do for six months, complaining about all of Dirk’s myriad issues and shortcomings as a romantic partner…without ever once bringing up the specter of physical fear or discomfort?

Wait, hang on. Let’s zoom in on that one, that one’s important:

Woah. Is that Jake conceptually linking the Brobot…to the thing he was most consistently excited about for the entire comic? Interesting. Wild. What could it mean. It would almost imply that after spending three years with the thing, he doesn’t really hate the experience of having it in his life. 

Again, Jake is no stranger to complaining about Dirk over the course of their session–he complains to Jane endlessly about him, as well as to Erisol and even Caliborn a little. (Though never Roxy, hmm…I wonder why…(I know why and I’ll get to it in another post.))

But he never really complains about fighting or about the Brobot in general, and his general attitude towards fights seems to be changed absolutely not at all whatsoever–right up to [S] Credits.

And he ultimate views Dirk as a figure of comfort and safety, so much so that he trusts Dirk with protecting him even more than he trusts Grandma or his own powers–after all, even after Brain Ghost Dirk tells him that he wouldn’t need him if he unlocked his hope potential, Jake still chooses to simply make Brain Ghost Dirk real rather than doing anything on his own when he wants to feel safe:

So yeah, I find the idea that Jake was bothered by the Brobot on any meaningful level pretty hard to square with the avalanche of counterevidence that is in the canon. The Brobot was an imperfect gift, but Jake still ultimately enjoyed it.  

Jake English likes to fight. Plain and simple. This is weird to a lot of people, and that’s fine, but it’s not actually that uncommon.

There’s plenty of sports that center around fighting or come with the risk of physical harm, like boxing, martial arts, etc. I’m a longtime fencer, and I genuinely liked going without protective padding and getting bruised from the sword impacts. Physicality appeals to some people. 

Jake’s love for fighting established, feel free to join me tomorrow and we’ll take on a smaller issue. A tighter one. 

I’ve written an obnoxious amount about Dirk, but seeing how quickly I was able to put that Dirk post out, I decided I’d like to use the next couple days to put out similar smaller posts about the other Alphas–Jake, Roxy, and Jane, In that order.

I’ve got at least two more posts of Jake in me before we move on to Roxy, and I should be putting out at least one of these posts a day–the next one’s already pretty much written, so I may post it early in the day tomorrow.
Hopefully, by doing this I can help people understand just how tangled and complicated the tangles of mutual hurt and mutual love are in this group of friends, and why I love this severely underrated group of Homestuck characters.

If you enjoyed this post and think others like it would be interesting to you, well–stay tuned. If you have a counterargument or you disagree with this post, feel free to respond and I’ll do my best to get back to you. I enjoy testing my ideas so long as we’re all nice about it.

Keep rising. 



So, here are all my #Sanvers fanfics the ones with (*) are completed.

Six Sessions:

It’s been nearly a year since Alex Danvers lost what she considered her everything, and it was only nearly a year after did she decide to take her own life. Kara had caught her in the act though, and now everyone’s asking why? Why a year later? These 6 sessions, Astra (National City’s best therapist) tries to answer that golden question.

Until We Meet Again:*

Alex Danvers is a successful landscape photographer, who needs to fly back to National City for her sisters’ wedding. Maggie Sawyer is a struggling single mother of a 4 year old boy (named Jesse), who is traveling to National City for a job interview. What happens when they book the same flight, and their plane has been delayed 7 hours?

The road Trip:*

After Maggie’s bad break up Alex decides to drag Maggie into a road trip adventure, that’ll hopefully make Maggie forget about her Ex-girlfiend. What will happen when things go from being platonic to something maybe a bit more than friends? Sanvers endgame.

The Girl Next Door:*

Alex Danvers was minding her own business, working on her laptop when it suddenly crashed after she spilt her popcorn all over it. As she tries to clean it off, she brushes against many buttons which happen to open up the camera of the hallway of her apartment to a very interesting view of the girl next door, who happens to be her co-worker, Maggie Sawyer. Sanvers endgame.

Protecting Her:*

An AU where Alex Danvers is an agent recruited to protect Maggie Sawyer by her father, because Maggie has a chip implanted in her brain that allows her to directly connect to the information grid. They don’t hit it off so easy at first, but what happens when Alex continuously saves her life?

Just So You Know:*

Maggie has finally come to terms with her feelings for Alex, and she decides to confess them over a camping trip, only for it to be invaded by Alex’s jealous boyfriend Maxwell Lord.

Don't Guilt Trip or Self-Harm Bait

//It’s real talk time again folks.

It is not okay to guilt trip someone, self-harm bait, or suicide bait others for attention/rp/free art/be your friend/etc.

I’m addressing this not only for short term but also long term observations and personal interactions. I have seen several people making self-harm threats in order to make people interact with them, give them pity and sympathy, and in some cases the person that upset them is then attacked by the guilt trippers friends.

The real world is hard a cruel. In fact I’m pretty sure the majority within fandom communities knows this better than anyone else. We all come from different walks in life, with different values and backgrounds, and maybe not all of us have a safe place to go irl.


“But I’m too scared to tell anyone/no one will care if I tell.” Suck it up. March your ass to a trusting relative, a parent of a friend, your parents, your church, your coach or adult leader of your club, counselor at your school. Call a help-hotline! They’re free!!! Hell I went to a doctor and was recommended to a counselor for 6 free sessions. And guess what? My college offered the same thing! And I know several other people from various states across the US THAT ALSO GOT THE FIRST FEW SESSIONS FREE.

No one here is responsible for you. Everyone here has their own difficulties and problems in life. Don’t try to force your problems on others and make strangers pity you. 90% of the time they’re going to tell you to seek professional help, because they cannot mentally or emotionally handle someone else’s baggage, especially with depression and suicidal thoughts.

How to access your past lives

By Ellen A. Mogensen with the inspired help of the Guardians of Time


Careful preparation is the key to the success of this exercise.

1> Most people need to do this exercise daily for at least a month before they begin to get anything that is meaningful about their past lives. So you will probably need to have some patience with the process. Yet if you are patient and have a sincere desire to do further past life journeying, you will be successful.

2> Remember to do this process slowly. You must focus on completely relaxing your body and your mind so that images of your past lives can be brought gently into your conscious awareness. Each time you do this exercise you will go ever more deeply into yourself. The deeper you go, the more answers you get.

3> Ask for your Higher Self, your Guides, your Guardian angels, and whatever other servants of the universe you like to be present for the entire session and to keep you safe and protected at all times.

4> Being comfortable is the key. You can lie down (recommended) or sit up. If you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable. Be sure to loosen any restrictive clothing

5> Do this exercise in a peaceful place where you will be completely quiet and undisturbed for the entire session when you are fairly well rested (so you will NOT fall asleep) . This entire exercise should last for NO longer than 45 minutes. Set an alarm or timer to snap you out of it should the session run longer.

6> Pick a special intention for you past life journey. It could be “what I most need to see”, “what I most need to heal”, or “the explanation for my life’s purpose”, “about a past personality”, or “a special need”.

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Take some deep, refreshing breaths until you are totally comfortable and relaxed in whatever position you have chosen (it should take you no more than 3 minutes to get comfortable).

2> Close your eyes and envision a golden white ball of healing light. Send that ball of healing light to each part of your body in turn. Start with your feet, go up your calves, over your knees, along your thighs, through you hips and stomach, along your torso, though your chest and heart, along your shoulders, along your arms, to your hands, back up to your neck, and through your head until you are relaxed.

b> You should be in a place of perfect peace and stillness. Your body should now be filled with beautiful healing light. Take a moment to bask in it: feel it’s warmth and it’s safety.

3> Go inside and connect with your inner vision. On the screen of your mind, imagine a closed door at the bottom of a staircase. See yourself walking to the staircase. See yourself slowly walking down the stairs. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you will see two things.

b> On the RIGHT side, there is a door with big red letters on it which say “MY PAST LIVES”. Right now, the door is closed. Behind the door is the gateway to your past lives.

4> While you are sitting or lying on the comfortable couch, let the love of the universe surround you. Know that at all times, you are completely safe and protected by all your guides.

b> If you do want to go through the door, rise from the couch and move in front of the door.

5> Before starting your journey back through time, you need to declare the following to the universe. This is absolutely necessary to make sure that your past life journey is a safe and pleasant one.

b> “I will see, hear, and experience everything about my past lives as if I was watching a movie. Just as a movie cannot harm me, my journey through my past lives cannot harm me.”

c> “I am clear on my intention for my past life journey which is…. (what you prepared above).”

6> Open the door. If the door does NOT open, then the universe is telling you to go back to the couch. If you chose to continue, it is your choice. Just consider that it might be for your own good to stop. When you are ready, go inside the “Past Life Room”. Inside this room, you will see two things.

a> On the wall of the “Past Life Room”, there is a WHITE SCREEN with BLINDS over it that is shut and down.
b> On either side of the white screen are two buttons: one isGREEN and one is RED .
c> On the LEFT, the GREEN button opens the blinds and shows you your past lives.
d> On the RIGHT, the RED button closes the blinds and takes to back to the safe, comfy couch.

7> When the blinds go up, you will see an image of yourself in a past life. This will be the past life that you most need to see or the past life that most closely matches your special intention.

b> If you are having difficulty seeing yourself on the Past Life Screen, ask to see the feet of your past life personality. Try to see what it is that you are wearing on your feet. Are they shoes, sandals, boots, or are your feet bare?

c> Once you see your feet, slowly look up to see the rest of you. Once you are in focus, look at yourself on the screen. Take a moment to steady the image, then say “Action!”.

8> Whenever you are ready, press the GREEN button to open the blinds and begin your journey. The first time keep your journey to 20 or 30 minutes. Only go longer once you have had more practice.

9> Whenever you feel your journey has ended or if the alarm goes off, it is time to come back. Reach to your right and press the RED button. You will be back at the comfortable couch. Take a few minutes to rest there. Then get up and walk back up the staircase to where you began your journey.

Like a deep sea diver come back up slowly to the surface of your conscious awareness. You have been to a deep place within you and you must readjust to your normal waking state.

Example: The point of doing this exercise is to delve into your past lives. Unlike a movie, this is always an intensely personal journey that will speak to you on many levels. It will be different for everyone since everyone is unique. When you first start journeying through time, ask to be shown pleasant past life images so you can master the process. I wish you well on your journeys to the inner worlds.

5 weeks post op
Hydro therapy: session 2 
Current time: 6 minutes

Today was Sadie’s second hydro therapy session, bumping up a minute of water time!
Today she moved consistently, took a three minute break and then continued her 6 minutes un-interrupted

I’m very proud of her, seeing her move her body in the water is a real treat. She was extremely happy to see the water again, and got right in the water without a question!

Sadie also learned what the purpose of the life jacket was today, and floated around. She seems very amused by her buoyancy. 


Up early, got dreams to chase. 

02.08.2017 // Wednesday

Study session at 6 in the morning. Watching as the street lights go off and the sunshine fills the sky is my favorite thing in the world.

Have a nice day my lovelies! :)

Into It II

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Suho

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Warning: Potential triggers include: PTSD, harassment. 

Word Count: 3,670

Summary:  Suho is the mysterious new kid on campus. No one knows much about him, except that he seems to have a certain attraction to you.

Originally posted by daenso

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Sooo, The Session On Jack - From The MFMM Con

So this is what we had to deal with *cough* as the session starts, a 6 ft x 10 ft screen of Jack/Nathan images. A little distracting. And I kept losing the plot, sigh. The whole session was distracting so I might not quite remember everything that went on.

The moderator was a lovely lady by the name of Judy who is passionate about the character of Jack and his ongoing development.

We first saw a video (which is available on utube ) of another actor auditioning for Jack. At the time they were going for a different version, a very dark, unhappy, angry Jack. Well I won’t comment on the other actor, suffice it to say we are all glad we have Nathan and his version.

Judy discussed that fact we know so little about Jack’s back story and thereby opening up a huge blank canvas for our wonderful fic writers to run with. Canon, headcanon, fancanon you name it. There was discussion of his heritage, fancanon most often goes with Scottish or perhaps German. He is indeed our unending source of mystery.

Judy also talked about the incredible chemistry between Jack/Nathan and Phryne/Essie. It is extremely hard to find that it at that level and it can’t be manufactured. It’s like catching lightning in a bottle. To the point that, quite frankly, the show would not be what it is without it.

Judy discussed Jack’s stillness as a counter balance to Phryne’s whirlwind and which episodes highlight that. One example was Phryne standing on the roof of the Ballarat train and Jack standing below. Interestingly Jack decides to move from being a pillar to action by climbing up to join her.

Shout out to @rithebard and her wonderful podcast interviews with Nathan. She asked him how he developed the character. Nathan explains the stillness and place of neutrality allows him to reveal Jack slowly, “keep his cards close to chest” as it were. Nathan then says, if Jack came from a place of stillness, any tiny gesture, facial expression etc would have significance. Isn’t that an understatement - I think the fandom has been raving about Nathan’s nuanced performance since the beginning.

There was also discussion around the lean. According to Nathan’s wife, he is a natural leaner. He uses it in the role perhaps to indicate how Jack is feeling, as the character has difficulty discussing his emotions. Often because he does not know how he is feeling. Introverts need to process internally for a time to access situations and emotions. One attendee thought perhaps his straight arm lean could indicate displeasure.

One wonderful antidote an attendee related was that in the Adelaide production of 39 steps, Nathan made an exaggerated lean (almost horizontal) which got a huge laugh. He admitted at the after party he was paying homage to the mfmm fans.

Jack’s uniform - fedora, coat, three piece suit - it’s practically canon that this is his armour. It says power, authority, his layers keep people at a distance. Again, the introvert needs a lot of time to process people - who he can trust or let in. He is in absolute panic mode if he gets dishevelled. One of my very favourite shots of Jack is when he has that deer in the headlights look as he tries to escape Phryne’s house the morning after. (How does this actor portray a thousand different looks with just his eyes ?)

So then, as if the session hasn’t been spectacular enough, we get the ‘piece de residence’, a surprise greeting recorded by Nathan and he answers a few predetermined questions about Jack. Well done @adventuressclubamericas, you sneaky ladies !

7 weeks post op
Hydro therapy: session 6 
Current time: 10 minutes

We hit our 10 minutes mark this session, which I consider a big mile stone! Compared to session 1, she’s not even breathing hard these days.
I couldn’t bring my camera to the session due to rain, so took a pre-therapy photo inside after being toweled off. (She still poses pretty for the camera)

She’s doing very well, I’m excited for her follow up on the 22nd! 

Hey!!!! Vote for which idea I should write first!!!

1- Ivan turns Viktor into a fairy in order to get a special magical ingredient that is quite rare; fairy semen.

2- Papa Ivan feeds Viktor as he fucks his little boy in order to get him to eat something.

3- Papi Antonio puts his little boy Lovino in his place by tying him up and leaving him with a vibrator in bed for a whole day just to show him how useless he is without his Daddy.

4- Lovino fills Alfred with soda and sits on him until the blonde wets himself and sniffles in embarrassment. Lots of squirming involved.

5- Alfred discovers that his boyfriend Ivan has never tried nutella before and sets up an entire sexy date night around a taste testing session.

6- Francis makes éclairs and promises (ftm, chubby) Alfred as many as he wants as long as he dresses up and lays in bed like a good boy.

7-Flavio invites Viktor over for cannolis, amaretto cake, and coffee, but the cannolis aren’t the only things getting stuffed with cream.

8-Francis gets acrylic nails, and Ivan really likes the way they feel on his back.

9-Lutz takes Ludwig to the prom and he punch gets spiked with something odd, leaving both blondes muck more frisky than usual.

10- Gilen spots a beautiful man with a crimson scarf at a nightclub when drunk, and finds himself back at the club night after night until the dashing stranger finally takes him home.

Please vote by reblogging and hash tagging which number you want written the most! Voting ends in a day or two so get going! Each reblog counts as a vote as long as its tagged!