Canada did us proud. We play for Bronze again but, there was a liability in the team yet again. Last year it was lauren sesselmann, this year it was Kadeshia Buchanan. Don’t get me wrong, I love Buchanan as a defender but her tackles were awful all tournament. France could have won on penalties caused by her easily, if the ref had called it.

And on one note. I love John, I really do but the man has to grow some fucking balls and bench the liable players.

She did it again vs germany and here we are with bronze medal game vs brazil.

Now back to the proud thing. Our ladies had to face 3 of the top five teams in the matter of days. Australia, Germany x2 and France, and you know what? We won ¾ those games. CANADA soccer is growing and soon we WILL get our glory we deserve.

now lets go for bronze !

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isn't that almost the same as that sweet child Janine Beckie being born here but family from Canada and plays for canWNT or something like that

Yeah Neeners parents are Canadian I believe or just her dad was i cant remember, Also Sesselmann same situation.. also Sydney Leroux