sesame player season 2

30 Day Infinite Challenge - Day 14

Day 14: your favorite variety show cut

This is my favorite cut from Sesame Player.

Poor Sungjong T.T

Sungjong: Sunggyu hyung’s only making me do these things…I guess the maknae has to do these things.

Sungjong: Kim Sunggyu hyung is bad!!

Sunggyu: LEE SUNGJONG! What did you just say.

Sungjong: What? I finished washing the rag.

Sunggyu: What?

Sungjong: I washed it,

Sunggyu: What did you say, Kim Sunggyu…

Sungjong: Yeah, Kim Sunggyu hyung…

Sunggyu: You little…clean here, clean the mirror, and clean the floor too. And use the vacuum again too, there’s so much dust here.

Sungjong: *in a pissed off tone* Then what are you doing hyung?

Sungjong: I have to run the vacuum again and clean the rag again. Tch, Sunggyu hyung isn’t doing anything.

Woohyun: Kim Sunggyu isn’t doing anything?? (notice the dropped honoroficis)

Sungjong: Yeah, Kim Sunggyu hyung.

Woohyun: Kim Sunggyu, I knew you would be like this.

Sungyeol: Just call him Kim Sunggyu (without the hyung) since he isn’t here,

Sungjong: Kim Sunggyu is bad.

Sungyeol: He is bad, isn’t he,

Woohyun: Say some more things. Kim Sunggyu, what is he doing right now?

Sungjong: Kim Sunggyu is playing.

Sungyeol: HYUNG, HE’S SPEAKING INFORMALLY!! (okay it’s worse in korean since honorifics is very important lol)


Sunggyu: What did you do? Tell me exactly.

Sungjong: I didn’t do anything!

Sunggyu: You bad mouthed me, didn’t you?

Sungjong: I didn’t,

Sunggyu: Why did you call me here?

Sunggyu *steps on Sungjong’s foot*

Sunggyu: Oowwwwwww!

Sunggyu: Come here, Lee Sungjong, come here Lee Sungjong. Hey Lee Sungjong!

Sungjong: *runs away*

Sungjong: *Chucks towel to the floor*

Hoya: *Enjoyably watching in silence*

Sungjong: *glares*

Sungjong: *Whips the rag around and slams it on the floor* Kim Sunggyu, Kim Sunggyu!! (I see that you’ve moved on from hitting stuffed animals to rags now heh)

Hoya: *Casually vacuuming in the background, amused*

Sungjong: KIM SUNG GYU!

Hoya: *Still casually vacuuming, amused*

Sungjong: *collapses on the bed in frustration* Ah, really…

Here is the video of it: Poor Sungjong being bossed around by Sunggyu


sungjoong gets mad easily, but it’s really funny and cute!