sesame bagels

Toasted bagel with dill cream cheese & avocado
Author: Sara @ Don’t Feed After Midnight     
Serves: 2 bagels


  • 2 plain or sesame seed bagels
  • 2 tbsp of cream cheese
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh dill
  • 1 medium ripe avocado, sliced
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare the dill cream cheese by mixing the two ingredients in a small bowl and seasoning with freshly ground black pepper.
  2. Toast the bagels then spread the cream cheese on the bottom halves and top with the avocado slices. Season with a pinch of sea salt and more black pepper, top with the remaining halves and enjoy right away!

petit dejeuner aujourd’hui.


tony and rhodey- the college years // steve deserves cute things

trekkie tony stark is canon…im not saying he did this while he was a gotg but he did ok // tony puppy eyes

secret wars civil war ending killed me // i have emotions over sesame seed bagels

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Nervous Order (Ben Fankhauser coffeeshop AU)

I sighed as I tapped the latest order into the register. I had been working since five in the morning and still had two hours left. Thankfully, there had been a steady stream of costumers in the past five minutes, mostly tipping regulars except for the last guy who had been extremely rude because we were out of sesame bagels. “What can I do for you today?” I said in the perkiest voice I could summon as I lifted my head to face the last customer in the line.

I was mildly taken aback by the guy standing in front of me. He was tall with dark brown—almost black—hair that flopped adorably over his forehead. His dark brown eyes were framed by square glasses that gave him that attractive intelligent look—and yet also made him more adorable. Suddenly I felt perkier. He gave me a small—cute—smile.

“Um, I’ll just take a small cute—I mean—cold—iced—coffee. and um, a donut.” His face had turned beet red and he turned it towards his wallet that he was fumbling with.

I hid a smirk by turning to the donut rack, “And what kind of donut would you like today?”

“Um, what’s your favorite?”

“I like the blueberry cake and I’m kind of fond of the toasted coconut.”

“I’ll take blueberry.” I grabbed his donut and put it in his bag. He avoided eye contact while giving me the money, but I smiled as I said I would get his coffee. He was completely adorable. When I came out to hand him his coffee he flashed me another small adorable smile and began to walk away. I returned to my register and he headed towards the door, but halfway out he turned and came back towards me. “Actually, there’s one more thing. Um, this is going to sound crazy—”, he gave a nervous laugh that made me giggle, “Um, I never do this, but I couldn’t not since I’m here, um, can I—can I have your number?” I swear my jaw dropped. This adorable, incredibly attractive, sweet guy wanted my number? “I mean, I understand if no, but I thought what’s the harm in asking and—”

“Yes.” I interrupted his nervous flow. He stopped and stared at me. I full on laughed, “Yes my number is *insert number*. Here’s something I never do—You’re really cute.”

His turn to laugh, “Thanks—if couldn’t tell earlier, I think you’re cute too.” He finished inserting my number and repeated back to me before grinning. “Thanks, I’ll shoot you a text later.” He turned to walk away and turned back again, “Uh, I’m Ben by the way.” He gave a nervous laugh again and blushed.

“Y/n,” I grinned.

He smiled, “Cute name.” My turn to blush and grin. That grin lasted on my face throughout the rest of my shift and when I got off and pulled out my phone to see a text from Ben, sent literally seconds after he left, the grin only grew.

It was great to meet you today, sorry for being such a dork. I shook my head and began to type my reply. Little did he know, dorks are exactly my type.

Lester’s Reading Dandelion

Title: Lester’s Reading Dandelion

Rating: PG

Genre: Fluff/slight angst

Warnings: None

Word count: 3.5K+

Summary: In the heart on London, there lies a bookshop owned by Phil Lester. Lester’s Books & Bagels is a thriving little place until another bookshop opens up across the street.

Author’s note: It was my entry for the phanficexchange! I wrote this for marshmallow-phan, and I loved the rivalling bookshop au prompt. It was really fun to write, so yeah enjoy!

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