If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget ye were our countrymen.
—  Samuel Adams, US statesman, writer, and political theorist

The Team Rocket that Green raises is not the one that Giovanni left behind.

The one that Green heads ends with more than just the occasional casualty. You submit or you disappear. Person, Pokemon - it doesn’t matter. A lifetime of servitude in Team Rocket, a life spent being reminded that you’re not worth it if you’re not serving your purpose - that’s twisted Green into something darker than even Giovanni could anticipate. Suddenly in charge for the first time in his life and making decisions for himself, the power is too much and his decision making is not wise or kind.

Viridian City gets a new gym leader that never shows his face.

The crime rate in the city drops exponentially as it’s slowly altered into a base of operations for the whole organization. In other cities, it spikes dramatically as he extends his influence - avoiding Kanto at first, focusing purely on Johto and forcing it under his thumb by targeting the cities with the weakest police forces.

The only thing exempt from his brutality is his Pokemon, the loyal members of Team Rocket, and his adoptive family.

In his mind, if he can just make the whole world fall under Team Rocket’s influence, Giovanni will definitely return and everything will go back to normal.

He’s wrong.

“But for now, the vallaslin are fresh, and he stands behind the assembly, head bowed in supplication.”  

Illustration for this story/concept as a gift art for mxthal and path-of-sorrows

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Before anyone would note, yes I added partially pointy ear to Flemeth for what she is symbolizing - over human ears. I wanted this way for the symbolism and story for the image. 

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Black Lives Matter and the 'Irish slave' myth
Are memes calling the Irish "the first slaves" an attempt to derail conversations about slavery and modern-day racism?

Irish historian Liam Hogan is at the forefront of efforts to debunk the “Irish slave” myth. He says the position of the unfree Irish in the New World was one of “indentured servitude” and describes articles like that on Irish Central as “ahistorical”.

More needs to be done to stop the spread of this inaccurate mythology, Hogan suggests.

“These articles have created an Irish slave trade timeline, ostensibly a fantasy, which runs from 1612 to 1839,” he explained. “This is to make it appear that there was a concurrent transatlantic slave trade of Irish slaves that historians have covered up because of liberal bias.

"Historically, the majority of Irish prisoners of war, vagrants and other victims of kidnapping and deception - thought to have numbered around 10,000 people - were forcibly sent to the West Indies in the 1650s. Those that survived were pardoned by Charles II in 1660.

"In contrast, the transatlantic slave trade lasted for four centuries, was the largest forced migration in world history, involving tens of millions of Africans who were completely dehumanised, and its poisonous legacy remains in the form of anti-black racism. So this neo-Nazi propaganda is false equivalency on an outrageous scale,” he said.

In fact, it is well documented that there were Irish involved in the slave trade and that some were even slave owners - not only in Irish-dominated Montserrat but also in all the slaveholding states in the US, Jamaica, Barbados, British Guiana, Haiti, Trinidad, Antigua, Haiti, Martinique, the Danish West Indies and Cuba.

The plight of the indentured Irish, however painful, was not racialised and their status was sometimes voluntary, with a migrant working for free for a period of time to pay off the cost of their trip across the Atlantic.

Indentured servitude was a widespread practice at the time, so it is difficult to ascertain the exact number of Irish affected by it. But in his book, The Irish Diaspora, Andy Bielenberg estimates that between 1630 and 1775, 165,000 Irish migrated from Ireland to the British colonies in the Americas and the Caribbean. Of course, not all of these would have been indentured.

Matthew Reilly is an archaeologist at Brown University who has researched slavery in Barbados. He says the idea of Irish slaves has no historical foundation.

“The Irish slave myth is not supported by the historical evidence. Thousands of Irish were sent to colonies like Barbados against their will, never to return.

"Upon their arrival, however, they were socially and legally distinct from the enslaved Africans with whom they often laboured.

"While not denying the vast hardships endured by indentured servants, it is necessary to recognise the differences between forms of labour in order to understand the depths of the inhumane system of chattel slavery that endured in the region for several centuries, as well as the legacies of race-based slavery in our own times,” Reilly said.