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ceramic home goods by paperandclaystudio

personal shop fave paperandclaystudio is run by maker brit whose smooth, understated aesthetic is right up my alley. i have one of her ‘fuck yeah’ mugs and it’s my #1 pick in the morning, but i’d also love to continue adorning our cottage with more ceramic goodies like these color-dipped trays and milk bottle-style vases, also available in other hues.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Datekou working on their choreography

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Black Tumblr follow train🚂🚂🚂

If you Black & proud, high key, low key, any shape or size, any color eyes with all of the melanin to serve white supremacy the cold dish it always deserves, I will follow you. Follow me & let’s get it started. Put age & where you from. I’m from ATL & 22 years young.

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could u draw Pearl in her original Pearl outfit when she served White Diamond? ~gives u a cake~ :3

YES! DEFINITELY! I love when people request Undertale non-related stuff.  ❤

PS:. Thank you for the cake, i’m extremely grateful!  ❤ Hope you like the drawing!


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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.3

A/N: I appreciate all the kind anons, glad you all actually liked the first two parts. Okay so, I think I gonna try to stick with this as long as you guys enjoy it. I need at least 100 notes for the next chapter, cuties💕

Oh and sorry if some of the details don’t apply to you. Once again due to the request it’s focused on POC, and since I don’t know you guys I kind of just fill in holes with things about myself so sorry.

**Warning** : Just slight smut, nothing too heavy

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

“Are we there yet?” You complained as the sun was practically melting your back.

Calum had decided to pick you up today and drive you all the way to the other side of town just to take you to the park. He kept repeating that there was the most beautiful view, but what he forgot to mention was how long you two had to actually walk to get there. So, here you were at a park you’ve never been to with beads of sweat rolling down your face from walking up hills for more than fifteen minutes. You were never an outdoor type of person and even though you played volleyball all throughout high school, you weren’t as athletic anymore. It didn’t help that you had decided to wear sandals today either.

“Stop your whining, we’re almost there.”

You let out a sigh as you trudged up the hill to catch up to Calum. Your eyes widened when you realized that there was one more huge hill and that’s when you called it quits.

“Oh fuck no.” You shook your head, having a seat in the grass.“ I’m done.”

“Oh come on, Y/N. It’s not that bad.”

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Enter what I call “the alt-fem” or “alt-feminism”, a repurposing and expansion of white feminism to explicitly serve white supremacy. As part of this expansion, women like Megyn Kelly or Ivanka Trump are lauded as feminists advancing the cause of women’s equality, even though they both support extreme right and racist ideologies.

The new Alt-Feminism, when white supremacy met women’s empowerment – This Political Woman – Medium

I wrote about racist and nationalist ideologues co-opting feminism to support the advancement of white supremacy.

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No offence to you but seeing Bonnie with her grams and her ancestors was pretty moving? Not everything is fucking problematic

Except this was problematic, Bonnie’s whole arc on the show was problematic. Where do I even begin with this?

What’s moving is when they bring Grams back for Bonnie’s benefit, to give her advice, guidance, strength etc. This was not moving, this was yet another example of Bonnie being used to save the day. Additionally, they also created another Bennett, not for Bonnie’s storyline or to give Beatrice (I think her name is) her own story line but to further the storyline of the other white characters. As for Lucy, we haven’t seen her since season 2 and that was only so she could be of help to Katherine. Her and Bonnie hardly even spoke or got to bond and what I’m supposed to feel moved because they brought her back for two seconds to help her save Mystic Falls?

Becuase after eight seasons I really shouldn’t have to explain this I’m going to just paste this article from TV Tropes magical Negro page which pretty much explains it perfectly.

The Vampire Diaries is known for its portrayal of Black Witches. Witches on the show are predominantly Black, and most Black characters are witches. Witches, the most powerful supernatural characters, are shown to be descendants of slaves, although this is not openly acknowledged or referenced. Although they are incredibly powerful, witches- or Black witches are subservient to the Caucasian characters. What rare insights we are given to the world of witches, we are made to understand that most magic is done selflessly for the benefit of white characters, or to “preserve the balance” of nature. Notably, Emily Bennett worked as Katherine’s handmaid. In addition, she used her powers to provide her and other vampires immunity from sunlight. Why she would do this despite obviously not approving of the “vampire lifestyle” is apparently a I Owe You My Life situation that is never expanded on. The subtext isn’t really helped by the series being set in the American South.
One of the main characters of the show, Bonnie Bennett, is given very little screen time or character development. Her plot lines are rarely taken out of the context of being a witch. Like the other Black witches, she selflessly aids the Caucausian characters in the show. Furthermore, Bonnie is used a vehicle for plot development and white character growth. Bonnie’s love interests often use her as a pawn; the love interests are usually villains that first, attempt to get to Bonnie for her magic, and second, and more importantly, their use of magic always involves a Caucasian character (revenge on a vampire, saving Elena, etc.) . Bonnie’s dynamic reinforces the master-slave dynamic in this way; while Bonnie is powerful, because she is Black and powerful, the purpose of her magic is to serve the white characters.
“Her (white) friends are gaining all kinds of power left and right (and angsting over it), while Bonnie has seemingly sacrificed the use of her witchy abilities after using them to save Elena and company over and over again. (Remember, last season her mother was turned into a vampire, also because of Elena.) What’s more, she keeps making sacrifices, big and small, for this group of–frankly horrible–friends. That plotline did lead to a potential romantic entangle for Bonnie that I wanted to be excited about (since, because Bonnie’s life just bites, none of her romantic interests ever work out), until it was revealed that the character (a college professor) is most likely some kind of evil. Bonnie Bennett, eternal sacrificial Black Best Friend and Magical Negro, cannot catch a break.

In conclusion, there was nothing ‘moving’ about what happened with Bonnie and her relatives in the finale it was just one last embodiment of what they’ve been doing to bonnie for years. Moving is Bonnie getting a scene like Matt, Caroline and Alaric did where Sheila is watching over from the beyond (perhaps with her dad) while Bonnie lives out the rest of her life, that sort of thing. I’m just glad that they gave her a good ending and didn’t kill her for the sake of Elena because that would have finished me off.

Additional reading: Magical Negro Wikipedia  The Treatment of Bonnie Bennett

the introduction of mon el is like the supergirl writers own a pizza restaurant and they’re trying to introduce a hot new menu item to go with the veggie pizza or the meat lovers pizza or the mushroom pizza or even the pineapple pizza and then they serve you this new item and it’s not even pizza it’s just a plain piece of white bread and you’re like “why am I getting this? can i get the pepperoni mushroom pizza that I had that’s suddenly disappeared from the menu this year?”

the waiter’s like “nope, this is what we’re serving tonight” but you came here for pizza not this plain white bread, ya know? so you’re like okay I’ll give it a chance even though i can see it’s just plain white bread so you take a bite of it and turns out this white bread is fucking stale! they’re trying to serve you plain, stale white bread! so you call your waiter and ask for something else but again he says no

You look around. everyone else has a single slice of stale white bread on their plates. no one is happy except for the dog that someone brought into the restaurant and they’re feeding him the stale white bread under the table.

“Can’t I get some pizza?” you ask.

“This is our new pizza!” the waiter says. “I know we’re known for our margarita pizza but this is sure to sweep that item off the menu.”

“but I like the margarita pizza,” you say.

too fuckin bad. no more margarita pizza. all you get is stale white bread for days and mere scraps of last years’ pizzas that you know and love, and what used to be your favorite restaurant starts to fall short. you brought all your friends here to try your favorite pizza and they don’t get what you like about the place when all they serve is stale white bread.

you show them last year’s menu, because all that’s left of your favorite restaurant is merely a memory

Things I’ve learned from my reading so far:

-Abe Lincoln once suggested cow dung as a dueling weapon.

-James Madison is the only president to have honorary citizenship in another country. (it’s France)

-Ronald Reagan was the first president to ever be divorced.

-Dolley Madison is the longest serving First Lady or White House Hostess.

-The Kennedys met because Jackie was the camera girl interviewing JFK.

-Edith Wilson is known as “the presidentress” because of her role in making decision on behalf of her husband after he suffered a stoke.

-Grace Coolidge delivered a is the only first lady to give a speech at Gallaudet. (and yes, she did sign it)

-Lincoln was the first president to be born outside of the original 13 states.

-William Henry Harrison gave the longest Inaugural Speech, FDR gave the shortest. 

-Andrew Jackson was drunk when he was sworn in as Vice President.

-James Madison is the only president to ever lead troops from the battlefield.

-John Tyler had the nickname of “His Accidency”

-John Quincy Adams wore the same hat every day for 10 years.

-JFK was the first president to never wear a hat.

-Ulysses S Grant’s favorite horse was named Jeff Davis, to mock the president of the Confederacy. 

-James Madison once accused Benjamin Franklin of being a British spy.

-Robert Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s son, was present for three presidential assassinations.


Cinna invites me to sit on one of the couches and takes his place across from me. He presses a button on the side of the table. The top 65 splits and from below rises a second tabletop that holds our lunch. Chicken and chunks of oranges cooked in a creamy sauce laid on a bed of pearly white grain, tiny green peas and onions, rolls shaped like flowers, and for dessert, a pudding the color of honey. What it must be like, I wonder, to live in a world where food appears at the press of a button?”

*Mushu voice* I live! It only took me like four months to post something.

This post is brought to you by one of RETHG prompts for chapters 5 & 6.

I looked at several recipes, but none of them seemed right. I decided to experiment with this one and make my own sauce. As weird as this mix may sound, it’s actually really good.

Without further ado… *drumroll*

To make chicken in creamy orange sauce you gonna need: 

  • 1 big chicken breast (*deep breaths* nope, I won’t say what I want to say)
  • 2 tablespoons of clarified butter
  • ½ of onion
  • 1 orange (mine was really big so I used ½ of it, but I feel like I could’ve used whole)
  • 250ml of cream (18%)
  • dried thyme
  • salt and pepper

English is not my first language so bear with me.

#1 Dice chicken breast and season with salt and pepper. Add 1 tablespoon of butter in a frying pan, add chicken and fry for 10-15 minutes. Set aside.

Nope. My cat totally did not bribe me into giving her some chicken with her pretty eyes. Nope. I’m not that weak *cough*.

#2 In another pan, add 1 tablespoon of butter and fry your onion for 2–3 minutes. Add orange juice and chunks. Add a bit of dried thyme to taste. Cook for 3 minutes on medium heat. Don’t stir. 

#3 Gradually add cream. Cook for 8 minutes and mix your sauce with chicken. Add salt and pepper to taste.

#4 Serve with white rice.

So fancy. Somebody call Vogue.


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Badass Black Women History Month:
Celebrating 28 Black Women Who Said,
“Fuck it, I’ll Do It!”

Day 13: Septima Poinsette Clark
“The Mother of the Movement”

Septima Poinsette Clark is one of the most important people in the Civil Rights Movement. She worked closely with MLK, Jr. and W.E.B. DuBois and was the first woman to gain a position on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference board. Septima was a teacher from South Carolina who believed education was the greatest tool marginalized groups had to fight systems of injustice. 

While MLK called her “The Mother of the Movement,” she faced sexism within the Civil Rights Movement. Her position was constantly questioned and her influence has largely been overshadowed by the men she worked with. That’s a damn shame though, because Septima was badder than all these dudes. Her father was born into slavery while her mother was a free woman from Haiti. Septima’s mother refused to ever serve any white person and raised her daughters with the same principals. They were never to be servants to anyone. 

When Septima decided to become a teacher, she noticed the baffling inequality she and her students were subjected to. She was paid $35 per week to teach 132 black students with only one other teacher. The white school across the street only had 3 students and 1 teacher who was paid $85 per week. This inspired Septima to join the NAACP where she fought for equal pay. After 40 years of employment in the Charleston school system, she was fired from her teaching position due to her political involvement with the NAACP. She lost her pension and was seen as a pariah in the community. Even at a fundraiser designed to help her, people refused to have their picture taken with her for fear that they would lose their own jobs.

This ended up being a blessing for Septima. She moved to Tennessee where she joined the Highlander Folk School. There, Septima focused on adult education and literacy. She was inspired by her own father who could not write his name growing up. Septima realized the best way to fight the racist voting rules of the south was to arm people with knowledge. She established her own “Citizenship Schools” that gave black people self-pride, cultural-pride, literacy, and a sense of one’s citizenship rights. Over 10,000 teachers would train in her Citizenship Schools and open their own chapters, teaching over 25,000 people by 1961.

By 1958, 37 of Septima’s students were able to pass the voter registration test. By 1969, 700,000 black people were able to become registered voters thanks to Septima’s work. 


There’s an old saying: “You don’t get to be the White House chef without breaking a few eggs.” And while that is definitely true, it is possible to get a book deal about being the White House chef without breaking a single White House egg. Just ask Ronnie Seaton, a man who never saw the inside of a presidential fridge, but did write the book on it.

Ronnie Seaton’s book, Sir White House Chef (yeah, we’ll get to that in a moment), reads like bad fanfiction, which is kind of impressive, given that he’s writing about himself. Seaton claimed that he served as the White House chef starting in 1982, when he wowed a jelly-bean-loving Ronald Reagan with his culinary skills. You have to forgive the publishers for not catching his deception, because it’s full of such believable stories as seeing George W. Bush (or rather, “George Bush Jr.”) leave “marijuana butts” around the White House and sleeping with Condoleezza Rice. How could any agent say no to the reveal that Clinton’s Secret Service agents happily admitted to Seaton that they’re taking a suspiciously stained dress to the cleaner’s? And of course, who doesn’t want to sign an American chef with British knighthood?

6 Impostors Who Took Fraud To WTF New Levels