serving up realness

  • Sweaty older guy trying to hit on me at a club: Damn sweetie, you're so beautiful, let me buy you a drink.
  • Me, remembering that those smug mfing Batman writers keep alluding to the fact that in current DC Rebirth continuity Saturn Girl is locked away alone in Arkham Asylum in some sort of crazed, catatonic state, with no one to help her or listen to her. And she's clearly distressed, trying to tell inmates about Superman disappearing and the end of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but no one is believing my girl: Get me a shot.
Things About Noah

He knows what he wants:

You Should at least ask me out first. 

And He goes after what he wants:

Noah is not only a good kisser but he’s also Handsy:

He acknowledges when he’s  an ass. :

Most importantly He Cares about Jude: 

Noah doesn’t do anything without making sure Jude is comfortable and ready to:

He Serves up some real maturity bringing Jude back to reality when he’s going too far.