blackjackgabbiani  asked:

Is it possible that Serperior is a legless lizard as opposed to a snake, since its previous stages have limbs?

Interesting! There’s a few key anatomical differences between snakes and legless lizards that we can use to check. Here’s the Snivy line for reference:

1) Legless lizards have eyelids, snakes do not.

(For all images, legless lizard is on the left, snake is on the right)

This one is kind of hard to tell. It’s a little unclear on Serperior, but Snivy certainly has an eyelid, so I’m going to give this point to Legless Lizard.

2) Legless lizards have external ear openings

Unless the things on its head are its ears, I don’t see any ear openings on Serperior. I don’t think those are its ears, since Snivy does not have them (and Snivy does not have ear holes either). Point for snake!

3) Snakes have larger scales on their bellies, legless lizards do not.

Again, this is ambiguous on Serperior, but on Snivy and Servine, they clearly have longer segments along their belly. Point to snake!

​4) Legless lizard’s tongue is thicker and less forked.

This one definitely goes to Legless lizard. Serperior’s tongue is basically round. 

So…these tests are inconclusive? Tied 2 to 2. Serperior could be a legless lizard. Or I wonder if it could be the opposite…a legged snake? Who knows!

Thanks for your question!

-Professor Julie

PJO/HOO characters as things my friends have said (spring 2017 edition)
  • Nico: The gods got halfway through me and said "it's useless" and threw me in the reject pile yet here i am!
  • Sally: *notices divorce papers* OwO what's this?
  • Annabeth: Appreciate my science you ungrateful mango
  • Octavian: Do you fuk wit da war?
  • Paul blofis: I look like the creepy uncle at the barbecue who comments too much on your khaki shorts
  • Leo: FUCK PIZZA CRUST *proceeds to try and make a sassy exit but instead face plants into the ground*
  • Jason: *whispers* who am-*sings loudly* WHO AM I
  • Hazel: Like this vine if you've ever..... Died.... Inside Before
  • Reyna: I'm starting a new band called "Tragically Queer". You can find us collabing with panic at the dick in the near future.
  • Frank: Leave me and my bae alone you meme lords
  • Piper: might as well call me your waitress CUS I'M GONNA BE SERVIN UP SOME TEA FOR YOU TONIGHT LADIES
  • Will: My mom said i can't hang out tonight