Science Aesthetics

I was feeling inspired last night, so I decided to make this purely for fun.

To the moon and back: Cold, dark nights clutching thermos flasks of hot coffee. Machinery whirring as telescopes trace a star across the sky. Intricate, geometric drawings of the celestial sphere. A messy bun and a NASA t-shirt. Filling in the logbook while punk rock blares in the background to keep you energised and awake. Pictures of nebulae and galaxies everywhere, because pretty space pictures is half the fun. Annoyed huffs every time someone mentions their star sign.

Natural Philosopher: Long, intellectual debates in coffee shops about mathematics, physics, philosophy. Chalkboards covered with equations and calculations in a precise, curving handwriting. That Eureka moment while deep in thought, expressed only with a small smile and a scribbled proof on the back of a serviette. Chaotic desks in front of bookshelves groaning with old textbooks. Antique lab equipment as functional decor.

Trust Me, I’m a Scientist”: Large computer screens running freshly-typed code. Neat lab books and PDFs of journal articles. The smell of whiteboard markers. Polished new equipment in a tangle of cables, hooked up to a digital oscilloscope. Exact amounts of chemicals in rows in metal shelves. Resting your feet up on the bench after a long day in the lab. The satisfying hum of your colleagues as they work on their experiments around you.   

Science Expedition: Dirt under your nails and a loosely-bound collection of field notes. Plant clippings carefully taken to be analysed back in the lab. Soft fur on tough, wild animals. The bitter smoke from eco-friendly firewood while you roast marshmallows and listen to a supervisor’s witty stories. Free-handing diagrams while looking through a microscope. Sketching flowers and that gorgeous ocean view from your last field trip. Reading Darwin on the bus home but falling asleep on your lab partner’s shoulder out of sheer exhaustion after the first three pages.

Life is a Science: Scrolling past an anti-vax facebook post and resisting the urge to burn down the internet. Shiny dissection kits and the sharp smell of formaldehyde. Making time to work out and pack a healthy lunch because your mind is sharpest when your body is well. Debunking the latest superfood fad with peer-reviewed journal articles. Making friends with some of the nicer med school kids in anatomy class. Colour-coded, neatly labelled diagrams and a thousand different terms memorised. Getting a double-helix DNA sculpture for your desk.      

What they show on TV isn’t real hacking: Rubbing your eyes after staring at a screen for five hours straight. Having a blank keyboard because all the letters are rubbed off already. Energy drinks in strange colours at strange hours. Being fluent in four different coding languages. Circuit boards and printouts. Ones and zeroes. Running jokes about turning everything off and on again. Rage-quitting when you realise you forgot a comma or a colon somewhere. Black screens with brightly coloured lines. The comforting click-click of fingertips tapping keys. Applying to intern at Google every three months because maybe they’ll take you this time. Writing a piece of code to do something simple just because.

Près de 40°C annoncés en France dans les jours qui arrivent (probablement plus donc).

Petit rappel important donc :

  • Pensez à bien vous hydrater.
  • LA TEMPÉRATURE NE BAISSERA PAS LA NUIT (CANICULE BONJOUR) donc pensez bien à garder vos volets fermés au maximum pour garder la fraîcheur dans les apparts, maisons, etc
  • Pour rafraîchir de 1°C ou 2°C une pièce, pensez à humidifier le sol (un coup de serpillière quoi) et à mettre une serviette humide devant un ventilo pour rafraîchir l’air
  • Privilégiez les fruits et les légumes (qui vous apporteront de l’eau) et évitez de prendre trop de sirop ou de jus de fruits qui, au contraire, vous donneraient soif. De même, évitez de trop saler. On sait jamais.
  • On se couvre de crème solaire les enfants pour éviter les coups de soleil et les cancers de la peau, MERCI !
  • Évitez d’aller bronzer autour de Midi - 14h (c’est là où ça tape et que ça sera plus dangereux qu’autre chose)
  • On prend soin des enfants en bas âge et des petits vieux. Surtout niveau hydratation, à ces âges là, on ne pense pas à boire.

Если вы с подругами решили организовать стильные посиделки и перебираете варианты сервировки стола, то мы предлагаем вам украсить ваш стол разноцветными салфетками! Но предварительно придав им вот такую забавную форму! =)

Ведь наверняка весь вечер вы проговорите о своих обновках, актуальных трендах и шоппинге!


Keep On Rockin’ in the Free World: The Stylings of @nardwuar

To see more of Nardwuar’s interviews and style, check out @nardwuar on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Universities, take note: If you’re looking to prep the next generation of great reporters, introduce them to Nardwuar the Human Serviette (@nardwuar). At 47, the Vancouver-based radio host and on-air personality is the world’s most sincere, enthusiastic and fashion-forward music journalist. And he has simple advice for anyone who wants to conduct great interviews: Do your research.

For Nardwuar, that means going online or even flipping through vintage publications to find out exactly what holds sentimental value to his subjects. Based on his findings, he collects a stack of pop artifacts to present to them.

“People are too lazy to find that information. They don’t want to take that extra step,” Nardwuar says, over the phone from Canada. “But I just think, what the hell? You might as well do it. If I can do an interview, anybody can.”

Pharrell (@pharrell) called Nardwuar’s interview “one of the most impressive” he’d ever experienced after the journalist pulled out one of the beat-maker’s favorite albums, Carl Sagan’s The Music of the Cosmos, on vinyl. The rapper Tyler, the Creator (@feliciathegoat) let out a trail of expletives when Nardwuar revealed that he knew Tyler’s mom was half-Canadian. And, the moment Nardwuar gave a rare issue of the fanzine Rocktober to Questlove (@questlove), the Roots drummer wondered aloud whether the man could have found Bin Laden before SEAL Team 6 did.

“I try to zero in on stuff people haven’t asked,” he says. “Maybe they thought, Oh, I am doing an interview with Pharrell, he’s been asked everything, what’s the point of trying to find new stuff? I guess I was able to break through that barrier because people had given up to find different questions.”


Nardwuar (born John Ruskin) is easy to spot. He is a walking, talking meme. Not only does he arrive with his gifts, he shows up in his standard outfit — red plaid pants, a multicolored sweatshirt and a tartan hat — a style that has been described as both an “exploded 1970s Soviet golf catalog” and “a sartorial no-man’s-land between first-wave punk and PGA Tour.” He also finishes every interview with a sign-off message –– “Rockin’ in the Free World,” a nod to Neil Young’s 1989 democratic anthem, and the end of the “Shave and a Haircut” jingle.

“I always looked to bands that dressed cool,” he says, about his style inspirations. “Like The Cramps, they always had a cool sense of style. And Poison Ivy, she looked pretty amazing. Even Jello by Biafra, of the Dead Kennedys, he had weird T-shirts. So I guess it was just looking at records and seeing what people are wearing and then you see it in the store and going, Oh, I will try to get that.”

Nardwuar got the tartan from his godmother, replacing a toque Sebastian Bach stole from him during a 1994 interview. The Skid Row lead singer later destroyed the only evidence of the crime — a VHS tape — because, Nardwuar says, Sebastian thought he was mocking him. Other artists thought they were being pranked by Nardwuar too. During a conversation with Blur, the band’s bassist Dave Rowntree stole Nardwuar’s hat and glasses. While interviewing Sonic Youth, guitarist Lee Ranaldo broke a rare 7-inch record the journalist had presented him.

“As long as the video camera is capturing what’s going on, I will be OK,” says Nardwuar, about these more aggressive moments. “Right now there’s no evidence of [the Sebastian Bach or Skid Row] interviews because they thought I was making fun of them, so they destroyed [the tapes]. There are situations where it does get scary and it does get intense. However, I am not scared if someone is documenting it.”

Nardwuar has been taping his interviews since high school. He remembers the date of his first one: September 26, 1985. He was president of his school’s student council, and therefore in charge of getting a band to play the school dance. He picked a group called Poisoned (not to be confused with hair metal gods Poison), fronted by Canadian punk rocker Art Bergmann. To mark the occasion, Nardwuar decided to ask Art a few questions. Two years later, Nardwuar landed his own local radio show at the University of British Columbia, which still broadcasts to this day.

“I tried to be an engineer and an accountant, but I just gravitated toward the radio station,” says Nardwuar, who also plays keyboard in his band The Evaporators. “I didn’t really think of pursuing anything. I am still trying to get to the top of the rock pile myself. I still have a long way to go. But it was fun to be able to live out these fantasies of being on the radio. I still can’t believe I have a radio show. People can actually hear me on the radio!”

Nardwuar would eventually get his chance to shine on television, with a freelance gig on Much Music in Canada. By then he had already become something of a cult favorite in his home country. What really propelled him to fame was the rise of the Internet, where people were able to view his work whenever they wanted. Still, he’s quick to remind you that not every interview he conducts is as revelatory as the ones with Pharrell, Questlove or Drake. Sometimes the conversations click, sometimes they don’t. He’s just there to try to make the discussion interesting.

“I still feel like I am doing my first interview,” he says. “I think that’s what makes me want to strike and find information on people, because a lot of times people show up to radio shows or video interviews, they think they know it all, and because they think they know it all, the interview turns out boring … Most of the time it’s pretty straightforward. I just want to have a fun conversation with somebody.”

—Instagram @music


Thankz for the Shout-Out @2.16 Nard!!!

twins, twins

Why does he say it’s never twins?! 

Remember this scene in TSOT

JOHN: “My husband is three people.” It’s interesting. Says he has three distinct patterns of moles on his skin.
SHERLOCK: Identical triplets – one in half a million births. Solved it without leaving the flat. Now, serviettes.

Okay, okay…It isn’t technically twins, but come on. It’s the same theory! So it makes no sense for him to say it’s never twins. 

Going back to TAB.

The fact that Sherlock thinks (as John) that it could be a secret twin and then quickly tells himself that it’s never twins makes me think there IS a twin.

WATSON: A secret twin? Hmm? You know? A twin that nobody knows about? This whole thing could have been planned.
HOLMES: Since the moment of conception? How breathtakingly prescient of her!

Sherlock is shooting down John’s idea (or his own idea of what John might say) because it isn’t clever enough. It’s like he’s arguing in his mind if this could be a possibility. It isn’t brilliant enough for him. It isn’t the answer he wants to hear.

Yet later in the episode we get confirmation that Sherlock thinks John is pretty damn smart. 

WATSON: So what’s he like? The other me, in the other place?
HOLMES: Smarter than he looks!
WATSON: Pretty damn smart, then!
HOLMES: Pretty damn smart.

We have seen Sherlock miss the obvious before because it’s too simple. What if Sherlock dismissing the twins is just him dismissing the obvious, which although simple is the most likely to be true. 

MORIARTY: I knew you’d fall for it. That’s your weakness. You always want everything to be clever.

So yes, i think twins are going to be involved in series 4!

Moriarty or Sherlock.
One of them has a twin.