Trying to leave an abusive household.

I’m in my 20s. I’m an American qPOC with two health issues & mental health issues. (If you msg me I can give more details &/ or my personal blog) I suffer from severe GAD, depression, & C-PTSD, which occurs as a result of repeated traumatic events. The trauma has left me with chronic pain, which exacerbates my other health issues. I’ve been abused since I can remember by both parents, extended family, and my older sibling. Emotionally & physically. I’ve been locked in rooms, locked out of the house at night, denied food, denied basic privacy. I’ve had my money stolen & my property destroyed. I’ve been kicked around, stepped on, beaten, addressed as a “servant.” They try to control everything, including when & what I eat, what I buy with my own earned money, when I shower… It is extremely difficult to live in this environment. 

Send requests!

✨Essay editing, help with English & grammar: $5-15 / varies by length
✨Simple art commissions: $5-7 – I can give examples of my work
✨Sigils: 1 for $2, 3 for $5
✨Emoji spells: $1 each
✨Dream interpretation: $3-10, depending on length
✨Pendulum readings $2 each
✨Scrying: $2 per question; I use water, glass, or candles
✨Tarot readings: $ varies by spread 
✨I have plenty of sea shells, sea glass, sea Quartz, sea sand (abundant in Quartz), and a TON of rosemary, for any witches in need!!! (I live in America just FYI)
✨Posts: I’ll create a tumblr post about a deity, herb, crystal, etc. $5-15 depending on length/amount of research needed. I source everything. Here are examples.

🔮Willing to negotiate! Send me an ask or message me💎
🕯PLEASE boost this if you can!🕯

(services & prices edited on Sept. 21, 2017)

I need your help! Almost to the end of the year and I’ve been doing the best I can with my job and my performance gigs but still short. I would greatly appreciate if you can donate a few to help me pay off a few classes, I need $500 by Nov 1 so I could graduate. Anything helps! If you live in the Orlando, Florida area, I’m willing to help with services i.e. car wash, cleaning out garage etc. Please share if you are unable to donate!

Thank you so much!

Negative Review: TylerJoseph #226459 Exalted level 25 rental dragons

Who: TylerJoseph #226459

What: Dragon rentals

Why: Exalted level 25 rental dragons

When: August 21st -August 26th

Explain: Like many FR players, I offer level 25 dragons for rent in the coliseum. On August 21st, TylerJoseph approached me and asked to rent two of my battlers for the coliseum.

External image

I sent him the two dragons, Altair and Django via the crossroads and accepted the payment for the 4 days.

Django and Altair’s battle cards on my rental thread.

External image

On August 26th, I checked in with a reminder that my two dragons were due back home, but never received a reply.  When I went to TylerJoseph’s lair, I found that he had exalted them both.

External image

External image

I realize that once a dragon leaves your lair it is technically not yours anymore. But renting level 25s is a social contract between players, and exalting them for profit is a breach of trust.  I hope everyone who sees this will use caution when dealing with this player, as they appear to have no remorse or respect for others, as a few days later:

External image

Do not let this player rent dragons from you.

Tarot Commission List {Witch in Need!!}

Saving to move out of an abusive home situation with divination as my only source of income. Message me for any commissions! Thank you for all your help. Open to price negotiation and donations as well. Every bit helps!

(This list is subject to change and updates.)

Basic Readings:

  • 1 Card Pull (in answer to a question) - $1
  • 3 Card Reading - $3
  • 5 Card Spread - $5
  • 9 Card Reading - $10


Specific Readings:

  • Past Life Reading (10 Cards) - $10
  • Self Reflection Spread (5 Cards) - $6
  • Star Spread (6 Cards) - $7
  • Key Spread (5 Cards, steampunk themed) - $6
  • Next Steps Spread (7 Cards) - $7 
  • Full Dissection Spread (9 cards) - $10
  • Fork in the Road Spread (5 cards, to help evaluate two decisions and their possible outcomes) - $6


I also offer custom tarot spreads for a dollar a card if you want to suggest a certain layout or number you feel you need!

Pendulum Readings for .50 cents a question.

I work through paypal, which will be given upon commission request, and is listed in the description of my blog. 

Thank you, and many blessings! ☆

Boleh cuba

Sertai ahli wechat swing yunk!
Yuran ahli RM30 untuk service 2 bulan
Selepas 2 bulan u perlu reniew yuran ahli
Kalau xnak sambung pun xpe just stop bayar je
Tapi Bile stop bayar admin akan remove dari senarai ahli then kalau nak join balik kene mula dari awal

Ok! Team kite ade 18 girl
Setiap group ade 3 ke 4 girl dengan u
Maksudnye satu group ade 4 girl dan 1 ahli
Service hanya phone call N video call je kite xde buat service luar tau so kalau u nak NoTy ke nak ape ke hanya dalam talian je.

Faham tak setakat itu?

Ok! Setiap malam boleh gune service tapi ade had masa
Kalau u gune VC (video call) x lebih dari 10 minit je
Phone call 15 minit
So u can choose!
Bukan itu je u boleh jugak pilih girl mane yang u nak VC atau PC.(hanya girl yang ade dalam group u)

RM30 ahli biasa aktif selama 2 bulan

RM100 vip aktif selama 2 bulan
Kelebihan vip vc or pc ikut time ahli
Tiada had masa vc or pc
Di beri ke utamaan dalam service
Boleh pilih girl sesuke hati [Joyful]
dapat whatsapp girl
no phone dan lain2.

Kalau serious nak boleh add i atau admin yang lain
Admin yang ade
Admin wanie
Admin Nurul
Admin kaklong Ct
Admin Mira

Selepas join kite invite masuk ke group yang kite maksudkan tu.

Bayaran ahli RM30 untuk tempoh 2 bulan je
So kalau suke boleh sambung x suke boleh stop bayar
Di bawah ade no akaun MyBank i



Bukti bayaran kene simpan untuk rujukkan

Selepas bayaran send bukti bayaran at i atau pade admin2 yang berkenaan.

All girl open minded so jangan risau
Service 100% real bukan fake.

At dalam ni xde percubaan atau akaun test
Serious nak join je
Jangan push diri untuk join sebab kite dalam ni nak enjoy.

Kite ade 2 jenis apps untuk ahli
Wechat atau whatsapp
Jike u pilih whatsapp u kene bagi nombor hpone u.
Kalau xnak just in wechat je..

So? Berminat [Whimper]

Jike xberminat abaikan je pesanan ini [Shrunken]

Thanks yunk N nice to meet u [Kiss]

boleh pilih girl
Time untuk vc boleh set sendiri
Xda had masa vc
Whatsapp group girl
Wechat group girl

Ahli biasa RM30
Xboleh pilih girl
Random girl ikut admin bagi je
Ade had masa time vc
Chatting slow
Time nak vc kene ikut time girl
Xboleh set time vc hanye girl sahaje boleh set time
Just stay dalam wechat sahaje
Group wechat girl

Xda jawapan dalam 5 minit kite block kerana di anggap tidak berminat



[Free] Request villager or items

What’s For Sale: Offering free services to help people get any item or villager they want!

Looking For: I don’t need anything in return! 

URL: kirbycrossing

Ask Box/IM Link: IM only please! 

Friend Code: 4613-6249-3437

Note: my town is hacked. villagers will always be “original”. you can visit my request page for more info if you’d like! please be patient as I will be going through lots of requests :)

Readings and Services!

Just a friendly reminder that I do offer a number of witchy services! I’m super broke right now and drowning in debt, so any little bit helps! Here are my prices, payment is accepted through PayPal! Just shoot me a message if you are interested! :)

•1 Card General Tarot Reading: $1
•3 Card Relationship Tarot Reading: $5
•1 Stone Cast Rune Reading: $1
•3 Stone Cast Rune Reading: $5
•5 Question Pendulum Reading: $5
•In Depth Poetry Energy Reading: $15
•In Depth Palm-Reading: $15

•Distance Enchanting Service: $5
•Sigil Creation Service: $5
•Any Spell of Your Choice Service: $10
•Distance Energy or Aura Healing Session: $10
•Cursing Service: $15
•Poppet Service: $20