service van

Some facts about Hillary Clinton

- In one of her FOIA’d emails, she refers to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as “mittens” and “grinch” 

- in another, she asked an aide to remind her to bring more teacups from home

- and also please tell her what time parks and rec is on. 

- She calls some of her most loyal supporters her “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits” 

- She nicknamed her secret service van the Scooby Van 

everyone’s like “oh she’s a robot” no she’s a GIANT DORK please vote for Madame Dork in Chief 2016 

ro-van  asked:

For those of you that serve as wait staff, do you get uncomfortable when people use your name to refer to you? I usually only use it to say thank you because I feel like the wait staff doesn't get as much respect as they deserve (I even drew one of my waitresses for her and she took it home) But it recently crossed my mind that maybe using their names are too personal/casual and despite the fact they're made too by their work to tell their name, it makes them uncomfortable?

I know that I personally get weirded out by it. Like, you ain’t know me like that. But then again I’m also uncomfortable by people calling me “ma’am” or “miss.” I guess I would prefer to just not be spoken to at all, ever. Anyone else?

PNWS Character Queer Headcanons

I don’t make the rules, these just are canon.

Alex Reagan: Pan as they come. She’s got ex girlfriends and boyfriends.

Richard Strand: Repressed bisexual who’s struggling with his attractions to Alex and Nic.

Amalia Chenkova: Pansexual and polyamorous. Basically everyone who meets her falls in love with how cool she is.

Simon Reese: Everyone’s favorite morally ambiguous ace cinnamon roll.

Coralee Strand: Demisexual biromantic who happened to fall in love with the man she was ordered to marry.

Charlie Strand: Badass lesbian who isn’t taking any of your shit.

Nic Silver: Repressed bisexual who is still coming to terms with the fact that he’s in love with Geoff van Sant.

MK: Asexual panromantic polyamorous badass bitch at your service.

Geoff van Sant: Flagrant bisexual who at this point is becoming Nicsexual.

Cameron Ellis: Polyamrous gay and lusting after Nic Silver hard.

Carly Parker: Trans lesbian who’s been in love with her best friend Yumiko for years.

Yumiko Takata: Aromatic pansexual brilliant woman who gets what she want.

Jones: Aroace hacker BAMF.

Imagine Dirk Gently being so excited about getting the agency up and running that he starts handing out invoices to practically everyone over the smallest things.

Imagine him sticking one to the Rowdy 3′s van (for services rendered, to whit, sixteen bloody years of feeding on my psychic energy, you assholes) before legging it up the nearest alley.