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Aerial view looking north of Lower Manhattan’s Financial DIstrict skyscrapers. Spring, 1970. The Twin Towers of World Trade Center under construction are on left. Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers with Empire State Building can be visible above, background.

Photo: Laurence Lowry-Rapho Guillumette.

Source: Yves Pélicier, Francisco Alonso-Fernández. “Enciclopedia de la Psicología y la Pedagogía. Vol. 4”. Madrid-París. Sedmay-Lidis. 1979

23rd of June 2017

Huy, ang weird huhu. Ganito kasi, whenever na bigla akong mapapatingin sa isang bagay minsan, may something na nangyayari. Minsan sa tao o kaya sa lugar. Basta ganun, out of nowhere lang. Example.. ung sa cellphone ng kachurchmate ko, during service natingnan ko pa sya. Tas after service nawawala na bigla (pero nakita rin naman agad). Tapos ung sa Resorts World Manila, the day before ung accident nasa MOA kami tas nung gabi doon kami dumaan sa papuntang Las Pinas pauwi, natingnan ko rin un. Tinanong ko pa nga sa kasama ko kung ung Resorts World tsaka ung building after non eh hotel ba. Tas aun, kinabukasan may nangyari na. Ung night na nasa parking kami ng SM Sta. Rosa, ang tagal naming nakatambay don, tas napatingin ako sa logo ng sm sa may parking, kinabukasan nalaman kong may gig pala ang Hale doon sa mismong parking ng SM nung holiday. Tapos kanina, habang nasa may Red Ribbon kami ni mama, may dalawang employee ng Fast Logistics na andon din. Napatingin ako sa logo doon sa uniform nila bago kami umalis ni mama. Tapos pagdating sa may terminal ng tricycle, nakita ko yung kakilala ko na matagal ko ng di nakakausap na nagtatrabaho sa Fast Logistics. Ewan ko kung naniniwala kayo, pero totoo talaga na nangyayari. Parang may significance ung nakikita ko minsan sa mangyayari sa future, o baka ang oa ko lang? Huhu. Dati kasi, around sa bahay lang nangyayari. Tas sa classroom tsaka minsan pag nasa galaan ako. Kaso bihirang bihira lang ung beses na mangyari. Eh ngayon, nakakailang beses na.. haaaay, ang weird. Ang weird huhuhuhu. Baka oa lang talaga ako mag isip kung minsan. Ewan basta ang weird.

Are you excited for World Turtle Day? From tiny, cute baby turtles to massive 1,500 pound leatherbacks, these fascinating animals can be found in almost every ecosystem around the world. Carrying their shells, they’re at home wherever they roam. Human intervention has threatened some turtle species, so please make sure you don’t disturb or distract them, especially nesting sea turtles. Photo of green sea turtles at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge by Daniel W. Clark, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Exoteric Description: Pioneer, discovering an identity, socially undeveloped, impulsive, spontaneous, childlike
Esoteric Description: Lower concrete mind becomes illuminated by soul, bridge from unconscious to conscious, a point of light in the mind of God

Exoteric Description: Romantic, material, creative, inflexible, traditional, grounded, desiring  
Esoteric Description: The eye of illumination, victorious, nurturer of light, aspiration, lover, visionary, intelligent desire 

Exoteric Description: Talkative, messenger, teacher, multiple, unstable, changeable, clever, dynamic, childish
Esoteric Description: Revered energy that lies behind every sign, resolution of opposites, dissolver of boundaries between consciousness 

Exoteric Description: Moody, unstable, hysterical, maternal, withdrawing, homely, comforting, fearful, dependent
Esoteric Description: Master of the emotional realm, magnetising soul into form, Mother of All Forms, sensitized to spirit 

Exoteric Description: Expressive, dramatic, theatrical, self indulgent, egoistical, childish, demanding, invalidated 
Esoteric Description: Soul quality, self realization, heart radiated leadership, God’s will, Festival of Heart and Soul

Exoteric Description:
Assisting, logical, nervous, mentally active, problem solver, critical, virtuous 
Esoteric Description: Womb of Time, nurturing mother of hidden reality, Guardian of the Christ Principle, Founder of Matriarch, synthesis of feminine aspects 

Exoteric Description: Lover, idealistic, dependent, social, charming, projecting, harmonizer, self conscious 
Esoteric Description: Pristine balance of matter and spirit, spiritual energy on lower levels, Sign of Intuitive Perception, ‘Super Mind’ the mind responsive to the voice of God

Exoteric Description:
Intense, confronting, compulsive, private, possessive, confrontational, moody, transformative, sign of death, desiring 
Esoteric Description: Magnetic energy, Divine Sacrifice, illumination of intellect through soul light, Dweller on the Threshold, transmutation of material desire into spiritual desire

Exoteric Description:
Adventurous, searching, spontaneous, reactive, active, intelligent, comedic, unpredictable, blunt, optimistic 
Esoteric Description: The Coming One, controls the negative dweller, early stages of soul consciousness, flies on the wings of the soul 

Exoteric Description:
Reticent, disciplined, workaholic, obsessive, unrelenting, committed, reliable, mature, old soul
Esoteric Description: Sign of mystery, "doorway into life of those who know not death.“, birth of individual Christ, an intuitive sign, soul consciousness in later stages

Exoteric Description:
Outlandish, shocking, intelligent, unstable, detached, humanitarian, isolated, misunderstood, charismatic 
Esoteric Description: Intuitive consciousness, sign of world service, lost in light supernal, Spiritual Soul

Exoteric Description:
Idealistic, imaginative, spiritual, frail, martyred, moody, vague, responsive, empathetic, artistic 
Esoteric Description: World Saviour, blending of soul and form, releaser of imprisoned life into the spirit, instrument of divine love


Disabled Air Force Veteran, Clay Luthy, was having a difficult time finding a job. The reason he was having a hard time was because he needed to be accompanied by his service dog, Charlotte. Luthy went for a job interview in Lowe’s and when he arrived, he brought Charlotte along with him. Two weeks later, Lowe’s offered him the job and Charlotte accompanies him daily.

Violence against Trans Woman in Brazil

A petrified trans woman begged for her life moments before being shot dead in a sickening attack. Dandara dos Santos was dragged from her home and dumped in a wheelbarrow before being rolled to a back alley, beaten and shot dead amid cheers and laughter.

The terrified 42-year-old is seen crying on the ground as she is kicked, punched and hit with shoes and a plank of wood in front of residents in Fortaleza, Ceara state, Brazil.Horrific footage of the incident sparked outrage after being released by police last Friday to help find the alleged killers. The video was initially circulated online by LGBT groups in a desperate bid to raise awareness about the huge number of attacks against trans and gender diverse people in Brazil.

I will put the source under the read more sign. It contains the footage. I am shocked and outraged at this incident. Accept people for who they are and show love and compassion at all times. @sixpenceee stands with trans rights!

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@arealcharmingprincessI refuse to believe Peggy Carter wasn’t appointed a Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by her close friend Queen Elizabeth II because she damn well deserves it for her service to the country, for saving the world more than once, and scaring Hydra for seventy years until she retired.

It’s that special day— The Legend of Korra officially premiered on TV 5 years ago today, can you believe it’s already been half a decade?!

On April 14th 2012, Korra burst onto the scene with Welcome to Republic City and A Leaf in the Wind, starting an unforgettable new era of the Avatar world and franchise. It’s been five years of a city of unity and division, of the art of bending evolving before our eyes, of villains rising and falling, of nations falling and rising, of worlds converging, of light and dark, of service and sacrifice, of death and birth and rebirth, of mentors and guides and family and friends old and new, of heiresses and orphans, and of a fierce girl carrying it all on her shoulders with unyielding conviction and strength.

Thank you Korra! 💚❤️️💛💙 Here’s to five more years, and many more after that! After all, legends never die.

  • Wade: How long are you going to be mad at me?
  • Peter: Ten minutes.