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Rare Blood

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Vampire Prince!Yoo Kihyun x Siren!Reader

Much angst, maybe fluff

Vampire world!AU

A/N: Hey everyone! We are so thankful for all our followers and everyone loving our stories! We are proud to present our new story, Rare Blood! It’s a Vampie AU. We’ve been wanting to write a vampire story for so long, so hopefully you all like it! Here’s the first chapter, enjoy!

Disclaimer: This store is pure fiction. Yoo Kihyun and the rest of Monsta X are the sweetest creatures on this earth, we know they would never do anything to harm or manipulate anyone.

Trigger warning: Mentions of abuse for right now. Maybe something else in the future.

Chapter 1:

Vampires. A word that strikes fear into any living human on Earth. Creatures that stalk the night, buying and selling human beings to other vampires. Humans in this world are a source of food and service the creatures of the night. The same creatures you were trying to hide from.

You are running through the forest as fast as you can, not daring to look back. You had just escaped your vampire captors, who had planned to sell you to a vicious vampire Lord. You could hardly handle the abuse of the seller, the last thing you could handle was a vampire as a Master.

You had escaped during the day, when vampires like to sleep. But the forest is so crowded with trees, it might as well be night time. You make your way through the trees, bringing greater distance between you and the house of horrors.

Suddenly a sharp pain runs through your side, making you slow down. “Ahh cramp, cramp!” You stop moving, breathing heavy. At the same time you feel your stomach growl.

“Dammnit. Now I have a cramp AND I’m hungry.” You mumble to yourself. “I have no time for this.”

Sighing, you look around, trying to find anything that could appease your stomach. You squint your eyes and notice a stone wall in the distance. Usually a stone wall means a residence. You half jog and half walk your way to the gray stone wall ahead.

Once you make it to your destination, you groan. The wall is at least ten feet high. Luckily it’s so old, the stone bricks aren’t made evenly, giving you a path to climb. Mustering up enough strength, you scale up the stone wall and jump over the top.

“Woah.” You look up wide eyed. Standing in front of you is one of the biggest castles you’ve ever seen. ‘Surely there has to be some kind of food inside to eat.’ You think to yourself. ‘Maybe even something I can take so I can sell for money.’

The sunlight barely shone through the trees but it was enough for you to see where you were going. You scour the side of the castle and come across a low window that you could easily climb through. You rub your hands together and grab the side of the stone wall, slowly scaling upwards. Once you hit the window, you pry your hands under the latch and push the window up. You climb through the window and land lightly on your feet.

Looking around the dark room, you notice yourself in some kind of study. Your eyes rake through the room, trying to find something that could be used to sell for money. Your eyes land on the desk with a small golden paper weight.

“Bingo,” you smirk. You quietly move towards the object and snatch it up, depositing it into your small bag. “There’s probably more around here but first I really need to eat,” you murmur to yourself.

You find the door to the study and slowly open it. You look around the door to see a very dark corridor. ‘This must be a vampire’s castle for it to be dark in the middle of the day.’ You knew you had to be careful and quiet. 'Luckily I have my power in case I get myself into trouble.’

You make your way down the dark corridor, trying to keep as quiet as you can. Every time you pass a door, you peek in slowly to see if it’s the kitchen. Most of the rooms are closets, bathrooms or studies. Finally you get to the end and open the last door. You squint your eyes and make out a fridge.

“Sweet,” you whisper and tiptoe to the fridge. You open it slowly, the light illuminating the kitchen. “Yup, this is definitely a vampire’s castle.” You mumble, noticing the bags of blood. Even if a vampire has a feeder, they keep back-up bags of blood in case of emergencies.

You spot a few fruits, some bread and a few bottles of water. 'Probably for the feeders’. You lick your lips and grab the fruit, a loaf of bread and two of the water bottles and stuff them in your bag.

You turn around, letting the door close on it’s own. Suddenly, there’s a figure standing right in front of you. Your eyes widen and you scream in shock. The figure puts a hand over your mouth.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” It says with a deep voice. You kick him in the shin, catching him off guard. You run around him and book it out of the kitchen. By this time, you stopped trying to stay quiet. All you wanted to do was get the hell out of there. You run as fast as your legs can take you back to the window you crawled in from.

Unfortunately, before you could make it to the door, a hand grabs you by the back of the shirt. You struggle, trying to get out of the tight grip, but it doesn’t work. Suddenly, you feel a pain in the back of the neck and your vision turns black.

“Ah, our little thief is finally waking up,” you hear as you start to come to. You groan and sit yourself upright, shaking your head to rid the blackness from your vision.

You feel a sharp pain in the back of your neck, making you yell. You touch the back of your neck to feel two small puncture wounds.

“Those were made because I needed to sedate you,” you hear the voice again.

“W-who are you? Where am I?” You tried to get your voice not to waver but you failed.

“Are you sure you really want to know, my dear?”

“Just tell me,” your patience is starting to wear thin.

Suddenly a dim light comes on. You squint your eyes as you get used to the light. Different shapes and objects start coming into focus. You see that you’ve been confined in a small jail cell.

“What the hell? Get me out of here!”

You hear the voice tsk. “I don’t think so. Why should I let a thief go?”

You squint your eyes again and make out a dark figure leaning against the corner of the room. “Hey, I can’t see you. I still don’t know who you are.”

The voice chuckles and you see him move. Once he steps into the light, you gasp. In front of you is the most beautiful man you have ever seen. His dark brown hair slicked back showing his pierced ears. His face is shaped like that of an angel, his skin porcelain. His chocolate brown eyes pierce yours, and his perfect lips curve into a smirk.

“Like what you see?” He snickers.

You close your mouth and shake your head. You send the handsome man an icy glare. “I asked who you were.”

He raises an eyebrow. “You really don’t know who I am, do you? Interesting. Well, I’m the one and only Yoo Kihyun.” He bows his head mockingly.

Your eyes widen. “Y-you’re THE Prince Kihyun? The v-vampire prince?”

He nods his head moving closer to you. You back up slightly away from the bars of the cell. The corner of his mouth turns up into a sneer, showing a fang. “Are you scared, little human?”

You plaster a glare onto your face. “N-No, but I do want to leave, let me out.”

The Prince laughs, “you break into my castle, steal gold and food, attack one of my guards and you expect me to just let you go?”

You smirk, “well, you left me no choice.”

Suddenly your eyes turn an icy blue and your voice changes pitch. “You will unlock this cell door and let me go unharmed. You will never look for me and I will be but a distant memory.” You say, your voice melodic and hypnotising.

Kihyun snaps to attention with a dreamy look on his face. He grabs the key from his pocket and unlocks the door. You step forward with a proud smile on your face, ready to walk out. When you get to the door, however, Kihyun grabs you harshly by the wrist.

“Ah, ah, ah. I don’t think so.”

Your eyes widen. “W-What? Why aren’t you hypnotized?!”

Kihyun pulls down the sleeve of your shirt to reveal the little 'X’ tattoo on your wrist. “So the rumors are true. The X Clan can use the powers of a siren. How interesting.”

You growl and pull your hand away, coving your wrist back up. “How the hell did you break out of my spell?!”

Kihyun chuckles, “I’m a vampire, darling. And not just any vampire, I’m the prince of the most powerful clan, the Monsta Clan. I’ll show you how to really compel people.” Suddenly his eyes turn a gold color. He looks straight into your eyes. “Come.” He demands. His voice turns dark and velvety. You don’t know why, but suddenly you wish to do everything he tells you. You take a few steps forward till you’re almost chest to chest with him.

“Kneel,” he commands, pointing to the floor right in front of him. You drop to your knees and sit back on your heels. He squats in front of you and runs a cold finger down your cheek. “See, my dear? I can make you do anything I want.”

You try to fight his powers, but he has you too deep in his trance. Struggling you lose all will and become as helpless as ever. “You might be strong, but not strong enough. You’re pathetic.”

His eyes turn back to normal, snapping you out of your trance. You quickly stand up and brush yourself off. “H-how can you do that? I have siren blood! I can’t be compelled!”

“I already told you, dear. I’m part of an ancient clan, just like you. Except, I’m more powerful.” He stares at you intently, making you squirm uncomfortably. “I also heard your blood is the most craved blood in existence.”

You swallow the lump in your throat, your nerves setting in. “Y-yeah, I’ve heard that too.” You put a hand over the two puncture wounds on your neck.

He licks his lips, thinking. Just then you can see a light bulb go off in his head. “Since you so desperately wanted in this castle, I’ll see to it that you never leave this place. You will now be my personal feeder and servant till the end of time.”

You growl and back away quickly. “Hell no. I’m no one’s personal feeder. I never will be.”

Kihyun’s eyes turn cold and you feel the room quickly drop in temperature. “Is that so? You have some nerve to talk back to a prince.”

“I… Serve… No one.” You stood your ground challenging the prince before you.

In a blink of an eye he was just inches away from your face. Suddenly his nails dug deep into your neck making the wounds bigger. You winced in pain and fell to your knees.

“You’re a siren alright. Noisy, annoying, and worthless!” He pushes you to the ground. A pool of your blood starts to form as your neck is deeply wounded.

He walks circles around you, licking the blood off his nails. “I don’t need you. All I need is your blood. But, if you want to live, you will serve me as my personal feeder. Betray me and I will let your old Master have his way with you.”

Feeling at a loss, you nod your head. “Fine. I will be your personal feeder.”

The amusement returns to Kihyun’s face and claps his hands. “Very well. Now, there are a few rules you must follow. One, I will always be addressed as Master or Prince Kihyun.”

You scoff, “there’s no way I’ll ever call you Master. Prince Kihyun it is.”

Kihyun chuckles, but doesn’t comment. “Rule two, you are never to leave the castle unless accompanied by me. Your blood is rare, therefore others may seek you out. However, you are my property now and I do not share with others.”

You slowly nod in understanding. 'Seems reasonable I guess’.

“With that said comes rule number three. You are not to have anyone else bite and feed from you. If they tell you I said it was okay, they are lying. Especially stay away from my brothers and cousins. Let’s just say… They have quite the taste for rare things.”

You gulp, trying to imagine how his relatives would act. You really hope you’ll never have to find out.

“Finally, Rule four.” He looks directly into your eyes. “You are not to fall in love with me.”

You burst into laughter and hold a hand up against his face, “listen, just because you’re a prince, doesn’t mean I want you. You may be handsome, but your personality is hideous.”

He hisses and backhands your face. You fall backwards into the cell and he locks the door. “Let’s see how well you hold up without food and water. Better rethink your words, or else you’ll never see the outside of these bars and die a slow death.”

You spit at his face and immediately he grabs your neck through the bars. His grip getting tighter and tighter. “Your blood may be rare, but not rare enough that I wouldn’t kill you without hesitation. You’re still a filthy human and are put on this earth to serve my kind, now act like it.”

Gasping for air he finally lets go of your throat and disappears into the dark. Your hands tremble as you hold onto your neck. You lean against the wall and slowly fall to the ground.

Defeat settled in as you uttered, “I am now the personal feeder of Prince Kihyun.”


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↳ Ghibli means ‘hot wind blowing through the Sahara Desert’. The name was used for Italian scouting airplanes during World War II. Miyazaki, who loves airplanes (and Italy), named his studio after it.