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Spirit Series Pt. 1: Gravestone Symbolism

For those of you with an affinity for spirit work and cemeteries, I have begun a series of informational posts on various related topics. Today, we will discuss the symbols found on old gravstones in the cemetery. 

Anchor: Denotes hope, a symbol of naval service, and is sometimes used as an early christian symbol

Angels: A symbol of Rebirth/Ressurection or a virtuous life (Wisdom, Justice, Mercy)

Arrow: Symbolizes death & mortality

Ball or Orb: Symbolizes faith

Bible: Denotes a former minister or teacher, and symbolizes knowledge 

Bugel: Denotes Military Service / Symbolizes Resurrection 

Butterfly: Premature Death

Celtic Cross: Symbolizes Irish Ancestry

Chain with 3 Links: Denotes membership of the Oddfellows

A Small Chair, Lamb or a Cherub: Denotes that it is a child’s grave

Broken Column: Symbolizes the premature death of the head of the family

Crown with Cross: Denotes membership or ties to the freemasons

DAR: Stands for “Daughters of the American Revolution”

Garland: Symbolizes Victory over Death

Clasped Hands: Symbolizes hope for being reunited in the afterlife

Oak Leaves or Wheat: Denotes a long life, death at an old age

Tree Strump: Life Interrupted

Inverted Torch: An Extinguished Life

So there you go, so now you can know a little bit more about the symbols on Graves and their inhabitants. Please feel free to add to or correct this list if you have something to share!!


1. We can change and save the world if we work at it.

2. Knowledge is worship and when we build up those around us everyone wins.

3. Through volunteer work and service we build both our our character and our communities.

4. The Chapelton Cross and symbol of our faith.

5. Armed Pacifist
A person (or group of persons) who believe in nonviolence, but having determined not to be victims, armed and trained themselves. Hoping to never use such knowledge or armament, but understanding in a less-than-perfect world, such preparedness has its place.

6. Confidence is a battle that must first be won in the mind.

7. Knowledge is worship, learning helps to build us in ever way.

quick bonus headcanon in light of FOO DOGS: 

Talonok are unsurpassed weavers all across Sornieth – their small size allows them to work with very fine fibers and to do extremely intricate threadwork. Their culture tends to assign meaning to textiles as a result. 

Most frequently, Talonok will weave fabrics so that their nests can have a soft, warm lining or will use them to sew gifts for friends, family, tribes they wish to curry favour with, lovers… Many of the garments seen on Beastclan-allied Longnecks are Longneck wool spun and knit by Talonok craftsbirds, as a symbol of their new alliance. Warriors, be they Raptorik, Foo, or Beastkin, who have done the Talonok a great service wear a symbol of their deed in the form of an elaborate ceremonial garment.

The sashes that Corven shamans wear are ceremonial garments with prayers chanted over the threads as the fabric is spun, and are said to be imbued with protective wards as a result. The Beastclan sashes that Raptorik warriors have taken to wearing are likewise beginning to take on a spiritual significance – some will embroider on records of the battles they’ve fought, like wearable tapestries, and some will stitch on a small knot of thread to the end for every dragon they slay.

Family quilts and tapestries are not uncommon ways for Raptorik to preserve their history. Being more resilient than parchment and more accurate than an oral tradition, these become deeply precious if not somewhat mismatched heirlooms, with bits of damaged quilts being patched onto new ones, a piece of a garment made as part of a couple’s courtship getting stitched into a family quilt when they wed, and the patched spots messy spots of a nesting blanket all adding their own disorganized bits of history. 

The only dragons small enough to be on the same scale as Talonok are Fae, and their dexterity is limited by having only two fingers per hand. Attempts to study Talonok weaving techniques have largely failed, given the cultural and spiritual significance they attach to the process and their animosity toward dragonkind, so dragon textiles tend to largely be inferior in nature – usually being made by far larger hands and therefore being of a much coarser knit, for example. An increasingly common practice as dragon-Beastclan tensions escalate is to simply loot and co-opt bits of Beastclan material. Wearing Foo mantles is not the only case of dragons angering Talonok through their fashion choices…

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