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Humans are weird- service animals addition

So I’ve seen a lot of Humans are Weird/space orcs posts about our relationship with animals etc

But none about service animals
Like service dogs trained to help with daily tasks & detect seizures or blood sugar levels, therapy & emotional support animals for anxious & autistic ppl, & recuse & detection dogs
Like imagine a human diplomat in the middle of a meeting and their service dog warning them of an oncoming seizure & then going off to lie down to wait it out & then the aliens asking about it later & being amazed
Or an alien over hearing a human complaining about how much they want to pet the service dog but know they can’t & being confused - humans love to pet animals why can they not pet this one?

Or alternatively
Alien animals as service animals
Xenomorph type thing as a service animal in the little ‘don’t pet im working’ red vest

Having a little with a service dog means:

Recognizing that puppy might be trained to help your little with things such as reminding her to take her medicine, bringing her an inhaler for asthma, helping her get dressed, and many other tasks! Talk to your little about what puppy helps with versus what she would like you to help with, and respect her wishes.

Knowing how and being willing to take care of puppy as well as taking care of your little. This may be a good chance to teach your little about responsibilities, but if he is having a very little day, make sure puppy is still cared for.

Learning about the laws! Know your little’s rights that they have when they’re taking puppy in public, and know where to find the information when you need to educate others.

Being prepared for staring and comments! A lot of people are not used to seeing a puppy in a store, so they may look at you a bit longer or make comments like, “Aww!” or, “Look! A dog!” Reassure your little if she is shy or uncomfortable with the attention.

Telling strangers no! People will sometimes try to pet puppy. If your little needs help, you might tell the person, “I’m sorry, but Puppy is working. Please do not distract her.”

Telling strangers no again! People can be curious and ask a lot of questions. Know what things your little wants to keep private. If he needs help, you can say, “I’m sorry, but we do not share that information with others.”

Being okay with your little going to puppy instead of you. Puppy’s 24/7 job is to help your little, so they may be used to their own quick solutions to tears, like a canine cuddle. Do not make them feel bad if they wants puppy’s comfort even when you are around.

Reassuring puppy that things are okay if your little is crying hysterically or having a tantrum. Puppy may be worried that something is very wrong! While a small boo boo might be something big for your little to deal with, puppy does not need to get anxious!

Listening to puppy! He may be trained to sense and alert to oncoming symptoms of your little’s condition. Know what puppy does to indicate when something might be wrong, and have a plan for what needs to be done next.

Learning about your little’s disability. They have puppy for a reason, so do research and ask questions! You can read about some conditions on @littlesmentalhealth​‘s blog!

Feel free to ask me any questions about service dogs in general or what it’s like having my own!

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Reminder that you have to ramble about galra facial features.

[Edited and updated 4/6/17]

Yes, excellent!

Okay so this was something I had to think about because there’s been several times where I’ve looked at fanart, including my own, and had this moment of “this… is not a galra, this is a person spraypainted purple with color contacts and cat ears slapped on” and part of this is, I’ve had to look at canon galra and figure out what quite is the difference here.

Because the Galra are definitely what we’d call humanoid, but, they’re set up differently from humans.

I want to put this here as a reference, but I’m also putting it under a cut because there’s a lot of images to be had. But here goes!

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6 Ways NASA Space Communications Connect Astronauts to Earth

1. When Astronauts Phone Home, the Space Network Answers 

Operated by our Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, this communications system enables all types of Earth-to-astronaut communication.  The Space Network is a complex system of ground station terminals and satellites. The satellites, called ‘Tracking and Data Relay Satellites’ or TDRS, provide continuous communications for human spaceflight 24/7/365. The information this network relays includes astronaut communication with Mission Control in Houston, posting live video of spacewalks and live interviews with schools, even posting Tweets on Twitter and doing Facebook posts. The Space Network can even broadcast live 4K, ultra-HD video right from the station. You can now watch an astronaut eat a space taco in high definition. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

2. The Space Network Also Communicates Science Data 

Astronauts on the Space Station perform experiments on the station that will enable our Journey to Mars and other future human space missions. For example, astronaut Peggy Whitson works on a bone cell study that could lead to better preventative care or therapeutic treatments for people suffering bone loss as a result of bone diseases like osteopenia and osteoporosis, or for patients on prolonged bed rest. All that fantastic data is sent back to Earth via our Space Network for scientists around the world to analyze and build on.

3. The Space Network Transmits Spacecraft Health Data

The Space Network not only lets us communicate with the astronauts, it also tracks the ‘health’ of the spacecraft, be it the International Space Station where the astronauts are living, a cargo vehicle servicing the space station, or even, in the near future, crewed vehicles to other worlds. We deliver data on a spacecraft’s state of health, from power generation levels and avionics status to carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, and more to Mission Control 24/7/365.

4. The Space Network Helps Monitor Spacecraft Location

The International Space Station Is pretty big, but space is bigger. The Space Network enables flight controllers on the ground to provide a GPS-type service for the Space Station, letting them track the exact location of the space station at all times as it orbits the Earth. It also allows us Earth-bound folk to get real-time text updates when the Space Station is flying overhead. If you want to track the station, sign up here:

5. The Space Network Supports Launch Vehicles

Goddard’s Space Network also controls all the communications for all the missions that go to the space station. That includes command and telemetry services during launches, free flight, berthing and un-berthing to the station, as well as re-entry and landing back to Earth. 

6. The Space Network Is Also Looking Toward the Future

It’s also helping to test vehicles that will carry astronauts to other worlds. Currently, they are working with teams for our Space Launch System and commercial crew vehicles. The first flights for these vehicles will occur in 2018 and 2019, setting us on the road to Journey to Mars! This image shows the Orion capsule that will aid in our continuous march into space. 

What’s Next for the Space Network? 

We’re continuing to grow! Watch out for the launch of a new TDRS spacecraft in August 2017! TDRS-M is coming. Check out more info here and join our countdown to TDRS launch:


Rocket Racoon #1 (2017)

A Tribe Called Quest//We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service

Among his other merits:

Presented the Leadership Award of Phi Delta Kappa (1962); the National Defense Service Medal (1965); the Vietnam Campaign Medal (1967); the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm (1967); the Vietnam Service Medal (1967); Ten Air Force Air Medals (1967); Three Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards (1967, 1970 and 1972); the German Air Force Aviation Badge from the Federal Republic of West Germany (1969); the T-38 Instructor Pilot of the Month (1970); the Air Training Command Outstanding Flight Safety Award (1970); the Air Force Commendation Medal (1972); the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Mervin E. Gross Award (1974); Who’s Who Among Black Americans (1975 to 1977); the Air Force Meritorious Service Award (1978); the National Society of Black Engineers Distinguished National Scientist Award (1979); four NASA Group Achievement Awards (1980, 1981, 1989, and 2003); the Pennsylvania State University Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award (1983), the Alumni Fellows Award (1986); the USAF Command Pilot Astronaut Wings (1983); NASA Space Flight Medals (1983, 1985, 1991 and 1992); the Ebony Black Achievement Award (1983); NAACP Image Award (1983); the City of Philadelphia’s Philadelphia Bowl (1983); Who’s Who in America (1983 to present); the Pennsylvania Distinguished Service Medal (1984); the Defense Superior Service Medal (1984); three Defense Meritorious Service Medals (1986, 1992 and 1993); New York City Urban League’s Whitney Young Memorial Award; 1991 Black Engineer of the Year Award; NASA Exceptional Service Medal (1992); National Intelligence Medal of Achievement (1993); Federation Aeronautique International Komarov Diploma (1993); Legion of Merit (1993); NASA Distinguished Service Medal (1994); International Space Hall of Fame inductee (1997); U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee (2010); Air Force Institute of Technology Distinguished Alumni Award (2002); University of Houston, Clear Lake Distinguished Alumni Award (2003); The Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal (2011) and honorary doctorate degrees from Florida A&M University, Texas Southern University, Virginia State University, Morgan State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Tuskegee Institute, Bowie State College, Thomas Jefferson University, Chicago State University, Georgian Court College, Drexel University, Kent State University, Central State University and the University of the Sciences.

All these achievements belong to one person.

Believe in yourself!


Blood Claw is the first and lowest rank in the Space Wolves chapter, to which initiates are assigned after completing their basic training. Unlike Codex Chapters, which assign Neophyte Space Marines to begin their combat service as Scouts, the Space Wolves employ Neophytes as assault troops, allowing them to vent their youthful enthusiasm and lust for battle on the enemy.

Library Services at Elsewhere University: A Guide and Compendium
(Crossposted to A03

Part One: Student Services

Welcome to the Elsewhere University Library. This guide endeavours to provide students with a general outline of library services, facilities, and safety precautions. More comprehensive help, including study guides for planning your research, finding books and journal articles, evaluating and citing sources, and safely navigating the library both with and without a map, compass, or bread crumb trail can be found online on the library’s website, in print at the first floor reference desk, and translated into Norse runes and carved into the foundation of the condemned building in the west quadrant of the campus.

Instructors wishing to book a tour and orientation for incoming classes can make arrangements directly with the subject librarian assigned to their department. Basic research skills and bibliographic instruction for classes is a core services provided to all faculty. Advanced research support may be obtained with proof of approved interdepartmental charge. Payment will be extracted at the campus health centre, or during one of the library’s monthly fundraising blood drives. A pound of flesh is no longer accepted in payment, as the exchange rate is currently exorbitant. Requests from the biology department will be assessed on a case by case basis until the overdue accounts resulting from the escaped blood scandal last fall are resolved.

Borrowing privileges for undergraduates and non-academic staff include a semester-long loan period with no renewals, and a maximum of three interlibrary loans per course per year. The length of the semester is determined by time passing within the registrar’s office, and no exceptions will be made for the west quadrant of the campus, philosophy majors, or those born on a Tuesday. Library staff, and RAs and custodial staff assigned to Brigadoon Hall are eligible for an exemption, however. Please ensure that circulation staff are advised of your status upon yearly renewal of your library card, and keep in mind that time passes differently within the library.

Graduate students and faculty are eligible for a year-long loan period, and unlimited interlibrary loans. Additional charges for interlibrary loan material may be passed on to the borrower. Library staff will do their best to ensure that you are aware of the procedures and policies of the lending institute, however, can take no responsibility for additional fees and fines accrued. Arrangements for payment must be made directly with the lending institute. We do not have the liability insurance required to send your first-born, existential sense of dread, or the memory of the colour of next spring’s tulips via interoffice mail or interagency courier. Please note that while all graduate theses are archived in the library collection, borrowing privileges for theses that have not yet been written are limited to faculty only.

Overdue fines may be waived at the discretion of the library staff for just cause. Fees for lost items must be paid by the end of the semester or late charges will continue to accrue. Nonpayment of fees and fines may result in withholding of your final transcript, degree, sense of smell, or sense of self. Barter for tangible, nonmonetary items will not be accepted as payment, with the exception of plastic beads. Intangible items may be accepted on a case by case basis. Baked goods are always appreciated, but will have no effect on the balance of your account. (Donations of plastic beads will be accepted at the circulation desk, and will be donated to the library’s current community support program, who is welcome to join us in the library foyer, coffee shop, and first floor classroom space, but we would appreciate it if it refrains from attempting to use the elevators to reach the rooftop garden.)

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“Permission finally granted.”

So this is my contribution to the K/S day! I though nothing would be more fitting than an illustration for ‘For as long as the stars shine’ (by the lovely @plaidshirtjimkirk ) ! Just… go an read it so you’ll know what I mean! 

Guys… this:

Dead center on the bridge and standing before the captain’s chair, they kissed with entwined fingers and the emotion of decades spent together on a ship named Enterprise. They kissed for the memories of success, of loss, of desperation, of victory… for their future together and everything that it held.

They finally kissed, here on this bridge where their story began, to bid a farewell that could be no sweeter or more fitting; for as much as they both loved this ship and the service and space, they loved each other more.