service rig


The Bolshikh brothers Prodrive M3s. I would consider these two cars the biggest barn find in the past 10 years. These Russian brothers raced Prodrive built M3s in Ireland in the early 90s. Both cars were found in an abandoned factory in Russia complete with a service rig full of spares. 

Once found both cars were sent back to Prodrive were they were restored to like new condition.One of the cars was a recce car & was upgraded to full gr.a spec during the restoration.


The Olympus drilling rig and platform is huge–about 40 stories tall. While other rigs that have been in the Gulf of Mexico for years are rusty, the Olympus appears shiny because it was only recently put in service. Shell expects the rig to have a lifespan of 50 years. 

The second and third photos are an illustration of what I found myself doing a lot on the rig–looking down. Since the Olympus is so tall, it’s a long way down to the water. The color of the water really struck me too–beautiful, bright blue.

I think we spent much of today climbing up and down stairs. There are many levels on the Olympus and everywhere you look there are stairs to take you there.