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here’s blair on the big problems in today’s society, apparently

The same dynamics are splintering the left, too. One element has aligned with the right in revolt against globalization, but with business taking the place of migrants as the chief evil. They agree with the right-wing populists about elites, though for the left the elites are the wealthy, while for the right they’re the liberals.

that problems might have causes seems to be a problem for blair, who clearly looks around at society and doesn’t see anything majorly wrong other than how people are voting.

he also wants to warn the left about validating the right’s arguments.

This leftist populism is a profound error. It has no chance of matching the populist appeal of the right, and it dangerously validates some of the right’s arguments.

which, as you’d expect from a man without a soul, rings hollow when only last week he gave a speech saying;

“There is, in some parts of the country, a genuine concern about numbers from Europe – real pressures on services and wages. But for many people, the core of the immigration question – and one which I fully accept is a substantial issue – is immigration from non-European countries especially when from different cultures in which assimilation and potential security threats can be an issue.”

don’t validate the right’s arguments but do give speeches pandering about the Genuine Concerns of racists. this is third-way centrism, ever triangulating rightwards and then looking on with genuine bewilderment when society collapses into a shower of reactionary shit.

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Hello there! I'm in the process of training a PSD for anxiety, and Id like to teach her to do DPT but i'm not quite sure how to go about it. Do you think you could provide an explanation/send me somewhere I can find one?

Well the way I trained Sky to do DPT was pretty simple (I think. Let’s see if I can explain it!) Whenever I was having trouble I would call him over and have him lay down on me and get comfy (and sometimes I had to keep him there with a treat or something) but he seemed to pick up on the idea pretty quick. 

There are a few YouTube tutorials out there that might help more (I don’t have a favorite so you can probably just Google or search on YouTube yourself if you’d like) and I think there are a few articles too. 

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You grew up in Israel right?? So you had to do IDF "service?" if so what was your experience like?

Nearig the ebd of highschool, the anxiety over recruitment (for moral and wasted life reasons) was one of the main reasons I went over the edge into “heavy”/ “severe” clinical depression. Ironically this meant I wasn’t fit to serve, but due to the social bias that follows opting out of service, my parents pressured me to hide my state of mind while taking the enlistment tests. I was accepted into a pretty high position as a kind of… Operations director?… And in a high risk zone, at that (meaning more responsibility and danger). I was trained for this position for two months, but early on began applying for a change of position due to mental health issues- because no way in hell was I gonna be in a high danger zone, 5 hours away from home, with barely any vacations. I managed to get downgraded to a shitty secretary position in a shitty base near home, but the boredom, social anxiety, and waste of my life was still horrible for me, besides my strong moral objection to being there. A refusal of mine to stay at the base one weekend for guard duty, due to mental fatigue, started an abrupt chain of events that got me released from the military for mental health reasons, 4 months into my service out of the minimum female required 2 years.
I took some good things from those 4 months, but it was mostly a horrible waste of my life that caused a lot of mental damage.

REPOST. DON’T REBLOG. post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same. ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. Feel free to go over ten, too. )


ana amari / overwatch – @warcaptained
sigrid / the hobbit – @aeliell


cole / dragon age: inquisition – @ehmpath
vitorro menezza / dragon age oc – @aantivan
calla henriksdottír / skyrim oc – @goraangrohiik


iris von everec / the witcher series
queen cerys an craite / the witcher series
emiel regis rhollec terzieff-godefroy / the witcher series
vesemir / the witcher series
angela “mercy” ziegler / overwatch
amélie “widowmaker” lacroix / overwatch
jack “soldier: 76” morrison / overwatch 

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Music streamer SoundCloud has cash until fourth quarter after layoffs

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - SoundCloud, the world’s biggest music-streaming service, is still struggling to find a business model - it now has enough cash to last until fourth quarter, after laying off 40 percent of its staff, a representative said on Thursday.

The Berlin-based start-up is different from rivals Apple, Spotify and Amazon in that it relies more on amateur musicians, for whom it provides a rare platform, and less on major commercial artists.
But like them, it has yet to turn a profit. The big music labels on which most of the services depend - themselves under pressure from the shift to digital music - strike hard bargains.
And SoundCloud - which said three years ago it had an audience of 175 million, a figure it has not updated - lacks either Spotify’s large base of paying subscribers or the deep pockets of Apple and Amazon that can subsidize their music services.
Last week, SoundCloud said it was firing 173 staffers and closing its London and San Francisco offices to focus on Berlin and New York. “We’re on our path to profitability and in control of SoundCloud’s independent future,” co-founder Alex Ljung wrote in a blog post.
Technology website TechCrunch reported, however, that staff were told at a meeting this week that the layoffs only saved the company enough cash to hold out until the fourth quarter.
A spokeswoman the SoundCloud declined to comment on the TechCrunch article in depth. She did say, “SoundCloud is fully funded into the fourth quarter. We continue to be confident the changes made last week put us on our path to profitability and ensure SoundCloud’s long-term viability.”
She declined to comment on funding beyond the end of the year.
The news has reignited speculation that SoundCloud will be acquired by a rival. It was targeted by Spotify last year in a bid that was later aborted.
Spotify, recently valued at $13 billion, is now planning a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange later this year or in early 2018, sources told Reuters in May.
“The biggest problem I see is that the financial problems will absorb much of management’s time in trying to raise more money, meaning that the real problems of the business go unaddressed,” independent technology analyst Richard Windsor wrote in a note.
“Of all the potential suitors, I think Google makes the most sense,” he said, noting SoundCloud’s similarity to Google’s YouTube in its focus on user-generated content. “Google will probably be most able to monetize what SoundCloud cannot.”
SoundCloud, which was launched in 2008 and has never said how many paying subscribers it has, last month launched a budget subscription package in the hope of persuading more listeners to convert from the free service.
SoundCloud raised $100 million last June from a group of investors including Twitter, valuing the company at roughly $700 million, according to Re/code.
In March, it raised a further $70 million in debt from Ares Capital, Kreos Capital and Davidson Technology to meet its expected 2.5 times year-on-year revenue growth in 2017, a company spokeswoman said.
Co-founder Alex Ljung said in a public interview at the Tech Open Air conference in Berlin this week that the company was fundraising, although he declined to comment on a rumor it was trying to raise $250 million.

(Reporting by Georgina Prodhan, editing by Andreas Cremer, Larry King)

Shout out to Clarence for showing characters with mental illnesses and general social anxieties! Jeff, who obsessively washes his hands, organizes everything, needs things to be a certain way or else he starts feeling extremely anxious and uncomfortable. Percy, who has trouble expressing himself in ways others can understand, has trouble differentiating between reality and his own fantasy thoughts at times, doesn’t understand social cues.

And instead of these characters being ostracized, they’re always part of the fun and Clarence always talks and plays with them. This is such a good show and it gets a really bad rap because the creator did something shitty.

Other things it discusses:
Divorced parents
Growing up poor
What it’s like needing your parents attention
The flaws with placement testing
Being rude to service workers
The pressure for single people to date
How teachers are normal people
Having supportive step parents
Animal abuse
Child neglect
The economy
How scared kids from other countries feel when coming to a school
How said children deal with people ignoring their real names because it’s ‘difficult’ go pronounce
And just a bunch of stuff. Such a good show

I suppose “giving without expecting anything in return” isn’t something new, but it always pushes your happy button when you do it or see it. As far as living a life of service, I’d say don’t pressure yourself. Don’t worry about what others think you should do or what the societal “norm” is. Do what moves you and makes you smile and the “good” will follow.

Because it is a monopoly, government brings inefficiency and stagnation to most things it runs; government agencies pursue the inflation of their budgets rather than the service of their customers; pressure groups form an unholy alliance with agencies to extract more money from taxpayers for their members. Yet despite all this, most clever people still call for government to run more things and assume that if it did so, it would somehow be more perfect, more selfless, next time.
—  Matt Ridley (1958-) British journalist 
VidCon is hiring.

We are looking to add two people to our VidCon/NerdCon team in the positions of Guest Coordinator and Customer Service & Registration Manager!

If you’ve got excellent knowledge of the online video community and are willing to move to Missoula, MT, apply now! Both positions are full time.


Every year at VidCon we feature hundreds of creators from all over the online video community. They are innovators, community builders, business people, and creative geniuses. We are looking for people to help us give them the best possible VidCon experience and be their advocate inside the VidCon offices in Missoula, MT.

You’ve got to know and care about online video and the communities it supports, and that passion can’t just be limited to one area of creation. You’ve got to be pathologically organized and able to avoid miscommunication at all costs. You’ll be joining us at VidCons in Melbourne, Australia, and Anaheim, but will be working full time out of our Missoula, MT office. You will also be guests’ point of contact at our events, solving multiple problems simultaneously, and performing well under pressure.


We’re an events company. Our products are experiences and, if we’re doing our jobs well, they’re amazing, life-altering experiences. Nonetheless, sometimes things go wrong, and when that happens it’s our job (and maybe yours) to make it right again. 

VidCon is growing a lot right now, so we need someone at our office in beautiful Missoula, MT who is patient, empathetic, an excellent communicator, and absolutely baller at not being misunderstood. Your primary interface will be the internet and keyboard, but you’ll also be doing face-to-face customer service at our events all over the world.

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Can you do EXO's reaction to their girlfriend being super clumsy and tripping or accidentally breaking something? (I'm really super clumsy so I kind of want to see XD) thank you!!!

It’s okay, I’m pretty clumsy too XD

Xiumin: Oh no honey, again? Are you alright?

Luhan: *Tries his best to hold in his laughter but fails.*

Kris: Uh…Do you want a band aid?

Suho: *Guardian angel Suho at your service. He adds ice, pressure and elevates what you fell on. Brings you painkillers and tea* There. All better ;)

Lay: No, you’re okay, it’s okay. *rushes you to the hospital anyway* Just to be safe

Baekhyun: *After you get home from the hospital* you know…. Even with that broken arm you’re still sexy *blushy baek*

Chen: *Gets on the ground with you where you lay* Aish….. What am I gonna do with you…

Chanyeol: *Can’t believe you fell…again.  Then points you out to the other members you’re with* Guys! Look! 

D.O: *Not surprised you fell…… not at all hehe  **SATAN SOO**

Kai: *Jumps* OH! Oh no, you okay??

Tao: Lol what are you even doing?

Sehun: Mkay if you’re going to be a baby about falling, at least be cute like me. *aegyo activate*


St. Vincent’s Mixtape... or rather a mixtape FOR St. Vincent, from Macarena

Xoel López - Tierra - Atlántico

Buena Vista Social Club - Candela - Buena Vista Social Club

ZZ Top - Precious and Grace - Tres Hombres

Destiny’s Child - Girl - Destiny Fulfilled

DJ Premier - Dots - Beats That Collected Dust, Vol. 2

Ozomatli - Cumbia de los Muertos [nice live version] - Ozomatli 

Los Lobos - Kiko and the Lavender Moon - Kiko

The Smiths - Ask - The Sound of The Smiths

Selena - Como La Flor - Dreaming of You

Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida [video] - 3.0

Juanes - Odio por Amor - La Vida… Es Un Ratico (En Vivo)

Maná - Labios Compartidos - Amar Es Combatir

Quantic - Duvidó (feat. Pongo Love) - Magnetica

Bomba Estéreo - Amanecer - Amanecer

Am I doing something wrong? I really hate it when we don’t talk for a while, then you randomly text me like nothing ever happened. You get my hopes up and lead me on. Because you know no matter how long you ignore me… I will always be here waiting for you..You don’t have time, your busy? I’m always busy too, yet I still make time for you even if it gets me into trouble. Why can’t you just stand up and tell me to leave already?

Why can’t people relate that I don’t give a rats bottom of what they think of me? What they say doesn’t hurt me, what gets me ticked is when they just keep it up and it gets ANNOYING.

Teachers don’t even know what they’re doing at my school. Pretty much destroying not only mine, but many other students path to success in a educational life.

I know what I signed. I know I made a vow. But let me take my own time. Don’t tell me how or what to do this. I planned it myself, and so far it’s going great. Don’t mess me up.

I think a beggar makes more then what I do a month. I work. But I don’t get what I should be getting on that check. Funny when you realize that your boss is a cheap scape huh?

Home sweet home. I love you. But your too much. No privacy, no time alone, too much yelling, criticizing.. Embarrassment.


Here’s this month’s XY summary, thank you Coronis:

Green surveys the area to make sure that Team Flare is gone (with Yveltal), and tells Diantha that it’s safe to show herself now. Apparently, they have taken shelter underground while the blast happened, and Diantha is ashamed of herself for hiding when everyone else was fighting. Green tells her that she was in no condition to fight and it was her only choice. Clearly, the two know each other from before, and Green remarks that Diantha is no longer just the talented young trainer but the Champion now. Diantha also expresses her surprise that Green came to her rescue, and refers to him as an ex-overseas student. Diantha mentions that the Rhyperior wasn’t with Green when he last came to Kalos, and Green said he intentionally reclaimed it because of his quest to seek out Z. Diantha knows he is talking about Zygarde, and Green explains that Rowan has informed Oak about X and Y’s awakening, thus prompting him to return to Kalos.  He takes reference to the Hoenn titans, and says a third entity usually holds the key to solving the crisis. He notices one odd thing though. Ever since he returned to Kalos, people seem not to know about Xerneas and Yveltal’s awakening, and there seems to be ‘eyes’ everywhere. Diantha explains that Kalos has already fallen under the grasps of Team Flare, and recalls her quest with Korrina and Gurkinn. Apparently, they learned from rumors here and there that Xerneas and Yveltal were slumbering in the same place, and thus they ended up on Route 8 where the Tree was. Alas, it was indeed true that it was also where the Cocoon lies. However, it was also a trap set by Malva and Team Flare, who spread the rumors to lure them to the location. Diantha thinks there is still hope, and plans to reunite with her comrades and start seeking out Zygarde, which Green agrees to render help with.

Meanwhile, the Vaniville group has ended up at the Lost Hotel on Route 15, and they are being served a big meal by Siebold, who fervently introduces his dishes. Unfortunately, the 'high-class’ service actually pressures the kids, and Shauna is particularly annoyed. Ramos shows up, and explains that Siebold seems to be using it as a way to express his regret for doing nothing about the Team Flare incident despite being an Elite 4. He also mentions that it is a way for them to relax as they hide. The kids don’t understand why they need to hide since they have Xerneas, but Ramos explains that Team Flare has actually claimed that the explosion was due to the works of the Vaniville kids and the Gymleaders, which is why some of them are helping with the reconstruction of the damaged towns. Y wishes to capture a new team member which could Mega Evolve, and apparently Gurkinn has decided to pass on the Keystone to her. Trevor notices that X and Y aren’t really talking, and knows Y must still be upset at X. Later, Gurkinn fashions another Mega Ring for Y, and formally passes it down to her (after she further trims her hair). Y drags X out to the fields to capture wild Pokemon, and Y confronts X about his solo quest. She expresses her upset that he didn’t respect the 'together’ rules they agreed upon, but also decides that she is not going to display anger because as a Successor of Mega Evolution now, she must learn to control her emotions. They recall the first time they met when X moved into Vaniville, and how Kanga stopped Rhyhorn from rampaging, saving Y, after which the two became friends.  X knows that Trevor is eavesdropping, and requests to see the list of Mega Pokemon. He decides that he should get a Pinsir while Y get an Absol. Trevor asks why, and he explains that he thinks it balances out their team, and he also wants to have a bug type. Incidentally, a wild Pinsir appears.

Back on Green and Diantha’s side, Diantha expresses her concern about Essentia, since she knows who the others are, but doesn’t know who the suited mysterious trainer is…

So quick clarification, Green is in Kalos during HGSS/ORAS, but XY is his second trip.

The Key Word is 'Surviving'

When the emergency department is inundated with people, every service feels the pressure. Consults are requested, teams are pressured to admit or move patients. The night seems endless.

Last night, the emergency department was packed to the brim. I had never seen it so busy. There was no particular cause for this influx, no mass casualties or public event gone wrong; people just got sick at the same time for different reasons.

The night was steady until three in the morning. Many of my classmates on other services were present as well seeing patients. In those hasty moments between cases, we caught our breaths and checked on each other.

The key word to all of our conversations was “surviving.”