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Just outside of Washington, D.C., in Virginia, Great Falls Park is the perfect place to get some exercise. There’s hiking, biking, fishing, climbing and boating opportunities. But, however fast you’re moving, the stunning view of the Potomac River crashing over the falls will stop you in your tracks. Photo courtesy of Jose Torres.

There’s something interesting around every turn at Badlands National Park in South Dakota. You’ll see colorful rock formations, a mind-blowing collection of fossils, wildlife like bighorn sheep, bison and prairie dogs, and sunrises that will inspire you. In sunlight or snow, the park’s 244,000 acres offer a tempting reason for you to get outside and explore. Photo by National Park Service.

Early morning classes

Unless there is no other option, don’t schedule classes before 9:30am if you are not a morning person! It’s easy to be idealistic while choosing classes and think that this will make you get up earlier and have more time to be productive, but it won’t do you any good if you end up missing classes because you can’t get out of bed.

Big Cypress National Preserve protects over 729,000 acres of freshwater wetlands in south Florida. Together with neighboring Everglades National Park, the preserve is essential to the health of the state’s diverse wildlife and marine estuaries. It’s also a place of stunning beauty and amazing outdoor experiences. Aerial photo by John Kellam, National Park Service.

Abelas secretly loves being little spoon. 

ways Erik Lehnsherr can relate to Judaism besides just celebrating Chanukah and commenting that he still eats bacon:

1. he can actually keep kosher, even if he doesn’t do anything else. because, assuming he didn’t have a strong religious education, he probably would feel kind of intimidated by a lot of the complicated ways to observe, but not eating pork, not eating shellfish, and not mixing meat and milk are really simple things that he can cling to by themselves.

2. fasting on yom kippur. or not fasting on yom kippur. mentioning to someone about how his life experiences have caused him to relate to yom kippur. eating apples and honey on rosh hashanah, drinking on purim, attending a passover seder, moaning about not being able to eat bread during passover, making cheesecake on shavuot. there are so many friggin’ holidays to choose from.

3. writing a mutant rights haggadah!!! a haggadah is a book that tells the story of passover, and there are hundreds of rewrites that tie the story of oppression in Egypt to various oppressions in the modern day. a mutant rights haggadah is 100% something that exists in the X Men universe, and Erik Lehnsherr could write one

4. Erik who secretly goes to synagogues on Saturday mornings and sits in the back. he doesn’t have a membership, he can’t read Hebrew, he doesn’t accept an aliyah when it’s offered, but he likes to sit and listen to the prayers

5. he doesn’t consider himself religious, but he keeps buying Jewish cookbooks because his experience in the camps taught him hunger, and he likes being able to now associate his ethnicity with food and satisfaction instead.

6. he doesn’t believe in G-d but he performs all of the rituals he can so that he and his children can connect to the family they no longer have.

7. lighting candles every Friday night. nothing else, just the shabbat candles. (tbh I think the xmfc scene would have been better with shabbat candles instead but that’s just me)

8. fighting/donating to/supporting Jewish rights as well as mutant rights.

9. in marriage fics, add Jewish traditions. yes, yes, stomping on the glass, but also standing under a canopy, having a gold wedding band, drinking from a cup of wine. also, those “to have and to hold, for better or worse” wedding vows? yeah, those are Christian vows. and a lot of the time he’s paired off with Christians, so those can play a part, it’s fine, but you should know that choosing them isn’t neutral. Jews used the seven blessings, or a modern reinterpretation of the seven blessings, and then “Behold, you are consecrated to me with this ring according to the law of Moses and Israel.”

10. Erik who is angry at G-d, and angry at all that G-d has put him through, but still being religious and pointing out to anyone who thinks it’s weird that “Israel” literally means “he who struggles with G-d”, and that Avraham and Moshe and thousands of other Jews have argued with G-d and that’s as much a part of the tradition as anything else.

11. bonus: Erik who has a Hebrew name, and gives his children Hebrew names, and refers to biblical characters using their Hebrew names, not the anglicized ones, because Elijah the Prophet and Eliyahu haNavi are not the same person, damnit.

just… there are so many different ways to be Jewish. so many. infinite variation. I’m not going to criticize how Jewish writers choose to represent that in fic, but seriously, if you know nothing about Judaism but want to write Erik Lehnsherr as a Jewish character… google it. pls.

keep practicing, kids, because some day you’ll be in an ensemble with that kid you used to look up to and realize you’re keeping up just fine. 

I love working mornings. Even though I am not at all a morning person. I love driving into work when everyone is still asleep and there’s no one on the roads. I love to watch the sun coming up as I open the store. I especially love the regulars. Morning shift has the best regulars. I love that the majority of my customers I can just say, “hey! How are ya? You getting the usual?” I love my job.


they have the same hair color.

Don’t think about Eggsy standing in front of his bathroom mirror every morning, styling his hair in the same way Harry does.

Don’t think about Eggsy looking at old clips of Harry’s missions, trying to copy and practice the fighting moves performed by Harry.

Don’t think about Eggsy gently holding unto JB with the same amount of love he would’ve expected between Harry and Mr. Pickle

Don’t think about Eggsy who probably continued Harry’s tradition of putting up the front pages of The Sun on the walls of his study.

Don’t think about Eggsy who tries his best to match the smooth and graceful timbre of Harry’s accent and voice during his undercover missions.

Don’t think about Eggsy who visibly flinches or quickly turns his head whenever someone calls out the name ‘Galahad.’

Don’t think about Eggsy who can’t even pick a fabric pattern for his suits by himself and probably looks into Harry’s old suits for references

Don’t think about Eggsy who probably goes over to Harry’s house everyday just to see if he kept his word and came back.

Don’t think about Eggsy who tries so hard to keep Harry Hart’s memory alive.

This dramatic shot of Yosemite Falls was taken last month as the early morning fog began to burn off the valley floor. Yosemite Falls, one of the world’s tallest waterfalls, is actually made up of three separate falls: Upper Yosemite Fall, the middle cascades and Lower Yosemite Fall. The best time to see Yosemite Falls is November through July with peak flow typically in May. Follow along all day today as Yosemite National Park takes over Interior’s Instagram account, sharing stunning photos from the park:

Photo by Kari Cobb, National Park Service.

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