service in silence

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Transmission

LOCATION: Dreadnought



It sounds like such an adventure, doesn’t it? Death; not an ending, but a gateway to worlds and powers beyond our meager understanding. I admit that I can understand the compulsion - I have felt it too, you know.

You ask me, Toland - shattered in name and in body - why I do not stay in this dread place and name myself a Queen.


I will admit that I heard the call when Oryx fell. How could I not? How could you, who has never slain a god, understand? The rush of power, the whisper of something deeper. A river, maybe - or rather, an abyss. The desire to let go, to become something greater. To rule.

[static event]

Oh, yes. I could have sat upon that rotted throne, taken up the sword, and cut myself into the fabric of all things. I almost did. But a pantheon will not crumble if you offer a new god to take the dead one’s place. You would have me trapped in cycles, waiting for the next challenger. I would become great and terrible, and all would have witnessed my glory and sharpened their knives in desire and despair.

Instead, I left their kingdom a ruin. Now a god’s heart and hunger are mine.

And you dare to call me a squanderer.

Ha! Does that sound like freedom? I begin to think you have lost yourself in death, that your own quiddities - oh yes, a big word for a Hunter, is it not? - lean as much towards treason as towards knowledge.

What really happened in the Pit, hmm? Who was it that lead them to their doom, benefited from their prolonged deaths? There is a fine line between self-service and betrayal.


Are you listening to me, Toland?


For too long you have danced to the tune of honeyed whispers and ignored what it is that makes us great. No shapes demanded my presence, no destiny called me to his throne-realm, and despite your protestations you must now watch as my star burns as it chooses.

Change is coming, Wizard. Why would I stay and take up a broken sword when to do so would be to marry myself to this place that has been destroyed, that begs only for destruction? Why stay, when I have the strength of will to leave?

[static event]



Why rule, when there is so much left to burn?

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Dennis comes home from North Dakota after a fight with Mandy - Mac picks him up from the airport and Dennis doesn't want to talk about it - they end up holding hands but They Don't Speak Of It after that

Elbows perched on the bar’s dirty countertop, Mac squints at the text gleaming from his phone. He blinks twice and then reads the words again, just to be sure.

“Goddamnit, Charlie,” Dee curses from behind the bar, one hand grasping a cloudy drink that looks as if it’d been infected with tapeworm. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop putting spaghetti in the soda gun lines?”

Mac glances up from his phone to see Charlie standing beside her, one hand on his hip. “Oh, look who’s too good for a little pasta in their mixed drink,“ he mocks.

“I think it’s a great idea, Charlie,” Frank voices from where he sits to Mac’s right. “Broads dig spaghetti.”

Dee narrows her eyes, mouth parted in disbelief. “Not in their alcohol, they don’t!”

“You’re telling me you wouldn’t try a spaghetti and tonic?” Charlie presses. “Spaghetti cranberry? A Mojhetti? Really, Dee?”

“Uh, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Those sound disgusting.”

Charlie purses his lips, head shaking in solemn disappointment. “You have no goddamn taste.”

Dee rolls her eyes as she pulls out a strand of spaghetti from the gun head and flicks it onto the countertop. Then she pauses, cocking her head in contemplation. “Well, I guess it would be pretty funny if you put some in a Highball and called it a Meatball instead,” she chuckles with a smirk.

Charlie and Frank both frown, squinting in confusion.

“That sounds like shit, Deandra.”

“Yeah that doesn’t even make sense.”

“Oh come on,” Dee whines, “How is my idea any worse than yours?”

Charlie sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Fine. Mac—what do you think?”

Mac blinks, heart racing. His eyes witnessed the exchange take place, but his mind’s been elsewhere. “Dennis is coming back.”

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Room Service

Summary: A lot can happen in 15 years. You’ve shed blood, sweat and tears while traveling across the globe for various treasure and artifacts, and even found love in Rafe Adler along the way. But what happens when a familiar face through an old lover makes you question everything?

Relationship: Sam Drake (Uncharted) x Reader, Rafe Adler (Uncharted) x Reader

Word Count: 1,158

Trigger Warnings: one mention of blood, NSFW (dirty talk)

Authors Note: Okay, here’s a little backstory for this imagine in case it isn’t obvious after reading it. Rafe never got Sam out of prison 13 years into his sentence, he got out some other way (what ever way you’d like to believe). You, Rafe and Nadine are after Henry Avery’s treasure, but Sam and Nate are after it as well.

As always, feedback is always appreciated, thank you so much and enjoy!

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BNHA: Riddles in the Heart, 1/3

Pairing: Tododeku

Summary:  The law is clear: whoever correctly answers three riddles will marry the prince, while all who fail are to be executed. The people live in fear as more challengers try and fail, and the throne grows bloodier with every passing year. But a young prince, nameless and in exile from his home, believes there may be more to this brutal challenge than meets the eye. 

Of course, there’s only one way to find out: ring the gong, and take the trial.

(Royalty/Fantasy AU)


Act I: The Challenge

The sun was low in the sky, and the streets on the outskirts of the city were quiet. The people who lived here were those that kept their heads down, minded their own business, and did their best not to draw attention to themselves.

This mattered little to the young man racing through the streets, feet aching as they pounded the stones. His breath was short but he was not yet winded, the pressure in his lungs not quite a burning.

He threw a quick glance over his shoulder, and slowed his pace when he saw that his pursuers were beginning to lag behind. Losing them now was no good—if they gave up, they might go back to hunting the others.

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May or may not have more parts (would follow SM:H), depends how well it’s liked. Also!!!! Some of the quotation marks are acting up and stupid tumblr won’t let me fix them so i give up, apologies everyone! Let me know whatcha think and if you want to be tagged if a do more parts.

Warning: Swearing, mentions of family death

Prompt: None

Word Count: 2390 I think??


   It was midday in Queens. You sat in a lonely diner, notes from school sitting next to you on the plastic red booth seats. Your favourite spot out of anywhere in the city was here. Cheap, good food, friendly service and silence beside the occasional clatter of plates. You liked quiet. You watched people and cars pass through the dirty window as you sipped your drink generously, it’s hot steam hitting your nostrils every time you lifted the cup. 

   With a sigh, you set the cup down and began to pull out your homework. You whizzed through the math equations, your best subject, and then began researching something for your essay that was due in a few weeks. You were so engrossed in what you were reading on Wikipedia, a website you weren’t supposed to use but you did anyways, that you didn’t notice someone slide into the booth across from you with an apple pie on his plate. 

   “Hey,” He breathed. 

   You jumped, fingers clacking against your laptop’s keyboard. Your gaze left the screen and onto the face of your friend, Peter, who you hadn’t seen in a while. You raised an eyebrow at him, resulting in the plate being pushed towards you. You smiled, taking a fork and cutting a small piece before returning the plate back to Peter. 

   “Haven’t seen you in a while,” You muttered.

   Peter avoided your gaze and looked out the window. “I’ve been busy.”

   “We’re all busy, Peter, it doesn’t take that long to text me to tell me you’re not going to be here,” You tsk before returning to your screen, fingers once against hitting letter key’s searching up another website. 

   Peter shut your laptop quick and loud. This didn’t make you jump, scowling you returned you gaze to him before slouching into the booth. With a sneer, you pulled out your fingers from being sandwiched between the frames. Peter began wringing his fingers and pursed his lips tightly, he was nervous. 

   “Spit it out.”

   He muttered something under his breath. You knew exactly what he was saying even if it wasn’t audible. You were waiting for this moment, waiting for the moment for him to tell you that he was Spider-Man. And when he did, you’d share your secret with him. 

   “Sorry.” You knitted your eyebrows together. “Can you repeat that?”

   He looked at you this time, really looked at you. You watched something flicker in his eyes before he spoke, “I have an internship with Mr. Stark. That’s why I haven’t been here lately.”


   You leaned across the table, putting on a scared face. Fine, if he wasn’t going to tell you the whole story you’d have the play along then. “Mr. Stark. Like as in the Tony Stark who is Iron man? How did you manage to land that?”

   Peter froze up. Your eyes pleaded him to continue. He gave in with a sigh, taking your cup and drank a bit of the drink you ordered. He scrunched his nose in disgust and set the cup back down on the ring of the spilt drink on the table. “What is that? It’s so sweet.”

   You clenched your jaw. “Peter, don’t change the subject.”

   “He sorta just approached me.” He shrugged like it was no big deal.

   You made a noise that wasn’t human and shrugged, mocking him. “He sorta just approached me?”

 “Don’t meme at me right now, (Y/N).”

   You rolled your eyes. “So he approached you. Out of everyone in the school, he chose you?”

   Peter was taken aback by what you said and you knew the moment it left your mouth it would have consequences. “You know, (Y/N), I was excited to talk to you again. I didn’t know you’d become such a bitch over the past few months.”

   Your mouth opened at the insult, ready to fly another one but he was already out of the booth. You watched as his unbuttoned plaid flowed behind him as he powered throughout the diner, you didn’t continue as he left your peripheral vision. You knew he left the diner when you heard the bell jingle. You muttered a curse under your breath. Before you was Peter’s pie, uneaten with a fork stabbed in the middle. 


I didn’t know you’d become such a bitch over the past few months.

   It was now past midnight as you watched the infamous Spider-Man climb into his bedroom window stealthily. Fuck. It hurt what he said earlier, that he called you a bitch. But it was true, you were being a bitch and you needed to apologize. You knew ‘the Stark’ internship was important to him and you went and insulted him anyways. The one person you truly cared about, the one person you didn’t want to get hurt was him, and you hurt him. You were the one to hurt Peter, and you regretted it so much. You. You rubbed at your face and groaned at the thought. Once again, you had royally fucked up. A hole in your stomach was forming, and as you squatted on a roof across the street with your own darkness surrounding you like a blanket.

   The shadows were terrifying at first, but now they were a second skin. It was comforting having something to protect you. You couldn’t remember what it was like to normal, and now you felt powerful, and you loved it. Your darkness swirled around you, keeping you hidden in the shadows of an air conditioner and the roof doorway. 

   It had been almost three years now living with these abilities. You barely remembered how it’d happened, and you were happy about that too because you woke up broken and insane. All you remember is hitting a deer up heading up to your cottage with your family and then a month later waking up in a hospital with only your father left. Your father, a world known lawyer and a good friend of Tony Stark. You cringed at the thought of him and Tony standing side by side in the Stark Tower, a drink in hand and laughing a way. Alcohol and your dad never mixed well, especially now with your mother and younger sibling gone.

   So now here you were, with the ability to teleport and hide within the very shadows you used to be afraid. In the beginning, you didn’t know how to use it, sometimes finding yourself in places you’ve never been before, or sometimes sucks the light out of the room in anger. You were controlled by your emotions for the first year, the second year was better, and now you were a master at what you had at your fingertips. You were the night, a dark shadow no one knew existed and it was.. lonesome.

   You began scouring the streets for trouble, as you had nothing better to do in a barren penthouse deep in the city of Queens at night. Blending into the shadows you stopped petty crimes here and there hidden in a black jump-suit you had stitched after taking a bunch of sewing classes. But you were in a suit customized by Tony Stark, a midnight black that covered you neck to toe, and you wore a mask that covered your mouth and nose leaving your (Y/E/C) eyes to gaze the city around you. 

   It had been so easy for a while, and then Spider-Man came into play. You had run into him a few times, correction you had saved his ass a few times; in Germany especially. You knew exactly who was behind the mask, but you knew Peter had no clue who you were really. His voice was recognizable and you knew yours would be too so you never spoke. So when he’d see you, you would disappear into thin air before he could approach you. Slick like oil. 

   But when you weren’t at school or at the diner or a shadow itself, you were staring up at the ceiling thinking of what could be. Sometimes it would be if your mother was still alive, and other times it would be you fighting alongside the avengers. 

   You wouldn’t believe it that you did a month ago, that you fought against Captain America besides Iron Man. It was for Peter, of course, he didn’t know what the hell he was getting into. And if your best friend was getting into this mess so were you.

   And now you can’t think of it being anything but a mistake. 

   As soon as you saw Tony Stark walk into Peter’s apartment building you know shit was up. Everyone had been following the news on the Sokovia Accords and how America’s golden boy was now a war criminal. So Tony Stark approaching someone who was secretly Spider-Man, wasn’t a big shocker. You had shadowed yourself into the building, moving into Peter’s apartment to see Tony and your friend walk into his room. You scrunched your eyebrows, blood suddenly boiling. 

   The whole time you were in Peter’s room watching him and Tony converse. It was funny actually, but you would never admit that. You couldn’t admit that you were there or Peter would most likely never trust you again. Another wave of emotions rippled through you. 

   You had never hated that day until now. And now you watched Peter crawl into his room in the iconic blue and red spandex with tears pricking your eyes. You had messed up, messed up real good this time. Across the street where your focus was attained the light in Peter’s bedroom flicker off signalling he was going to bed. You sighed through your nose before getting up, gritting your teeth at your butt that barked in protest in sitting for too long.

   “So,” You said once Tony was in the hallway. You watched as his entire body froze at the sound of your voice. “You want to recruit a fourteen-year-old kid to fight Captain America and his gang?”

   With a snap of your finger, the light in the hallway was snuffed out, leaving the two of you in complete darkness. Tony placed a hand on the elevator button, where the only light came from encircling the button. You heard him press the button repeatedly in fear. The doors opened with a ding and light flushed the hallway. Tony flowed into the elevator, bending over to close the doors to keep whoever just encased him in darkness out. He should’ve brought Happy with him. 

   You rolled your eyes as you concealed yourself in the elevator. In shadow form your finger pressed the emergency button to pull the elevator to a squealing halt, you cringed before showing yourself. You had never seen a man so scared before and you couldn’t help but let a laugh bark out from your throat. The Tony Stark stood in front of you, nothing but a man of skin and bones and maybe a little muscle mixed with liquor. He wore a blazer, nothing too fancy, with jeans and a t-shirt.

   “You never answered my question.”

   “How the hell did you do that?” Tony’s voice was harsh, masking fear that was evident no matter how hard he tried to hide it. 

   You looked down at yourself, to where your fingers were swirls of darkness formed out of thin air. His eyes grew wide, in fear or interest you couldn’t tell. “Fascinating, isn’t it?”

   He didn’t move an inch. 

   “You just talked to my dear friend Peter Parker, who is also Spider-Man.” You saw his mouth open to question how you knew that but you cut him off with a wave of your hand. “Don’t ask. Peter is an amazing kid, who doesn’t know what the hell he just agreed to. He doesn’t know what he’s doing himself sometimes for god’s sake. Fighting Captain America, the Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, the Falcon and whoever else joins their little group will be fighting my dear friend. Many of those people are trained. Trained especially for killing. Don’tcha think Peter’s a little young to die?”

   “Don’t be dramatic, he’s not going to die,” Tony said.

   “And how are you so sure of that?” You pressed. When you received nothing but a pair of pursed lips from him and an avoided stare you said, “Thought so.

   “And what do you want, hmmm, Miss Shadow Girl?”

   A lazy grin sprawled on your lips at the name. “Miss Shadow Girl wants you to go tell Peter that he isn’t going to Germany and that the ‘internship’ is off.”

   “I’m presuming you heard everything in there?” He was becoming more comfortable now. 

   “Yes.” The answer was simple as always. 

   “Why are you so protective of him?”  He asked, slouching into the elevator wall. “Are you his girlfriend?”

   “No!” You bit your tongue before you could scream out that word again. You and Peter? Ha, never! He gave you a questioning look. With a cool, straight heavy face you tried again. “No, I am not his girlfriend. I’m a good friend. And I don’t want him getting hurt.”

   “Now you’re not answering my question.”

   “I did.”

   “Not my first one.”

   “The kid’s already gone through so much. I don’t want to see him get hurt again.”

   “True. Though you’re holding something else back.” The words made your back straighten. Tony tsked at your now silence. “It’s not your choice, whether he goes or not. But him getting hurt… you may or may not be able to prevent that.”

   You tried so hard not to show relief flicker upon your face, but Tony had caught your attention, resulting in a smirk. You growled, darkness beginning to shift around the two of you. Tony gently caressed a hand through the black night, cocking his head to the side like he was trying to understand the secrets whispering beneath it. 

   “What if you came with me and him? You could be like my secret weapon.”

   You didn’t even think before you answered. You should’ve. “Two things. I am not your anything, and I never will be. Two, Peter will have no clue who I am, all he’ll know is that I’m a person on his side keeping him safe. So that means I need a suit that covers most of my face if you won’t be bothered to make your new favourite team player one. Black would be preferable.”

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A/N: I was having some Feelings

Two decades and several lightyears away, a boy, hardly old enough to be called a man, is about to watch his father bleed out to the tune of security alarms. On Mars, in Town Hall, in the mayor’s office, Juno Steel’s stares at Ramses O’Flaherty with a gun in his hand and the slowly-consuming ache of guilt finally settling into his chest.

“It’s over, Ramses,” he grinds out. “You’re done.” And despite this, despite knowing that if push comes to shove only one of them has to walk out of this room alive, O’Flaherty still has a smile plastered on his face like a campaign poster on a wall.

Juno flexes his hand on the trigger, raises a blaster to take aim at his employer. It makes Juno sick to think about how easy it was to buy his services, his silence, his loyalty- so he doesn’t think of it for now. He thinks about the laser he doesn’t want to put in Ramses’ skull, but that he’ll put it there if he has to.

“Are you going to shoot me, Juno?” He says it like a joke, or like he’s asking a child who had been colouring on the walls. Juno doesn’t reply; he takes aim. “No, you’re not going to.”

“Like hell I’m not.”

“You put on a good show, but I think you know better.”

A man tells a boy that his whole life is a lie.

Ramses O’Flaherty flattens Juno with just a few words. “You wouldn’t shoot at family, Juno. You don’t have that much of your mother in you.”

After the shot goes so wide that Juno almost has to check if he lost another eye, the room is dead silent. There’s a scorch mark in the wall several feet to the right of Ramses’ smiling face. Juno’s blaster rattles in his hand.

Ramses cocks his head to the side. The taunt in his eyes is suddenly familiar in a hundred intimate memories of Ben, of a man Juno can’t quite remember no matter how hard he reaches. “Or maybe I was wrong.” The mayor straightens up, fixes his coat. “Maybe you’re more like her than I thought. You ‘ought to be careful when you come in to work on Monday, Juno. There may be some dangerous cases on your work load. See you then.”

He pats Juno’s shoulder like the past ten minutes hadn’t happened on his way out of the office.

Two decades and several lightyears away, a boy walks into a room with his family and walks out with nothing.

On Mars, in Town Hall, in the mayor’s office, Juno Steel walks into a room with a vendetta. He doesn’t walk out for a long time, not until his mind stops reeling so hard that he can’t remember how to move his legs. When he does, it’s with a horror settled deep inside him and a childhood ripped firmly into the present.

UNEXPECTED REUNION ‘Perfect Life With Him’ Harry Styles fanfiction

Okay so we have like a 2/3 year gap between this and the last post. I had so many ideas about how I wanted this story to go but also really little time to write it. The idea that I wanted Rosalie and Harry to have a break was always there I just couldn`t write the chapters causing the break up. But when Harry`s album came out it was just so amazing and so right for all of my ideas that I just had to write THIS even though there weren`t chapers for so long. So I hope someone will enjoy this little story  twist and the chapter in general :) 



-Did you come all the way here just to see Harry?!

-Are you two back together?!

-What do you think about his album?!

-Are you still dating the guy we saw a few weeks ago?!

The questions shouted by the paps at me when I enter the Troubadour don`t end. Well, I don`t really know what else I was expecting. I also am not totally sure what I`m even doing here. I wasn`t supposed to be here, that`s for sure. I came to LA just to take part in dance workshops. When I found out Harry would be in the city as well I made a promise to myself to stay away from him. It`s not the time yet for us to see each other. I need more time. I haven`t made up my mind yet. Or have I? I don`t know what was I thinking when I called Jeff two hours ago and asked him to put me on the guest list for tonight. The first thing he said was how happy Harry will be that`ll come to his show. So I asked him not to tell him. I really want to see him on stage, to hear all of those amazing songs live, to see him happy and doing what I know he loves the most. However, I don`t know if I`m ready to see him, for him to see me. Not after everything that has happened the last couple weeks. I shouldn`t have done all of that to him. He doesn`t deserve it. He was nothing but kind and understanding to me when I told him I needed a break, he promised to wait for me as long as he had to. I felt so guilty when the photos of me and John were all over the internet. I just wanted to call him and say how sorry I was. I didn`t want him to find out like that. 

I thought I was doing well without him. I thought that I`m done with thinking about him all the time, missing him. Until his album came out and he was everywhere. It made me realize how much I actually missed him. All I wanted to do was call him and say how much I love the album and how proud I am of him . I wanted to lay in bed with him and listen to him talking about how happy he is, I wanted to be in the first row at his first solo show so he knew I would be there for him, his number 1 fan.

So  I guess that`s why I couldn`t stop myself from coming here tonight.

I really hope he won`t go online and see that I`m here. I don`t want him to know. Not yet.

Jeff set me up with the VIP tickets so lovely venue worker takes me up there when I enter the building. 

Kaia Gerber is the first person I see there. I say hi and chat with her for a little bit. Then more familiar people, Harry`s friends come up. I haven`t seen most of them since Harry and I have split, so I try to catch up with as many of them as I can.

Soon the lights go off and Harry`s band comes on stage. I stop breathing and my heart goes to my throat when I see Harry walk onto the stage. He looks so good. With his hair shorter he looks just like when I have met him for the first time. Of course his fashion choices have changed completely. Instead of skin tight black jeans he`s now wearing wide gold pants. He looks great though.

The moment he starts singing I feel like the time stops, like there`s nobody else in the room. Like he`s singing just to me.  

Remember, everything will be alright
We can meet again somewhere
Somewhere far away from here

“It`s okay Rose. Really. I love you and I know you love me too. Even if you`re doubting it right now. And you know I`m actually happy that you got those doubts now, before the wedding and not after it. You can go, live without me for a while. See how that works out for you. But I know deep inside that you are the one for me. I will never love anyone the way  I love you. And I know that eventually we will meet again. If not in a few months that maybe in a few years but in the end we`ll grow old together. This I`m sure of.”  That`s what he said when I told him that I wanted to postpone our wedding and leave him and every time I hear Sign of the times it`s all I can think of.

Next song is Sweet Creature a song he has actually written when we were still together. He played it to me. Said he wrote it when I was on tour with him, about how much he appreciates that I agreed to go with him, how at home I made him feel no matter where he was.
 The rest of the songs makes me quite emotional but when he finally plays From the dining table I just cry. I can feel how badly I hurt him even though he pretended like he was okay with me needing some time apart this songs proves how much I hurt him. 


We haven’t spoke since you went away
Comfortable silence is so overrated
Why won’t you ever be the first one to break?
Even my phone misses your call, by the way 


Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry, too
But you, you never do

When the song is finished I`m frozen in my spot. I can`t move. I`m just looking at him. Suddenly all the lights in the venue are turned on and he looks up to smile at the crowd. But his eyes meet mine. I see his smile fade. He looks confused as if he`s not sure if I`m actually here. i can`t stand his stare. My guilt is eating me away, so I ran away. I just leave as quickly as I can and run. I make it to the exit when I notice all the paps waiting outside and stop in my tracks. Seconds I spend thinking what to do next are enough for him to find me.

-Rosalie!- I hear Harry behind me. I don`t want to turn around I don`t want to see the hurt in his eyes, but my selfish need to see him after all this time is stronger so  I turn around…

-It`s really you. - he says. His eyes seem happy. Mine must be full of guilt because he doesn`t say anything else, but wraps his strong arms around and hugs me. 

-I`m sorry.- I cry out. My tears are soaking his shirt.

-Shhh. Don`t. It feels so good to have you in my arms again. Right now I don`t care if you`re here just for the show, if you`re not coming back yet or if you came to tell me that we`re over. Just give me this few seconds to have you again. - He`s right. It does feel amazing. I start doubting if I really need more time, maybe this just proves that I can`t live without him, that no matter how good someone else is going to be to me no one is ever going to be better than him. 

After a few minutes he pulls away.

-I have a reservation at a restaurant near. A few people are coming. You know most of them. Please come? - he looks at me with those eyes that I just can`t say no to so I nod and he smiles again. what I want to do but I`m going t

Harry takes my hand and walks us backstage where everybody else is. Soon we all get into cars and drive to the restaurant. We don`t talk but he keeps me close to him all the time. I don`t yet  what I want to do but I`m gonna give him this for now. He deserves that. 

We don`t really talk during the dinner either but I catch Harry looking at me a couple times. 

Eventually most of the people leave and it`s only me, Harry, Jeff and his girlfriend. 

-Okay guys. I think we`re gonna be leaving too.- Jeff says.- It was great to see you Rosalie. And stay away from the trouble you two. There`s tons of paps waiting for you outside so you might want to take the back door.

-Than you Jeff.- Harry nods.- I`ll call you tomorrow to sort things out. 

We say goodbye to them and then sit in silence for a while.

-So..- Harry starts.- I guess we should talk. - he says and i nod.

-But maybe not here. And maybe not now. We could meet tomorrow, maybe?

 -Yep. Okay.- he nods.- I’m not ready to let you go tonight though. - he sighs and my heart breaks a little.

 -Drive with me to my hotel then. - I say and notice his eyes light up. - We’ll get some time on our way there and we could always get a drink at the hotel bar. - he nods. We call a cab and leave the restaurant through the back as Jeff’s suggested.

On the way to the hotel I tell him how much I love the album and how proud I`m of him. He tells me a bit more about and asks about how my school is going. Soon we pull up in front of my hotel. Too soon for Harry`s liking. 

 -Let me come inside with you.- he grabs my hand when I start gathering my stuff. His eyes are begging me to say yes. My mind screams no. But my heart wants it as much as him. 

I nod. There`s relief visible on his face and a tiny smile creeps in.

Harry asks the driver to go to underground garage as we notice paps in front of the hotel. When he drops us off we quickly make it to my room without passing too many people.

- We should order some room service. - I break the silence as we`ve been standing in my room quietly for some time now.

-Sure. Are you hungry?

-Not really. Let`s just get some drinks.

-You haven`t eaten anything at the restaurant and it`s been a while since the start of the show so it must`ve been ages since you ate something.- Harry looks at me with those worried and judge at the same eyes I know too well.- Are you skipping meals again? 

-No, of course I`m not. It`s just been eventful day and you know I don`t get hungry when there`s so much going on.- I try to defend myself.

-You do get hungry. You just don`t bother to take some time to eat.- he sighs.- I`m ordering you something to eat.- he says as he picks up the hotel phone.- Hello. I would like to order fries, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, bottle of your best sweet red wine and one mojito. -he stops for a minute and listens to what someone on the other side is saying..- Uhh… room..- he looks at me for an answer.

-276- I murmur.

-276.- he repeats. – Oh and I would like to pay for it straight away. So if you could just bring the receipt and not put it on the room, that would be lovely…. Ok, great. Thank you very much.

-You know I might have taken a break from  work this year but I still could afford that. You don`t have to pay.

-I know. – he nods.- How is it then? – he asks.- The break? Do you like it?

-I love it.- I sit on the sofa next to a huge window with an amazing view of the city. – It`s exactly what I needed.

-Yeah. It`s nice to get some time away from this whole spotlight. And how are your studies? You like them?

-Yep. You know I`m a nerd so I enjoy learning again probably more than I should. And it`s even better since I do actually get to go to classes more often than I did in high school. – we both laugh and are interrupted cuz our room service is delivered.

-Who`s going to eat all of that?- I ask when I see all the food he`s ordered. -  You could feed like three more people with that.

We eat. We talk. We talk a lot. As we talk the distance between us gets closer all the time. We started at the other ends of sofa. Now 2 hours later, we`re both in the middle, our thighs touching.

Soon Harry shifts so he`s kind of facing me. His eyes wander all over my face before they stop on my lips. My breath catches in my throat. I know what he wants to do and I know I shouldn`t let it happen but I can`t. I tell myself to stand up or do something but I just can`t.  Before I get a chance to do anything Harry leans in and his lips land on mine.

 At first I`m unable to move but then the feeling of his lips is too much to take. It`s like a drug I was addicted to and haven’t had in so long. Too long. He tastes exactly the same as I remember. It`s the taste I was trying to forget so hard for the past few months. 

Harrys` hands tangle in my hair, I put mine around his neck. The kiss is sloppy and rapid. We`re trying to make up for the lost time. He moves one hand to my hip and nudges me to get closer to him. Wanting to be closer as well I get onto his lap. My hands go to his hair and it`s so weird. The last time I kissed him he still had long locks and now his hair is short. I don`t get too much time to contemplate about it as Harry grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head. He throws it and picks me up to carry me to the bed. His lips leave my lips and travel down to my neck. He leaves kisses there before moving to the tops of my breasts.

When I tilt my head I notice my phone lighting up. This brings me back to reality. I realize what`s going on and instant guilt washes over me. I have to stop it.

-Stop.-   I whisper but I don`t think Harry hears me.- Harry please stop. – I say louder this time. He stills and looks up to see my face.

-Something wrong?- he asks anxiously.

-I`m sorry Harry.- tears gather in my eyes.- We can`t. I can`t. I…

-You`re still with him, right?- sadness floods his eyes. He comes up and lays down next to me.

–I`m sorry.-I turn away from him.

-Shh..- Harry wraps his arms around me.- It`s okay.

-No Harry! It`s not!- I say too loudly.- I`m so sorry. I shouldn`t have even started anything with him. But I couldn`t forget about you and he was so nice and saw just a normal girl in me. I just liked being just Rosalie again. But I hurt you. I know I did.- he doesn`t say anything. We just lay for some time before he speaks again.

-I met someone as well.- he whispers.

-I know. – I admit.- Townes. Right?- I ask.

-Yes. I didn`t know if I should put the song on the album. I didn`t want you to hear it. I didn`t want you to think I forgot about you. Because I haven`t. I didn’t` even try. I turned down every woman that hit on me. But her…- he stops for a second.- When I saw her at first I thought it was you. She looked just like you. And when I talked to her it was like talking to you. You two are so much alike. But it  wasn`t you. When I woke up and saw her I felt sick. Sick that I slept with someone else, but also that I was selfish enough to use an innocent girl just because she reminded me of you.

-I`m glad you put the song on the album, I absolutely love it.

 Harry stays the night with me. For the most of it we lay next to each other, from time to time talking. I don`t know what it all means. I don`t know what will happen tomorrow . But I do know that Harry is the love of my life and no matter how much fun I had with John he will never replace him.

Dawn Rising [10/?]

19 Days AU Historical Fanfiction

Synopsis: A poisoning; a death; a thief. A prince struggling to be a prince. A guard trying to stop one from getting killed. And everyone else on the sidelines. It is hard to navigate the court of an empire when no one is guaranteed to survive.

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 | Read on AO3

Guan Shan remembered the coldness of it, and the hardness of the ground. He remembered the smell of it, like rot creeping in at the edges, dampness clinging to stone, and knew that it wasn’t there so much as he imagined it to be. It was easier to despise something when there was nothing to like.

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TZK does NOT have a twitter

I feel like the only way to convey the feelings of Tsuzuku’s latest blog entry goes something like this:

“I don’t have a Twitter.

I’ve been getting fanmails lately saying

‘Thank you for following me’

But I don’t have a Twitter.

I   D O   N O T   H A V E   A   T W I T T E R

Seriously, Meto and I do not have Twitters.

They’re fakers.

That’s all.”

(Please note that was slightly dramatized, it wasn’t a 100% accurate translation. But it gets the point accross)

Lost In Translation - (Chapter 4) Sehun Scenario

La douleur exquise (French)
The excruciating pain that comes from wanting someone you can’t have.

The walk home from school was a long and arduous one. Thick black clouds enveloped the sky and the sun cowered behind them, diminishing daylight quickly. A cold wind blew, and it made the trees rustle like living things. It whirled around you with such velocity, threatening to expose your thighs to the world as you struggled to hold your skirt down. Then the rain came.
First it started off as a gentle shower but within minutes you were running to take cover under the nearest shop’s canopy. Your knees shook and with chattering teeth you silently cursed yourself for missing the bus home. As you were about to take refuge inside the shop, a car horn sounded catching your attention.
Well isn’t this just fucking brilliant.
From within the sleek black car sat a smirking Sehun. He leaned over and you watched as the window rolled down creating a clearer image of him.
“I didn’t know you’d taken to selling your body on the streets.” He said, that smirk never leaving his face. Your mouth fell open as anger began to rise within you. Ignoring your reaction Sehun flung open the passenger door.
“Get in.”
You raised an eyebrow, rain droplets running down your face.
“Fine then.” Sehun replied, closing the door in a bid to drive off.
“No! Don’t go…Fine.” You squelched your way into the car, rain soaked clothes sticking to your back. As Sehun pulled away from the curb the atmosphere in the car grew tense. This was the last place you wanted to be, but it was better than getting pneumonia. You cleared your throat to ease the tension.
“You’re not going to kidnap me, are you?” You began in an attempt to break the ice. Sehun snorted, eyes briefly meeting yours.
“Kidnapping you would require me to spend time with you, so no. You’re safe.”
You rolled your eyes at his reply and watched as two rain droplets ran down the passenger window, trying to guess which one would make it down first.
“So… Were you just passing and saw me?” You asked inquisitively.
“No actually.” He replied, “I was watching you for like five minutes trying to walk. It was hilarious.” He laughed loudly, a nice sound, and you instantly regretted getting in the car. A thought suddenly tugged at your brain. Reaching your hand into your pocket you realised you had forgotten to lift the key to your house.
“Fuck” you groaned, head hitting the headrest. Sehun fired you a questioning glance before his eyes returned to the road.
“I forgot my house key.” You replied sheepishly.
“It’s okay, you can stay at mine until your parents are home.”
Upon hearing his words, your head snapped around so fast you were surprised a tendon didn’t pop. You searched Sehun’s face for any sign of sarcasm but he only swung the steering wheel around and headed towards the direction of his house. The rest of the journey was silent.

Sehun’s house was massive. You had heard his parents were rich but never for a second you thought that they would be that rich. His bedroom was the size of two rooms in your house put together. You sat awkwardly on his bed, staring around in awe whilst he went to fetch you a towel. Your eyes scanned past the shelf lined with basketball, tennis and other trophies. “Wow” you said silently - although you’d never admit to him you were impressed. Beside the shelf of trophies was a wall filled with photographs stuck up with cellotape. One photo pictured a young gap toothed Sehun. Another one clearly from a recent party - with Sehun posing beside a sleeping Baekhyun, his friend, who had a dick drawn on his face.
“He couldn’t get that marker off his face for days.” Sehun suddenly spoke, startling you.
“Here” he said, chucking you the fluffy blue towel. You towel dried your hair, watching as he rummaged in a drawer, pulling out a shirt and some sweatpants.
“They’ll be big but you can put these on if you want.” His cheeks suddenly tinted pink. “I’ll wait outside until your done.”
You said nothing as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Why was he being so nice to you?

You hated to admit it but you really had enjoyed Sehun’s company tonight. Wow I never thought I’d say that. Whilst he still managed to throw in a sly dig every now and again - you had saw a whole different side to him tonight, and you were even more confused about him.
You quickly got out of Sehun’s car, your thank you being met with only a scoff. You stood back and watched him drive off and disappear around the corner. It was cold now and you quickly knocked your front door, hopping from one foot to the other to stay warm.
Once inside you apologised to your parents for being late and immediately ran up stairs to ring Mark. He answered on the third ring.
“Hey!” His voice was cheery. “What’s up?”
Cutting to the chase you replied,
“Hi, do you know how to access the school message service from home?”
There was silence on the other end for a few seconds before a “Why?” entered your ear.
“I just forgot the reply to a message I was sent.” You lied.
“Oh okay” his voice lifted, clearly buying your lie. “Just login to the school website and you should be able to open it.”

You only half listened as Mark continued to jabber away. Grabbing your laptop you opened up the messages. Your breath audibly hitched in your throat when you saw you had a new message. Mark paused at your noise before launching into a rant about how Luhan on his soccer team was a “dirty player.”
Ignoring him, you opened it up and began to read.

Sender: Anonymous
Sent: 18:30

I wonder if your sheets are grateful
for touching your body
I wonder if in the mornings your mirror
always smiles to see you
I wonder if the heat of your body
could make the sun jealous
I want to ask you if you believe in soul mates
but I know you’ll either tease me
or shrug a little before tilting your chin to look at the sky the way you always do
as if holding your breath before speaking
as if kissing every word before they leave your lips
“what I believe” you said slowly
“is that there are some people with the potential to save you in the world”
and I waited for your eyes to turn to me
but they stayed on the clouds above
and I wonder if you’re waiting for that person to come around
I’ve stopped looking
you’re the only one I’ve found

You had said those words, just like the first time. It was part of your English presentation on Romeo and Juliet. You kept staring at the message on screen trying to decode any clues as to who it might be. You hadn’t realised your breathing was heavy until Mark’s voice interrupted your thoughts.
“Hello?” he spoke.
“Oh, um, hey. I’m still here. Can I call you back tomorrow? I’m just really tired.” You said, faking a totally unbelievable yawn.
“…Sure” he replied, skepticism evident in his voice. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine just exhausted. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” You didn’t wait for his reply before hanging up. You brought the laptop closer to you, reading the words over and over again - your heart raising slightly more each time.
So many questions swam in your head. You leant back in bed and sighed, not being able to wipe the smile off of your face.

Sehun parked the car around the corner and watched you knock on your front door. He didn’t have to wait, yes he knew that, but he wanted to make sure someone would be home to let you in and that you were safe. Your small frame disappeared through the now open door and he pulled out his phone. He began to type, biting his lip as a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

anonymous asked:

hiiii! can you recommend me some good bagginshield smut fanfics? thanks!

Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs - In a Middle Earth where dwarves dream of Heartsongs and hobbits carry the name of their fated partner as private Mark, Bilbo Baggins had never been able to properly translate the strange rows of runes inscribed on his wrist.And likewise, Thorin Oakenshield had never imagined he would hear the voice of his Heartsong from a fussy little gentlehobbit.          

Language Barrier - If there is one problem with being imprisoned, aside from the prison itself, it is the boredom that inevitably sets in. How fortunate that entertainment can be found, particularly at the expense of others.Set during the Company’s imprisonment in Mirkwood.

Stretch Your Fingers - Hobbits and dwarves are very different to each other in plenty of ways.Bilbo would quite like to learn more about his travelling companions, but they seem to have gotten the idea first.

A Halo on Your Body - After a humid day’s ride, the Company are keen to bathe and Bilbo finds himself in the company of many naked dwarves, none of whom are shy.Perhaps the burglar in him is coming through, because Bilbo finds himself very interested in the shiny things they’ve adorned their bodies with.   

Bless Your Soles - Feet were sacred to dwarves, and Thorin had always done his best to adhere to the rules and keep his feet to himself.And then comes along Bilbo Baggins with his ever bare feet, and Thorin suddenly finds he can’t think of anything else. 

Gold? What Gold? - For this prompt from LJ: “Every dwarf has a go at Bilbo during the celebration of "we’ve got all our treasure back hurrah.” Everyone has a merry time, even sleepy, well-fucked Bilbo Baggins who ends up getting more attention than the gold, anyway.“And as usual, Thorin comes last. What it says on the tin. Bilbo/Everyone pretty much

A Lesson in Hobbit Hospitality - “You see a part of being a hobbit host is showing the best hospitality we can. And we do that by taking care of our guests every needs, including well that is—sexual needs. I didn’t provide those services.” A heavy silence settles over the pavilion as the dwarves all stare at Bilbo. Dori’s cheeks flush bright red as Bifur signs furiously; all the dwarves silently gawking at Bilbo. A sense of dread creeps up his chest as he looks around the dwarves. “Do dwarves not do that?” Bilbo/Everyone pretty much

Look Who’s Coming for Breakfast Who would want to have plain, boring old breakfast when there’s glorious morning sex to be had? Well, Bilbo would, for one, but unfortunately for him Thorin has other ideas. 

Another Use for Gold - Bilbo gets a nice present from his boyfriend for his birthday. He doesn’t quite know what to think of it, but as luck would have it, Thorin gladly does all the explaining for him. Thorin even uses a couple of words along the way. 

Catch a Dwarf by his Sword - Dwarves have but one love in their lives, and hence don’t have that much experience with making love. The average hobbit, on the other hand, generally knows a ton about sex, and fortunately for Thorin and Company, Bilbo Baggins is about as average a hobbit as they come. When a dinner turns awkward, it’s up to Bilbo to educate his dwarven companions. Set immediately after the end of the first movie, taking place between the Eyrie and the Mirkwood. 

Make all Large Deliveries in the Rear - Thorin has a massive knob. Bilbo is uneasy about this. Oh, and there’s a wedding in there somewhere too, which would explain the urgent need for some bedding. Size Kink

♕  Ⓑ Ⓞ Ⓣ Ⓣ Ⓞ Ⓜ   Ⓣ Ⓗ Ⓞ Ⓡ Ⓘ Ⓝ ♕

A Measure of Warmth - Set in an AU universe after the Hobbit book. Bilbo is living in Erebor, inside a mountain, and occasionally it can get cold. Fortunately, there are things that can be done about that.

Drawing Out the Pleasure - Dwarves have ridiculous endurance and it takes them a while before they reach climax. Amongst other dwarves, this is not a problem. With other races, however, the pairing might need to get creative about each other’s pleasures.Lucky for Thorin, Bilbo is quite capable of handling his dwarf. 

Up in Smoke - Winter is no time to be traveling over the mountains and so Bilbo finds himself staying in Erebor until spring. When a gift comes from the Shire, he’s more than willing to share his prize. After all, surely a relaxing pipe of Longbottom leaf could only be good for Thorin Oakenshield.

Have It All - Thorin Oakenshield, King under the Mountain, is a virgin. His Company gets a little too involved in the matter.(Except their burglar.)(Especially their burglar.) 

Deck the Halls with Dwarves and Quarries - Prompt: Mistletoe! But it’s only a tradition with Hobbits OR Dwarves, so one has to explain to the other. Christmas Porn.

Last Night in Laketown - Bilbo and Thorin simultaneously realise that the last time they had sex may be the last time they EVER have sex, with Smaug waiting just around the corner. There is only one problem where can they find short folk that are interested in sex with males in the middle of Laketown??! Sexy times ensue. 
‘I can think of someone who’s your height and male.’ Bilbo said slowly, that drink may have been stronger than he had thought, this was crazy. Was he being a little too obvious?‘I’m not having sex with Dwalin, he’s my best friend.’ Thorin snapped.Fucking really? Bilbo sighed; it was a good job Thorin was pretty. 

The Holiday Season

aka the Girl Meets A Christmas Maya fix-it fic to get the redemption of which we were robbed ( read on ao3 )

Although Christmas day was almost unbeatable when it came to the most wonderful time of year, Riley genuinely enjoyed those few days in between the holiday and the New Year. Not-Christmas-but-Not-New-Years. They didn’t have any hallmark association, no commercial gimmick to sell, but they were treasured times. It was days spent with family, enjoying new gifts, curling up with a book or binging shows.

Those days in between felt timeless, relaxed and content. They didn’t have any special connotation, but that’s what made Riley love them most.

This year is no exception. In a year full of changing friendships, changing comfort zones, changing identities—not to mention the ending of Red Planet Diaries, which was a true earth-shattering adjustment—she is grateful for this peaceful time that didn’t tiptoe out of her reach.

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Omake Translation for @kirishirnaayato (¼) 


Service in silence….there’s no sociability….. (T/N: I didn’t really know what to write for this but it’s basically referring to the fact that Yomo’s just sweeping the floor and not really interacting with the customers)

Uta; Because there’s some free time, I wonder if I can make a custom uniform.

There’s no free time or anything….

Kaneki; Tsukiyama-san, you’re such a hindrance. Please go buy supplies with Ayato-kun immediately. 

Tsukiyama-san’s the same, as always. 

Ayato; Haaah? “Ayato-chan”, was it?! (T/N: -chan is a suffix usually used for girls/little kids)

And so is Ayato. 

Touka; Tsukiyama….Mr. Shitty Hindrance, because you give me a bad feeling, hurry up and get out!

Nishiki; (T/N: don’t really understand what he’s saying, will edit later)

…But every time, those two smile for the sales. 

It's A Date

Prompt: A 15 yo Sofia got injured while she was skating but when she is under medical care, she refuses to tell her name (because she scared that Callie who’s working in the hospital as a nurse or whatever, would find out and ground her) and somehow she bonds with her doctor (Arizona).

Disclaimer: This is AU.  I do not own any of the characters from Grey’s Anatomy. I just manipulate them to my will.  Also, any line or phrase or setting that seems remotely familiar from any other show, movie or book, also not mine.  I borrow…

AN: This was prompted a couple weeks ago. Sorry for the wait. Here’s a fun little one-shot for ya’ll. Enjoy!

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