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Y/N was the female Kingsman every agent wanted. She had a list of flings with agent and boys in every country code. She was a bloody good agent but she was a rolling stone. No one could seem to get her to settle down. That was until she met Eggsy Unwin. 

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father-jellyfish  asked:

Since one of the mods know herbs - any advice on where to get herbs online? I'm looking for rue, but I'm concerned about ordering some and getting a random bag of herbs instead.

I have a few places that I actually prefer to order herbs from, just because of how reliable they are, and the quality of the herbs are great as well too.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs - Super recommend them! I actually order a lot of the herbs I use for teas from here if I don’t grow them myself. They are committed to organic, sustainable farming - which is something I support. Their customer service is awesome to boot, and shipping is generally pretty fast!
  • Monterey Bay Spice Company -  Great selection! Plus on top of that they are very affordably priced, so if you are on a budget I definitely recommend them. 
  • Starwest Botanicals - Also a huge selection! Decent prices, although not as good as MBSC. Also has a good selection of organic items (although not as many as MRH which is pretty much mostly organic).
  • Pacific Botanicals - Also organic and sustainable! Affordably priced as well, although the only downside is you have to have a minimum order of $50 for online orders ($100 min order for phone/fax/mail in orders). I haven’t ever had an issue with meeting that limit when ordering, but they also don’t generally do smaller quantities (most/all items are 1lb+). If you are looking to order in bulk, I definitely recommend them!

Thats generally about the order I check sites for things too. MRH is my go-to, I always check them first (plus their tea blends are AWESOME), but the others are wonderful as well! Good luck & have fun! <3