serves her king

The Harem

You think of that title

those words and you automatically

immediately think of the middle east

you think of it in the old days

where kings and kingdoms filled the land

where kings ruled the world

where kings had whatever they desired

from the treasures and wealth

to ladies and a harem

a harem was a sign of power

a sign of wealth

a sign of domination

being a harem girl was a privilege

an honor

an honor to serve

to serve the king 

to be part of his harem

his harem girls and slaves

it was a joy

it was pleasure

a joy for any woman to serve her king

to please her king

it was a joy to wear the harem outfit

as a sign of ownership

as i sign of belonging

just like this

A harem outfit was a pride

a pride for the family

a pride for the lady

to wear it and show everyone what she is

who she is

who does she belong to

it gave her great joy

great pleasure

when her king called for her

when her king wanted her

ordered her

ordered her to come to him

to serve him

to please him

please him in anyway possible

however she can

from simply talking with him

to pleasuring him

and even dancing for him

A harem girl dancing for her king meant the ultimate pride

just like her

you look at her and you realize it

you understand how it felt

how it felt to be a harem girl

a harem slave

you can’t help it

you want to be like her

you want to get up and start dancing

just like her

you dance for your king and Master

you don’t even think about it

you simply do it

you get up

and dance

dance for your Master

dance for your king

just for a couple of seconds that’s all

Once you’re done

you sit back

reblog and type 

“Harems dance for their kings”

you feel great joy and pleasure

great joy and pleasure from doing as you’re told

just like a harem does

you feel great and joy from serving

doing as you’re told

just like harems do

and on the count of 3

you will wake up

feeling refresh

feeling extreme joy and pleasure

from being part of a harem

part of my harem

loving it and looking forward to more 

so now


starting to wake up


full of joy and pleasure


remembering what we did

part of a harem

part of my harem

loving it and looking forward to more




It was often that she saw the Lady Arryn in some sort of fit. No, not a fit…more a displeasure, as if she was deeply unhappy and sometimes it overflowed as a goblet which could not hold it. An unhappiness Genevieve found strange, for she had her son and her husband, Jon Arryn, was good and honourable; Genevieve liked him, liked that there was someone in this city who could be trusted, who was a good soul, a good person. 

“My Lady?” Genevieve called, cautious, stepping towards where Lady Arryn had perched herself in her upset. “Can I help you? Do you have need of something? Something I can do? Or bring perhaps?”

  • white mcu fandom about Asgard: OMG, I LOVE ASGARD! I love this entire concept! A powerful, advanced warrior race with a royal family, I love kings and queens and princes. Sif is so badass, a kickass warrior lady serving her king and country afsfdddsfd
  • white mcu fandom about Wakanda: Yeah... this? Just doesn't seem Feminist™ to me? I feel it's a HUGE step back. Monarchy systems are so corrupt and I don't like how they take being warriors so seriously. Also, the Dora Milaje is a misogynistic concept, serving a man isn't Feminist™. Damn these darkies hindering the movement

She serves her king

“You do not love the woman. I know that, Davos, I am not blind. My lords mislike her too. Estermont thinks the flaming heart ill-chosen and begs to fight beneath the crowned stag as of old. Ser Guyard says a woman should not be my standard-bearer. Others whisper that she has no place in my war councils, that I ought to send her back to Asshai, that it is sinful to keep her in my tent of a night. Aye, they whisper … while she serves.”

“Serves how?” Davos asked, dreading the answer.

“As needed.

Clash of Kings, Ch. 42