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I just received a large number of messages in the inbox, so let me make it clear:

We had a large number of people try to register before we activated the keys, which caused a crash: and then people tried to join at 8 and overloaded the servers.

We’re increasing the capacity, so please be patient! Spamming F5 and spamming your keys won’t make it work faster, and you might risk breaking your key if you do that!

Small Theory

Dark upgraded Googleplier to cope with the volume of subscribers Mark has, helping him to speed up his searching capabilities and boosting his server capacity. All to correlate data from every one of Mark’s videos, get an accurate reading of the viewer base and to find the most efficient way to help Dark and the others take back control. After all, he did say they were deviating from the primary objective during the meeting……Dark has started to do something about that

fun fact: tumblr spent 4 times their annual budget on this april fools, there will be no future tumblr updates, 53 employees have been laid off, due to decreased server capacity from now on only 6 people or less will be able to use tumblr simultaneously accross the globe or else the website will crash

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Hi, I saw your donation drive on AO3, and I'm wondering what the money is for, exactly? $70,000 seems like a /lot/ of money. Is there somewhere I can see a list of intended purposes? Thank you!

70,000 USD does seem like a lot, which is why many of our users may be surprised to find out that in 2015, the OTW will need 75,000 USD just to replace old servers and expand capacity! The OTW’s annual budget for 2014 is 221,863.44 USD, and 70% of that goes directly to servers, colocation, and staff development for AO3. The remaining 30% of our 2014 budget funds Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, and Transformative Works and Cultures; covers administrative costs; allows for outreach and membership development (such as our thank you gifts and shipping); and provides opportunities for professional development and training for personnel. All of these things help the OTW protect and celebrate fans and fan culture.

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I think the mutual release follow up should stick with the theme! Oliver refuses to cross the line and have sex with her but Felicity convinces him to let her watch a repeat of last night and they masturbate in front of each other.

Mutual Release: Oliver & Felicity, Part 2

Reading these first is highly recommended, but certainly not necessary:

Mutual Release: Felicity
Mutual Release: Oliver
Mutual Release: Oliver & Felicity, Part 1

Summary: Story #4 in my Mutual Release ficlets. Set in Season 2.5. They haven’t talked about it, but they both know it can’t go past whatever it is they’re doing… that doesn’t stop them.

“So… that happened.”


“I guess we should… talk.”

Oliver knew the instant he walked into the foundry that Felicity was already there. The lights were on, the familiar whir of the servers working at full capacity filling the air… but there was also the light scent of her perfume lingering, telling him she’d beaten him there by about twenty minutes. He checked his watch; Diggle and Roy were due around six, getting back from the other side of the Glades where they’d been doing recon work all day.

Roy’s call had interrupted them that morning, and Oliver had sprung away from Felicity so hard and quick he’d nearly tripped on his own feet and landed hand-first on the still-hot burner. She’s stared at him with a startled face, not moving, still sprawled on the counter, two wet spots on her pajama bottoms - one from her, one from him - her eyes wide, her fingers gripping the counter to keep from falling off.

Roy was calling. About a new lead.

… It’d be so easy to walk back over there, tug her pants off; he’d inhale her sweet scent, taste her, fill her with his tongue… she’d be so wet; he wanted her drenching his lips and chin as he made her come again before seeing how many fingers he could…


… Or she would hop off the counter, stalking towards him, her eyes dark with promise. She’d toss his phone aside, her nimble fingers having his pants undone in the blink of an eye; she’d say, ‘we should probably clean you up,’ before she tugged his pants down, her warm mouth doing just that, taking his half-erect cock between her lips… he’d get hard again and she’d suck him off, just like he imagined her doing…


… He was already growing hard again as he stared at her, his neck still drying from her wet fingers where she’d gripped him, his hand still hot from following her lead when she’d touched herself… it’d be so easy to pick her up and move to the kitchen table, bury himself inside her…

Duty called.

… He wanted to watch her come this time; he wanted to see the pleasure build inside her, watch her as she flew apart, losing control because of him, for him…

Oliver had left, neither of them saying a word.

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It looks like Limp Bizkit left Cash Money, so if they lose Wayne, Nicki, and Drake, all they have is Bow Wow, Paris Hilton, and Ace Hood to carry them. And DJ Khaled, if they want someone to get Apple to increase the server capacity for iTunes.