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Oh yeah, somebody’s going to get stuck with that assignment, but who… Aradia, Karkat, Terezi, and Gamzee are already in, so they’re safe, but since the teams aren’t settled yet, just about everyone else is fair game. 

Despite the best laid plans, the teams have proven to be pretty fluid, so it’s possible that Vriska could end up on the Red Team as Virgo’s server. She seems like she could cope with that. At this point I’m about 70% sure that she’s going to stay on the Blue Team though, so we’ll see what happens.

benjforeman  asked:

When servers are tipped in cash it's up to them how much they declare for taxes since there is no actual record of it

But that’s a dick thing to do since it forces your employer to pay up the difference, considering most servers at least in my area make servers wage which is like 3 bucks an hour.

Table Cloth; Patron Saint of the Quicksand

@table-cloth-xiv is copping a lot of shit recently but has been so, so compassionate throughout it all. To me, they embody eveything we as a community should aspire to be- fun, creative, and above all, kind to one another.

Never have they spoken badly of another player, despite all of the hate they recive. All criticism has been met with understanding and an olive branch. Under that cloth- like appearance is a thoughtful, lovely soul who has time and time again shown that creative endeavors may split communities, but can also bring them together.

To @table-cloth-xiv, Patron Saint of the Balmung Quicksand! 👏✌✋


I don’t know why I hate being called “sir.”

I’m mean, the obvious reason is that I’m nonbinary. I don’t identify as either a man or a woman and so “sir” doesn’t apply to me. “Ma’am” doesn’t apply either, of course, and explaining nonbinary identity to a store clerk or server seems like too much effort most of the time. But my real aversion — the reason I really hate these gendered service words — is that they _are_ polite. I know it sounds crazy, and we aren’t used to thinking of it this way, but it is considered polite to affirm a person’s status in a gendered way. It’s polite to acknowledge another person’s place in the gender hierarchy.

Perhaps I’m just crazy. I know I’m sensitive. And, I know that being called ma’am or sir is normal for most folks. I know that it goes beyond normal. In most situations, people _expect_ it and take it as a clue that whoever is talking respects them. The customer, the Sir, feels heard and respected and seen. _Isn’t it funny that I feel the opposite?_ Isn’t it funny that, when someone “sirs” me, I get frustrated and feel like shouting “I’m not like every customer!” I want the salesperson to see me and understand me, and when they use the everyday expected words of commerce, I get antsy. I surely don’t want to stick around and eat and buy and shop.

Oh yes, I’m a snowflake. I’ll gladly admit it. But maybe all that “snowflake” connotes isn’t accurate. Snowflakes are supposed to be weak right? Maybe since I’ve survived years of being misunderstood and mischaracterized, I’m strong. Maybe since I’ve lived with a truth that, over the years, has had to be stuffed and sidelined and kept secret, I’m strong. Maybe since I’ve learned how to survive by hiding and cowering and swallowing shame, I’m strong. Shouldn’t our language show people like me the respect and specificity we deserve? Maybe we come up with new terms. Maybe we revamp some old ones. But something needs to change.