Tips For Knowing Whether Data Center Noise Is A Problem & What To Do About It

Key Points 

• Data center noise can affect employees who work both inside and outside the data center. 

• Although employees who work inside the data center can be helped out with earplugs, managers might have to take further steps to make surrounding employees comfortable. 

• Warning signs of hazardous noise include the need to raise your voice to be heard and the inability to hear someone speaking 2 feet away from you, according to the American Speech-Language-Hear-ing Association.

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Within the last few months I have started working for a tech vendor and do installation work at customer’s data centers at least one day a week. When I was in training, I was in the data center for long period of time (8 hours) and it seemed pretty loud in there (I did wear ear plugs in there, they had a box of them). Do you think it is worth always wearing earplugs when I go on site? BTW I am 22, and I already have some tinnitus