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Hello! Where could I read the character assassination posts you wrote on Buzzfeed?? I'm very curious :)

Well certainly not on Buzzfeed, that’s for sure. 

Now this is a story all about how my life got switch turned upside down…

Back in the ominous year of two-thousand and sixteen and Louis Tomlinson had just awkwardly announced on Twitter that he was a father whilst simultaneously out clubbing according to a couple sources in da club, so take that as you will. And I wrote this post about how incredibly bizarre the entire situation is. So I decided to write about it on Buzzfeed, since I was already building a portfolio there in anticipation of applying for their editorial fellowship. 

I’d had some articles go viral before so the editor of Buzzfeed UK had told me to email him anything I wrote, so I sent him this and he replied:

Within two days it had over 64,000 views. 

Then I wrote another article called, “Why is it so hard for people to believe that Louis Tomlinson has had a baby” where I showed some pictures that people had sent to me which highly insinuated that the photos on Louis’ IG had been photoshopped. 

The original article was nearing the 100k mark

So I wrote another article about how Louis’ actions seemed to be mimicking how Simon Cowell acted when he had his son and I named it, “Is Louis Tomlinson’s bizarre behaviour just him mocking Simon Cowell?” in which I dug up a bunch of articles from a couple years ago about Simon which were buried deep in the internet and was like, “Look all of this was printed about him.” 

Then, as I was making another Buzzfeed post about RBB and SBB I was logged out and couldn’t log back into my account. Then I realised that all of my articles were missing so I emailed the editor, who had previously been putting all my work on the homepage and he told me I’d have to talk to the Community Editor and basically never spoke to me again. The Community Editor said

Which is the exact opposite of how they’d treated me for almost two years. My original article that went viral was about my blog, so clearly using my “brand” had never been an issue before. Not only did they delete the article about Simon Cowell, but they deleted my entire 26 article portfolio aka my application to work for them. At this point I was like, “Fine. I don’t want to work for a bunch of a-holes like you anyway, I’ll publish them myself. I own a website.” So I put the articles on my website and an hour later I got this error message when I tried to look at it

Mind you this is a website that I pay for myself and which holds the entirety of my blogging catalogue since 2010, so when I thought it had all been deleted I was like

Luckily, it had not been deleted, but someone had flooded the server it’s hosted on with traffic to my site, causing it to crash. I spoke to the IT department and this had apparently never happened to one of their servers before, and it was indeed due to a targeted attack on my own website. 

So for a hot minute I was like, “Well I can’t really risk my entire writing career just because I think Simon Cowell is a monster.” But then I thought, that is exactly how we get the media narrative we have today. 

I then setup a mailing list (which anyone can subscribe to here) and basically copied and pasted the articles (which I had recovered through and sent every single one of them to over 2,000 people. They can hack websites and threaten news outlets all they want, but they can hardly demand that thousands of people delete an email…at least that was my logic. 

Short story long…here’s all the articles I wrote which resulted in my being personally victimised by Regina Simon Cowell:

Is Louis Tomlinson A Victim of A Character Assassination Campaign?

Why Is It So Hard For People To Believe That Louis Tomlinson Has Actually Had A Baby?

Is Louis Tomlinson’s Bizarre Behaviour Actually Just Him Mocking Simon Cowell?

And bonus, the original thesis on Larry I wrote for Buzzfeed:

Some People GENUINELY Think That Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Are In A Relationship

Thess vs Server Flood

So the servers were overloaded to fuck today, but I managed to stay long enough to do Dzmael (with the most impatient samurai in the known universe; I imagine this individual took the day off or something to level shiny new job class ALREADY, to be in a lvl 44 dungeon…) This pushed me to level 50, and after a couple of false starts because of the server flooding badly enough to cause spontaneous disconnects and 600-player login queues, I managed this:

My little Lirafell in her full-on WHM gear. Also with a haircut that matches the old TOR!Lira’s hair better.

She is way, way too adorable and I love her.

I’m not doing anything else on FFXIV tonight because fighting with lag and random DCs got OLD. But there she is. In her snuggly robes.

Hidden/Unused entrances to the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

This post will be examining the know and some hidden or unused entrances to the Binding Coil of Bahamut found in the various zones of the open world. This refers to entrances where we could theoretically walk to physically  since the NPCs we use to go in are just there for convenience to the players.

First I would Like to examine the knows and used entrances to the coils.

Known entrances

The entrance to First Coil:

As most of us who have done coil know this entrance is found in Eastern La Noscea, east of Wineport but more specifically within Castrum Occidents.

Here is the entrance where our characters would be walking into the first coil. When you enter Turn 1 the very beginning is composed or Garlean architecture. 

The Entrance to the Second Coil:

This entrance can be found in the North Shroud more specifically South West of Fallgourd Float.  As It can be seen on the picture above our characters can take the rocky path up to where Turn 6 takes place. 

The Final Coil Of Bahamut and how we enter it: (possible but minor spoilers below)

Here is where it gets tricky. When we go off to unlock the Final coil of Bahamut Alisae sends us to help her man servants to scout the 2 other known Shards of Dalamud for a possible entrance. These being the Shard on Easter Thanalan and the on in Mor Dhona. Upon encountering them they inform the player that there is no way to enter the shard and another way must be found.

 This results in the use of Dalamud’s Talons In northern Thanalan as our method of entering the two remaining shards. However upon exploring the areas in question It can be seen that there are clear paths into the Shards despite what the NPC’s might have told us

Unused or Hidden entrances: 

There are 3 Hidden entrances to the Binding Coil That I know of which are either hidden or unused. These entrances are in Easter Thanalan, Coerthas Central High Lands and Mor Dhona.

Easter Thanalan Entrance:

The first Hidden entrance can be Seen in Eastern Thanalan. In the burning wall where the Iconic crystal formations can be seen there is a buried Shard of Dalamud. 

This area is in the opening movie for the game and is a marvel even more impressive than most things in the Heavensward expansion. 

When one reaches the coordinates 30,27  a clear path to the shard can be seen blocked off by a thin wall of crystal formations. It could be theorized that the wall can be broken down to later enter into the Shard but this is not done. In fact the path even appears on the mini map greyed out. 

The Entrance In Coerthas Central Highlands:

This is by far the most obscure and least know about entrance to the coil. Mostly due to the fact that it is not refereed to or alluded to in any way during the Binding Coil story line. This entrance is located in the Boulder downs inside the crystal formations in the area.

Most of you have probably walked by this area many times and not looked at it twice. However if you look closely there is a clear Allagan structure buried in the snow. judging by the crystal formations that look like an impact crater it is safe to assume it is another shard of Dalamud. 

Here is the possible entrance itself sealed off by Ice.

The Entrance in Mor Dhona:

This entrance is Located In The Singing Shards of Mor Dhona. We have all been to this area and just looking at it it gives the feel of that Final Area of a Final Fantasy game where the Final or most powerful Boss Resides. We should also remember that during the ending of the 2.0 story line the roar Bahamut lets out which triggers the Binding Coil Story line comes from the direction of this area. Even so this entrance is supposedly not accessible and is not used.

Here is the entrance itself and like the 2 before it it has a thin barrier of crystal obstructing entrance. 

If you actually walk up to the entrance and go into first person view you can take a peek through the barrier and a Shard of Dalamud can be clearly seen. 

My Theory on why these entrances go unused:         (Second and Final Coil spoilers below)

As we all know the 1.0 version of FF14 failed. Even after being remade the executives and the developers of 2.0 did not expect the game to be as successful as it was. this is evident due to the fact that the NA servers were flooded with players and couldn’t be accessed due to the surprising influx of players.

 My theory is that the development team originally intended for there to be 5 Binding Coils of Bahamut. When you play through the story line the game revolves around 5 areas, Thanalan, Limsa, Gridania, Coerthas and Mor Dhona. So taking this in mind it seems as thou the intended it for there to be a raid in every single one of these areas, starting first with Limsa (first coil), Gridania (second coil), Thanalan (third coil), Coerthas (fourth coil) and Finally Mor Dhona (final coil) were the original roar was heard and the area looks ominous and epic to the player. 

But as we all know A realm reborn was incredible successful and the development team did not expect this. So I believe the decision was made to rush the binding coil story line. This is most apparent in final coil where we face Louisoix Leveilleur as the phoenix in turn 12. This encounter was worthy of being a Final boss of the raid at the time just Like Nael Deus Darnus in second coil but it was pushed together with Bahamut prime In turn 13. Final Coil was the fastest of all the raids beaten as well which people did not consider as difficult as turn 9. 


It seems pretty evident that the plans for the Binding Coils were either rushed or scrapped all together to push the Heavensward expansion forward, leaving all these marvels in the open world unused. It is sad to see but at the same time I understand why the development team did what they did. But Im sharing this to know what others think! Please share this and tell me your theories on the subject!

(tagging a bunch of people I follow for opinions and thoughts! Maybe I missed something myself!)

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Alright, two dumb questions: could I possibly get the discord link? (I just signed up and missed the 24hr deadline.) And then after I signed up, I realized I put my ao3 pseud instead of the original username. Is that okay, or have I completely ruined the fragile system this shit bag runs on? Oh well; we'll figure it out. I TOTALLY dig this idea, and I'm ready to roll around in some quality shit when everyone can post ;)

It expires pretty quickly, it just prevents the Server from being flooded too quickly :D  I totally copy and pasted that from another ask. Sorrrrry!  But there is a new link :D Welcome to the server. 

i decided to play tf2 after 900 years and the server i joined immediately flooded with kids on mic just screaming and hollering
so i come in, wait for silence, then get on mic and say “hey gamers, its me, pewdiepie, comin at ya with a new minecraft video” and they fucking erupt “YOU’RE NOT PEWDIEPIE I WATCH PEWDIEPIE” “BAN THIS GUY” “MUUUUUUTE!! MUUUUUUUTE!” “THIS ISNT MINECRAFT THIS IS TF2″ “GET OFF GODMODE SO I CAN KILL YOU”

best time of my life

i suddenly remembered the whole “EDI stopped a terrorist organization with porn” thing from ME3 when trying to prevent cerberus from taking the normandy and this line got my attention:

“After our last attempt, EDI flooded our server with seven zettabytes of explicit images. I think she was making a joke.”

and this time i actually googled how large a zettabyte really was and

1 ZB = 1 099 511 627 776 GB




You need Japanese system locale to run the game. This can be changed in your control panel or by using AppLocale. I have edited the readme and re-uploaded the patch to include these instructions in the patch (now v1.1). 

ANOTHER THING! I didn’t realize so many people were going to respond so quickly so now the original maker’s download servers are flooded so PLEASE use the mirror I uploaded. This is for their bandwidth’s sake too!

Sorry to make another whole post about it, but with so many reblogs, my original post is everywhere with the old download link so no instructions about the locale and it still has a link to the original site’s download link. Tumblr seriously needs a function where if you edit the original everyone’s reblogs changes too but what can you do. 

So sorry about the inconvenience! Have a transparent chibi Eren.

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What would be your reaction if Rose appeared again in Doctor Who? Mine probably would be scream and laugh and cry like a fangirl almost all the episode.

I think about this often. What if the press was effectively silenced somehow and Billie had snuck into the studios in Cardiff without anyone catching sight and one Saturday evening (GMT) TUMBLR BLOWS UP; the admin have to shut it all down because we’re flooding the servers, and it’s chaos and–

But aside from my frequent daydreams, here’s how I feel about that.

  • YES: Because more Doctor and more Rose is GOOD. And more Billie Piper is GOOD. And the excitement alone would be invigorating. (Can David Tennant come back too? At least for flashbacks???)
  • NO: Because why? Why is she there? Where’s my beloved Tentoo? What’s Moffat going to do with her? Is she happy?? Will she end up happy?? Where’s Tentoo?? Is there enough time for me to fly to London, hop a disgustingly long train to Cardiff, and save her? WILL THIS REAPPEARANCE NEGATE EVERY SINGLE FANFIC THAT I’VE COME TO ACCEPT AS CANON???
  • OH: I’m not sure I want this at all. I WANT IT, but I DON’T WANT IT and I’m pretty sure my aggressive ambivalence would cause a neural implosion.