The other night I got some malware by accident but was able to stop it pretty quickly before it did anything and isolated some of its payloads enough to reverse engineer some of its silly encryption/obfuscation techniques:

The main server where it “phones home”

Dude’s server is basically butt-naked to the net for everyone and might even be hosted on their home internet

Custom user agent during the http request

some possible killswitch domains

this is basically like going:

uint8_t MyCoolEncryption(uint8_t Byte)
    return ++Byte;
uint8_t EvenCoolerEncryption(uint8_t Byte)
    return --Byte;

some more novel “obfuscation” techniques they used

You're not home?

So, server who works at a restaurant/bar in a 24 hour grocery store again. I wasn’t here for this, but my manager and a close friend/coworker were present.

This happened after our brunch was closing down, one of our less busy times. This dude *was* a regular and my manager knew of him, pretty regular dude but there was always something off about him. He’s always in the bar, which is where he was when this incident happened. My coworker friend, let’s call her P, is a hostess, and the host stand is right across from the bar. The dude left the bar and closed the bar doors to go to the bathroom. Our bar is always cold, like 10 degrees cooler than our dining room. Because it gets so cold in there, and for general business reasons, the bar doors are always open to the dining room (unless there’s a private party).

So P reopens the bar doors, to which this dude yells at her, asking P why she’s opening the doors, that he *has* to keep the cold in, etc. Which is when my manager steps in. My manager is a tall skinny dude with literally no muscle mass, so when the customer seemed to be getting heated, one of our other servers stood by (a bigger, built, dude who’s slightly intimidating) in case anything happened.

My manager tells the dude we can’t have the doors closed to the bar, to which this dude screams “DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO AT MY HOUSE! DONT MAKE ME CALL THE COPS! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Aaaaaaaand my manager tells him: “Dude, you’re at <Popular Midwestern Grocery Store>, not your house”

Haven’t seen the guy since

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Hey Q. Gotta say, I was a little worried in the last little adventure when you guys were crossing the dodgy bridge. I'm glad nothing came of it (although I guess it was no riskier than the lady trying to jump the stream.) But glad you guys are both dry. Also, good job keeping her out of that death trap of a cabin! That was just a whole lot of nope. I can't imagine anything good would have come of that at all with you currently only in her phone on the ground if anything had... happened.

* yeaaaah me too, kid. it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if something had happened to her phone with me stuck on it…but it definitely would have been uncomfortable to be certain.

* when…well, when peaches freed me, i put a lot of new safety protocols in place to prevent me ever being trapped again. now if i remain out of contact with my home servers for a pre-designated amount of time…

* well, the version of myself that is ‘stuck‘ will self-destruct automatically and i’ll be reloaded back to my last restore point on the server. the unfortunate side effect is that i lose any memory of whatever happened between that restore point and self-destruct.

* plus, you know, the feeling of impending doom as the clock ticks down…

* but it’s worth it in the end.

* i  w o n ‘ t  b e  c a g e d  a g a i n

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Started working as a server at a retirement home recently. Apparently, one of the residents KNOWS he has to pay for pop but likes to trick the new servers into giving him free cans because we don't know he can't charge it to his room. He KNOWS IT and he DID IT TO ME. I wish I could say something about it to him. Luckily, my manager is really understanding and told me it wasn't a big deal, just to make sure to charge him the SINGLE DOLLAR HE TRIES TO SAVE next time.

One of our players here at BerryCraft: Simply Sapphire really seems to enjoy making pixel art, and he’s really good at it as well! Nice work Sapphire!

Berry Craft is a server that

  • Has a friendly, helpful, warm community
  • a lot of fun plugins that enhances your game experience
  • an economy/survival server
  • and monthly contest!
  • simple, but fun ranking system

It’s always up and has a daily restart to clean up server~ (For more info check our About page!)

Server IP:

We did it! Thank you guys, 1000 followers are more than I could ever dream of. I hope you stay with me and this blog, and ofc Jhin.

To celebrate this happy event I would like to start with a little gifting for those of you who are on the EUW server (bc its my home server and I don’t have any smurf accounts)

I will gift 2 Jhin skins. 

Two happy persons can decide, which Jhin skin they want. You are absolutely free to decide. If you want to participate on this give-away but already got all Jhin skins don’t hesitate, I am sure we will find a solution :)!

So to participate you have to do two things:

-Follow me bc I want to gift something to real Jhin fans

-Write me a short message why you love Jhin. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be extra, just tell me why the virtuoso catched your eye. You can either comment this post, write me a private message or drop your answer in the ask folder. I don’t know yet if the messages will decide which two persons will get the skins. Over all I just want to hear some thoughts from other Jhin fans!

The give-away will go one week. The last chance is the 8.10.2017, 11:59 pm.

Thank you again for everything. :>!!

A really lovely person left me a ton of nice reviews on  “your words are mine to keep,” and in one of them, they mentioned that they couldn’t wait for Zarie Solman’s future semi-autobiographical holonovel about romantic spies (names changed of course) in the Alliance. And that made me think of this:

In later years, long after the Empire fell and the New Republic rose to take it’s place, a popular historical holodrama series was released over Nebflix: a sweeping tale of two Alliance spies who meet on the legendary Home I, fall in love, and have grand adventures such as fighting Darth Vader, carrying off a complex heist in the Corellian system (ratings for the episode “Fallen Star,” wherein the female lead was flung from a moving shuttle and presumed dead by the other characters were off the charts), and generally being beautiful and badass. Every episode was narrated by the genius techno-savant communications officer who ran all their missions from her seat in a small, out of the main way server room aboard Home I. The show starred Damon Lura as the gruff but goodhearted General, Filena Jans as the lion-hearted Senator trying to protect her people, Kayly Maier Tron as the lovely communications officer (with the incomparable Jun Boydego as her best friend), and newcomers Dayse Vidley and Osken Yseerc won accolades for their break out performances. The Executive producer was listed as Z. Solman. The show ran three seasons, won multiple awards at the Chalmun’s Cantina Film Festival, and was one of Jyn Erso’s favorite shows (Cassian…was somewhat more ambiguous).

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Omg I am in love with your Asscreed prompts. Here's one for you: How would the Assassins react when they find out they're s/o is a Templar?

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So… I was writing my response to this last night, annnnnd right as I was going to post it… my computer crashed. So I lost the whole thing and decided to write it again today. So sorry for the delay! /:



Altair: You’d decided to confess to Altair after months of being together. You expected rage and disdain, but when you witnessed neither, you were at a loss for words. His face stayed perfectly stony and stoic, as per usual, much to your confusion. He reached into his robes, pulling out a blade… your blade; engraved with the insignia of the Templar order. “I know.” His voice was steady yet firm. He held the blades hilt towards you, cocking his head to the nearest door, signalling your exit. “I… will not kill you today… but, some day.” His voice seemed strangled but his eyes never left yours. “This, I promise.” You hesitantly grabbed the blade and took your leave; your day of death being your next meeting… He never kept his promise.

Ezio: When you had told him of your Templar status, his disappointment was palpable, but his composure stayed in tact, though the look he gave you did no justice in hiding his sorrow. In a moment of sentiment, he kissed you, pulling you in for a night of passion, regret, and apology; every touch radiated pure emotion like he’d never shown before. You woke the next day in your bed… alone. You did, however, notice a single note; a final, written ‘goodbye’. Ezio always knew where you were, whether or not you noticed.

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perfect rubber paradise
perfect rubber paradise

song i made about a second life server i found that was a world made entirely of rubber

there was a cathedral in the center of town worshiping a feminine goddess of arcane but wholly synthetic origin

i explored one of the server owners’ homes and found that he had died

this monument to his fetishism is one of the only things that has preceded him

I am an INTP(or so I think at the moment, I am plagued with doubt at times) and I am currently enrolled in a two year college program centered on computer networking, and I’m worried that I don’t seem to be learning anything. I go to class, do the work, get almost all A’s (with little to no studying, which I don’t think is part of the problem), but I just don’t seem to be getting anything practical out of it. Most of it, and this is my third semester, consists of listening to the teacher read from a power point and write down definitions. In a semester one class that was supposed to be about troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading computers, we never so much as touched a computer the entire semester, much less fix one. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t, and can’t learn like that. I need to learn by actually doing something.

 I already know quite a bit about computers(back story time). I had a teacher for an independent study class who was the systems administrator for my school, and she would basically give me a problem, broken computer, software issue, etc, and told me to, with the help of Google, fix it. She wouldn’t leave me in a lurch if I couldn’t figure it out, but neither would she walk me through it unless I was totally unable to figure out what to do. At one point she brought in an old server and a server OS install disc, and basically said “Here, make it do something,” and in the process I learned all kinds of cool server things, RAID, DNS, DHCP, etc, by actually doing it hands on. So after two years and summers of this, I can understand why I already knew some stuff, but it seems that this being college, I should actually be learning something new, and I don’t seem to be. Does college actually not teach all that much, do I already know more than they teach (I mean come on, I spent days creating my own email server at home because i was bored), am I actually learning, but i just don’t know that I am, or am I just not understand college and I’m doing it all wrong? I’m hoping you’ll have an explanation/answer/suggestion that will help, after all you do have a track record of telling people what they should hear, and not just what they want to hear.

Wow! Look at that auxiliary Ne go? (You certainly sound like an INTP to me, m’dear.)

First of all, you’ve described a common INTP problem, and that is feeling like your classes aren’t teaching you anything new. And is probably true. As you already said, we tend to learn best from actually doing things, as opposed to listening to someone talk about them. It’s not usually hard for us to pick up on stuff, and classes can seem repetitive and boring. I pretty much felt the same way in some of my college classes. 

So, what can we learn from a class that isn’t teaching us anything new? Well, INTPs have a hard time being disciplined. I think that being in a class and having to sit and listen to someone tell you something you already know is good for you. It’s good for any impatient INTP who just wants to jump up and DO the thing, for goodness’ sake! But the fact that we think this way shows that we have a lot to learn about being teachable and humble. Sure, we might know more than the teacher, but we clearly need to learn patience. That’s a hugely important character trait that will definitely help you throughout your life. I’m starting to realize that the lessons I learned in college weren’t necessarily academic, and I think it’s a pretty good thing to realize that as soon as possible.

Now it’s my turn to tell a story. I was stuck in this class called Playwriting. I love to write, but I hated this class. At least, I passionately disliked it. The teacher was not a writing teacher, but a theatre teacher, and he taught me nothing new about writing. Worse, he thought that if you weren’t writing something deep and heart-wrenching, you were wasting his time. Now, I tend to like comedy, and that’s what I write. And not only did he teach basic writing stuff that I’d learned four semesters previously, but he also graded based on personal preference rather than actual writing quality. 

And so, theoretically, I didn’t learn anything in that class. Except, I learned how to be respectful to someone that I fundamentally disagree with. I learned how to accept injustice and live with it. I learned something about patience. Obviously, I still have a long way to go with these qualities, but they were huge life lessons that I may have learned somewhere else. However, I learned them in that classroom. 

I think that, being in college, you may very well be overtired and overstressed and therefore overthinking things. Yes, you’re obviously smart. You know a lot about computers. But INTPs almost never help with academics. College is actually a great place to learn some really good character qualities, if you’re willing to realize the hard and ridiculous things you’re going through are actually a preliminary to a hard and ridiculous life. How you respond now will set a precedent for how you respond later. 

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.