Any dancers willing to work with me?

I’m hoping to put on a light show at the next Club Crescent @crescent-ffxiv dance party! (Saturday Oct. 1, Goblet 4, 42). 

I would love to have 2-4 (or more!) party up with me during the event so that my ability spam can light up multiple points on the dance floor! 

Ability assistants appreciated too! :3 (Especially if I’m having to pull double duty as bartender.)

Only actual requirement is to dance the night away! Lemme know if you’re interested!

Today’s program is brought to you by the word, “meddle”

Here’s the link.

Forgive me if I’m a little less verbose than usual today. I’m running on 3 hours of sleep, and there’s a bunch of Big Wigs at work today making Decisions. I’ll find out more this afternoon.

Is Vriska always this contradictory?

… Okay, that’s strange. There’s never been someone who shows up in a chat bubble that’s invisible. 

White text, on an almost white background. And when I click and drag the panel, there’s no icon that shows up, so it’s not a blank layer or anything. It’s just white.

Okay, time to get a little creative with these screengrabs.

Sweet, that works! It probably would have been easier for me to just copypasta the text, but there’s something that just doesn’t feel right when I do that. Like it’s a more direct copying of the original work, if that makes sense.

So, what do we know here? This is someone who doesn’t have a handle. Someone who has contacted Vriska before, but it’s been a long time (and I typed that while hearing GLaDOS’s voice). If they don’t have a handle, then they’re talking to Vriska by some other means. The IT guy in me says that it could be a hacker of some kind, who has gotten into her system by a back door or something. But we did see recently that Aradia was dead, so I can’t rule out the supernatural here. If it was a ghost, then Aradia would have typed in a similar fashion. Maybe Vriska’s computer is possessed? I have no reason to believe it’s an Exile, because when they send commands, it shows up as text boxes instead of this. Though, we haven’t seen a full-on dialogue between the trolls and their Exiles yet, so I can’t really say anything for certain.

The only thought I had here is that, there are a lot of smashed 8-balls in Vriska’s room. And then there’s white text. If this is an Exile, and 8-balls are tied to Snowman/Black Queen, the only guess I could make based on that is that this could be Lord English talking, if his text is white. We don’t know for sure.


I think is 2 year ago I play xD

*this is not DN official server just play for fun :)

*sorry for my friend voice xD


A set of A3 prints for Smash2016! I haven’t drawn animals/monsters seriously in a long while so this was heaps of fun!!

I may remove the logos for the print versions but for now they look good on the web previews :-) Detail Close Ups Here

9 Little Ways To Make Life Easier For Your Server

1. When your server arrives, give them your attention!

2. Remember your order! This may seem simple, but when the food comes out, it’ll help tremendously if you’re watching for it.

3. …and then create a spot for the incoming plate.

4. Remember if there’s a problem with the food, your server did not make your food!

But your server is your only hope of getting your order corrected; being kind to them is in your own best interest.

5. After you finish, make your table easier to bus by placing your silverware on your plate.

6. Remember your server is a real human who is responsible for multiple tables.

7. Don’t touch your server!

8. Do say, “Thank you!”

9. And finally… leave the pen.

Seriously. Don’t take the pen. They need the pen.

(by @nathanwpyle)

what the signs are saying about Pokemon GO
  • Aries:why are the servers down?
  • Taurus:why are the servers down?
  • Gemini:why are the servers down?
  • Cancer:why are the servers down?
  • Leo:why are the servers down?
  • Virgo:why are the servers down?
  • Libra:why are the servers down?
  • Scorpio:why are the servers down?
  • Sagittarius:why are the servers down?
  • Capricorn:why are the servers down?
  • Aquarius:why are the servers down?
  • Pisces:why are the servers down?