The CityZen Beta server is now open for testing!

CityZen is a huge custom plugin that I’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s an easy and straightforward way for players to join and manage cities, complete with plots, reputation, rewards, and more. Eventually, this plugin will be released on the Core Server, however right now it’s in open beta, and we need your help to test it!

Simply join the beta server, try to break things, and report any issues you come across. Learn more about the plugin on the CityZen wiki, and report issues to the CityZen github page.

Players are eligible to receive Bughunter Tokens from reporting issues in this way, and everyone who joins a City on the Beta Server will receive a special badge on the Core Server.

You can join the server for yourself at or at its alt address (which is actually a bit faster). We hope to see you there!


IP :

Players logging into the server for the first time, will be greeted by a handsome Pirate ship docked just outside of our (not-so-)humble spawn village! Custom trees, specialized villagers, and a uniquely detailed tavern are but a few of the many interesting things to explore at spawn.

The server itself has a rich economy using Chestshops and Jobs that you can begin immediately once you reach the wilderness. Saving up your Dubloons, which are the server’s currency, can buy you interesting and normally unobtainable enchanted items from our specialty shop, or you can exchange them for emeralds at spawn for safekeeping!

Additionally, the server offers many different cosmetic features in exchange for small donations; Unique pets like Squid, Endermen, or even your own Wither, particle effects like hearts and sparkles, and special nicknames are just a few of the perks we offer to make your character different and stand out from the crowd!  If you would like to visit this amazing server and its site for yourself, then feel free to check out and add buccaneerbaysurvival.cominto your servers list!


Donations goes to Charity

Hello Everyone,

I just want to make a post confirm the fact that every donation towards the server for the month of February will be going to the Charity War Child. 

War Child is a charity that helps children who have been affected by armed conflicts. They empower them to claim their rights, develop to their full potential and to contribute to a peaceful future for themselves and their community. 

As a community, I feel it’s our obligation to give back a little to the people in need. This is not a business where I am so worried about losing money. We truly want to help everyone we can. It’s also a win-win situation for you, you get a cool rank on the server and you are able to help out a charity in the process. 

Thank you, everyone, for your support on the server,


Learn more about War child: 

Donate to the server here:

Reinicio del Server de Minekämpf

Pues eso, vamos a reiniciar el server de minecraft sobre las 3.30 - 4pm de hoy dado que con solo 12 horitas de vida ese server ya se había ido completamente de las manos. Empezaba a haber una pequeña ciudad, pero cosas básicas como que hubiera materiales suficientes para el que los necesitara no estaban cubiertas.

Intentaré tener instalado el plugin para loggearse como muchos de vosotros habíais pedido y haremos que el server funcione por whitelist, esto es, tendremos que dar acceso a vuestro nick para que juguéis. Para pedir este acceso lo podéis hacer comentando este mismo post.

Normas del server.

  • El server intentará ser una comuna, esto es, tener un ayuntamiento principal en el que estén todos los recursos que se vayan sacando y desde el cual la gente podrá coger libremente los recursos que quiera.
  • Asignaremos varios operators, los cuales podrán añadir gente a la whitelist también y serán los encargados de mostrar el funcionamiento del server a la gente que se vaya metiendo. Lo óptimo es que siempre hubiera un op metido o que la gente que esté dentro del server sepa como funciona.

Lo primero que haremos tras el reinicio será construir un ayuntamiento grande y bonico, no la puta mierda que teníamos en el server este que estábamos jugando y llenarlo con unos cuantos recursos para que la gente pueda ir tirando. También construiremos cosas de dominio público como unas cuantas granjas de animales, algún acceso a una mina, etc. Haremos todo eso antes de que la gente se ponga a construir casas como locos.

Así que eso, comentad por aquí los que queráis acceso en un primer momento. Daremos prioridad a la gente que ya ha estado jugando estas primeras 12h y parece que ha respondido bien, a partir de ahí iremos añadiendo gente.

Ya lo sentimos el que solo pueda haber 10 huecos, pero la pela es la pela y no podemos por ahora pillar uno más grande, pero supongo que esta sobrecarga de gente se solucionará en los próximos días cuando solo quedaremos jugando los de siempre.

Edit. Dar a leer más para instalarse el raidcall (es como el teamspeak pero en gratis) para poder hablar con la gente que esté en el server.

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=====[_PixieCraft_]===== 1.8 SERVER

PixieCraft is a minigame & factions server with fun plugins like custom enchants, marriage, auctions & more!

We have events, giveaways & livestreams!

Looking for active & dedicated staff.

Join today ♥

Join the server:

–> Our Website <–

–> Apply for Staff <–

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Fresh minecraft server.

No white-list, no exaggeration on rules.

Just simply survival.


p.s if server become a hit, there will be room for plenty of growth in it.

with the help of the community within Tumblr of course, and anywhere else.

(e.x Bigger, faster servers. Teamspeak servers, events, etc…)

-Previously I've made servers for “offline-mode” playing, but realized too many people took advantage of it. (Griefers)