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Biggest payday of my life for 2 minutes of work.

Another tech story: I’m a contractor at a big bank in New York City. No benefits but I’m paid by the hour. I like the people I work for and while I realize I get paid well, I try to make sure they get their money’s worth.

On the Friday before last (start to the three-day weekend), I was told by one of the managers (mine is out on vacation) that one of “my”applications was malfunctioning in production and that it absolutely needed to be fixed pronto. This application was tested to a crazy degree, so the first thing I did was call up the server admin and ask what was different between our test and production systems. After some prodding, I figure out that the production system consists of two clustered servers whereas the test server is all on its own. On the theory that the data isn’t transferring between the paired servers fast enough for the next web page to be rendered (it’s a survey application where the answer to one question determines the next question to be asked), I suggest checking the “sticky bit” (which would ensure that when a person uses the application, they will “stick” to one server, to eliminate the data transfer problem.)

The admin (who’s a friend of mine) tells me she can’t make that change without her department’s manager’s approval, a kind of know-it-all guy.

Fine. I tell my substitute manager what I think the problem is (thinking he’ll go to bat for me) and instead, he tells me to “stay as long as it takes, including giving up my weekend to ensure it’s working” and he tells me I’ll have to work it out with the department manager for the server group.

Long story only slightly shorter, that guy proceeds to make my and his two employees’ lives miserable all weekend. I keep suggesting the sticky bit, he keeps telling me “there’s no way that’s it” and suggests dumb strategy after dumb strategy. I keep telling my substitute manager what’s happening, he keeps telling me to work it out…and stay as long as I need to.

Finally, late on Columbus Day, my admin friend says “I’m just going to try your idea without telling him.”

Fixes the problem…less than two minutes effort.

When my manager got back from vacation last week, he called me over to his desk. He had just gotten the bill from the contracting firm. He seemed pissed. I had billed for three extra 8 hour days.

Him: “I just have one question: where did you sleep?”

“On the couch in the waiting room.”

Him: “OK. Thanks.”

Earlier today, my manager came over with an envelope and when he handed it to me he said “I’d tell you to thank [substitute manager] and [server group manager] for this but since it came out of their budgets, maybe best not to. Don’t spend it all in one place.”

Check was for my regular pay plus, um, almost $18,000. My manager socked their budgets for time and a half from the end of business of Friday to open of business on Tuesday.

When I told him later that I felt bad, he said: “You shouldn’t, you taught them a very valuable lesson in server technology and business management that they obviously missed.”

Did I mention my boss used to be a programmer himself?

sns month

As I have mentioned here, I was working on a sns month that will be hosted from 1st december till 31st december. Each day of the month has their own theme and three different prompts. I even planned one big event, and two smaller ones [→ more information under ›special events‹]

Then, one little information: The last years, bahare re-blogged all the posts that were made for the week on her own blog and tagged them, so y’all could find them easily. I want to do the same, but with a difference. I created a extra sns blog for all the events, like sns weeks, sns days, secret santa sns, sns month - and there we will reblog everything. ›We‹ because I asked friends of mine to help me manage this blog. [You can see here who they are.] The blog is called @snsfestivals.

Also, many of you may already know, but there is a discord group for sns. Discord is basically just a message app, with special and great features, such as voice chats and servers (which are group chats). It’s very safe since you don’t have to give your personal information away and you can control who finds you and not. If you are interested in joining, please drop a message at @dobe-and-teme


  1. You can post any format you want for this month: fanfiction, fanart, videos, gifs, graphics, edits, analysis, headcanon, etc but it’s has to involve sns as a main pairing or Sasuke/Naruto as a main character! Other ships and characters are allowed, but it can not be the focus.
  2. Reposting is not allowed, unless you are the original creator or have been given the permission from the original creator. If you are not the original creator, please make sure to credit the creator and add a link to the original post.
  3. NSFW is allowed! But it must be properly tagged, flagged as sensitive, and/or hidden beneath cuts as necessary. Also please don’t forget to tag it with #nsfw.
  4. Please don’t post things ahead of time! You can certainly work on things before hand, and you can definitely post things late, but don’t post anything for prompts before the prompt day!
  5. Make sure that you tag every post with #snsmonth2017 within the first five tags and the day from which the post belongs to. [like this → #day 7]
  6. Try to stay positive and don’t spread any hate. This should be our month, don’t let some anti ruin it for you. If you see an anti-post, please try to ignore it - it’s not worth it and just ruins the sns month.


→ the big event is the Secret Santa Event, which will take place on the 25th december. Every person that participates has to prepare a sns related presents for someone I assign them with - in exchange, they will get a present from another person. If you are interested in participating, here are some informations. Everyone who is not interested, can skip this part:

 If you are interested in participating, you have to write me a private message, no asks! If there is someone you absolutely don’t want to make a present for, write it please in the message! You can also make three wishes for people you want to make a present for. » Warning! It can happen that this person isn’t participating or I have to assign them with someone else. 
You will not known which person you have to prepare a present for until the 1st december. You can still of course prepare a present even before you know for who it is, since you will likely not know the person personally. But it can happen that the person is a close friend of yours, so it’s better when you start preparing the present when you know for whom it is.
 If you don’t know what you should prepare or you don’t have any ideas, just message me and I will contact the person for you, to ask if they would like anything in particular.
 When you post the present, please add a ›Secret Santa for @url
 Deadline for Registrations: 30th November

 one of the smaller events will take place on one week of december. Bahare did it last year, and I would like to continue with it. Last year she streamed all sns related episodes on rabbit, and I really love the idea. The stream will take place on 7am and 7pm (in Germany, UTC+2) and will last till 10am and 10pm, and we will watch the exact same episodes on both times. If you still have questions, come and ask me!
      → The stream will take place from 11th - 17th december.

 the other small event is the 31st of december. On the last day of the month, I would like to ask you all to spread positive vibes in the fandom.  I want the month to end with something special, something that will make everyone a little more happier. On this day, I want you guys to send lovely asks to your favorite persons! Be it a amazing sns artist, graphic maker, writer, blog or just one of your favorite persons in general. Go and write them something to make them happy. [To the people receiving this asks: It would be nice if you could tag your posts with #snsmonthvibes, so we can find them and reblog them, thank you.]


For the following, the bold ones are the themes of the day and everything after the arrow are the prompts. You are allowed to combine two or three of the prompts together, but only prompts of the same day! Or you can just ignore all three of them and do your own thing, as long as it fits the theme of the day.

1st december » Naruto Uzumaki
Everything is allowed, as long as Naruto is the main focus.

2nd december » Sasuke Uchiha
Everything is allowed, as long as Sasuke is the main focus.

3rd december » Bonds
→ Team 7 / Team Taka / Family

4th december » Now And Forever
→ Proposal and Wedding / (Adoptive) Children / Anniversary

5th december » It Shouldn’t Be
Distance / Unrequited Love / Breaking Up

6th december » The Price Of Freedom
→ Forest of the Dead / Partners in crime / Slaves

7th december » First Times
→ First Love / First Kiss / First Fight

8th december » The First Secret
→ Cheating / Secret Crush / Dark Past

9th december » Acceptance
→ Confession / Coming Out / Meeting Family

10th december » It’s Not Me You Want
→ Fake Relationship / Broken-Heart / Hanahaki Syndrome

11st december »  Beginnings & Endings
→ Time-Travel / Origins / Valley of the End

12nd december » Another World
→ Deja Vu / Reincarnation / Mythologies AU

13rd december » Good Old Days
→ Ninja Academy / Training Sessions / Rivals  

14th december » Outer Space
→ Moon & Stars / Shooting Star / Galaxies

15th december » The Devil Inside Me
→ Monster & Demons / Betrayal / Self-doubt

16th december » After The War
→ Nightmares / Funerals / Orphans

17th december » Day Enemies, Night Lovers
→ Rome & Juliet / Fighting Kingdoms / Fantasy AU

18th december » Lovers Time
→ Domestic / Holding Hands / Dancing

19th december » By Your Side
→ Pining / Trust / Vacation

20th december » War And Peace
→ Heroes / Burdens / Supporting Shadow

21st december » Destined
→ Soulmates / Yin & Yang / Sun & Moon

22nd december » Stolen Kisses
 Mistletoe / Lazy Morning / Cuddling

23rd december » Christmas Preparations
→ Baking Cookies / Wrapping Gifts / Placing Decorations

24th december » White Holidays
→ Building Snowman / Snowed In / Snowball Fight

25th december » Christmas Eve
Christmas Date / Family Traditions / Christmas Spirit
Secret Santa

26th december » Please, Come Back
→ Mission / Promise / Leaving

27th december » Never Letting Go
→ Hope / Jealousy / Fear 

28th december » Don’t Leave Me Alone
→ Death / Last Words / Fight

29th december » Medieval
→ Royalty / Master & Servant / Knights & Warriors

30th december » The Goodbye Look
→ Amnesia / Nukenin / On the Run

31st december » Free Day
You are allowed to do whatever you want, as long as you follow the rules. 
→ Day to spread positive vibes.

Join our Discord Group !

The Tea Room is an inclusive Discord Chat for people wanting to meet new people.

We cover a lot of different interests:

  • Anime
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  • Productivity

We also provide safe spaces to your thoughts and vent. We joke around a lot, and are always looking out for each other. If interested join us! Shoot me a message!

Cherry On Top (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

a/n: the ending is cheesy im so sorry 

requests: Poly!Hamilsquad with an insecure s/o who they keep ignoring (exhausted, too busy with work, etc) so s/o just starts going out late and hanging with some questionable people to forget about their loneliness. I need more hamilsquad angst pls

Can you do a poly hamilsquad × reader where the reader is super duper shy and really insecure but then the squad just kind of waltzes into her life and refuses to leave please?

word count: 3,017 words

Being a waiter and being extremely shy made it difficult for you to work sometimes. You’re always afraid to speak up loudly whenever asking people for their orders and would always internally freak out whenever they told you the order is wrong, but other than that you were very good at your job. You never had any bad experiences, except a few awkward ones, until a group of men came barging through the restaurant one day, talking and laughing loudly which caused many looks of distaste to come their way. Each one were gorgeous in their own way, but they were still being very annoying.

The man you first spotted was the tallest of the bunch, with dark curly hair tied up in a bun and a neatly trimmed beard. The next man was slightly shorter than the first but definitely stronger as you noticed his broad shoulders. The third man had curly hair like the tallest man, but it was tied in a ponytail to show off his freckled face. The last man was the shortest and had straight hair slicked back in a ponytail. He also seemed to be ranting about something while the other men looked at him amused.

You were taking orders from a young couple when they decided to walk in and you almost dropped your pen at the sudden noise. You grumbled and kept glaring at them over you shoulder while still trying to maintain a cheerful face for the couple. The hostess at the front desk tried to unsuccessfully calm them down as she led them to their seats which, unfortunately for you, was in your section. This caused a sense of panic to overwhelm you.

Usually when rowdy boys came into the restaurant they almost always either:

a) made fun of the waiter

b) flirt with the waiter

c) ignore the waiter until absolutely necessary

You didn’t mind the last one, but usually they gave little to the no tip stating you weren’t an ‘avid server’.  With this group you were praying for the last one as you cautiously walked up to their table while gripping you pen behind your back. They didn’t notice you yet as they were staring at the menu or laughing with each other.

“H-hi, I’m (Y/N) and I’ll be your server for tonight. Can I g-get you guys anything to drink?” You stammered.

Suddenly all the boys stopped talking as they looked up from the menus to stare at you. You started fidgeting nervously at the silence and you took a deep breath to calm yourself down as you looked down at your shoes.

Finally after what felt like hours of torture, one of them spoke up.

“I’ll have a lemonade.” The tall man said which you quickly noticed his French accent.

“I’ll have a diet coke,” said the stronger looking man. “And he’ll have a water to cool him down.” He pointed with a laugh to the shortest man of the group who seemed red with rage.

You looked at the freckled man, “A-and what are you having?”

He didn’t answer and just stared at you oddly while his head was propped by his elbow and tilted to the side. You shifted and started to shake under his stare.

“Laurens!” One of the men yelled.

“Oh sorry! I’ll have a sprite.” He said with a bright grin and a wink.

You blushed slightly and looked down to write down their orders and quickly walked away. Your face turned even more red as you heard them quietly whispering and you just knew they were talking about you.

You grabbed their drinks, but you tried to take a bit longer than usual so you wouldn’t have to face them yet. You shakily walked up to them as you balanced the drinks in your hand and handed them to each of their owners. You noticed as soon as you walked up their whispering stopped which further confirmed that they were indeed talking about you, or most likely in this case, making fun of you. You took out your pencil and paper to quietly asked if they were ready to order.

Throughout the entire time while you served them, they would always do the same thing.

Whisper once you walked away, stop when you came back, stare at you while asking if they needed anything else, repeat.

You tried to keep it together and not cry or become visibly upset in front of your other tables and the group of gorgeous men who caused the problem, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as the night progressed.

Finally, you gave them the check which meant they were leaving soon and so were you since your shift ends in ten minutes. Afterwards, you clocked out and walked outside to see it was pouring. You ran to your car and sighed as you were enveloped in warmth. You were about to drive away when you heard people arguing outside the restaurant.

You turned and saw it was the group of men from before, arguing about how they should get home. You realized they walked here and would most likely have to walk back in this weather.

You sat in your car and debated with yourself. You wanted to offer them a ride but would they think that’s weird? Would it be awkward in the car? Would they make fun of you if you asked?

You decided to just do it and you took a deep breath as you approached them.

“H-hi, I overheard you saying you would probably have to walk h-home and I wanted to ask if you would like a ride?”

The men stopped and stared at you and you immediately regretted your decision and back pedaled.

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t want to seem weird especially since I was just your server but I felt bad for you guys an-an-and I’m sorry.” You blurted out as you covered your face with the sleeves of your jacket.

“Woah it’s ok! We were just surprised!” The short man explained. “We would be so glad if you gave us a ride. Y'see it was drier earlier and we decided to just walk and we didn’t know it was gonna rain and we were so hungry and-”

“Alex, shut up,” The stronger man glared teasingly and then smiled at you. “I’m Hercules, that’s John but we call him Laurens,” He pointed to the freckled man. “That’s Lafayette,” He nodded to the French man. “And this little guy is Alex.” He said as he wrapped the shorter man for a hug as Alex rolled his eyes.

“Your name is (Y/N), right?” John asked.

You nodded and tucked some of your hair behind your ear.

“We can’t thank you enough, mon ami,” Lafayette smiled as you led them to your car. “We will repay the favor somehow.”

You quickly blushed and told him it wasn’t necessary, but all the boys protested.

“C'mon (Y/N) you totally could’ve let us walk home and die in the rain.” John moaned.

You quickly tried to change the subject, “S-so what were you guys doing out and about? Were you just hanging out?”

Alex piped up, “It was date night for us.”

A beat passed when the dots connected in your head that they were all dating each other, “O-oh that’s nice! I h-hope you all had fun.”

They all grinned brightly at you when you didn’t seem disturbed by their relationship.

“It was wonderful, mon ami.” Lafayette grinned at you.

For the rest of the car ride the boys made jokes and asked about you, which you would shyly reply. You were fine with answering them until John asked if you were dating anyone.

You blushed and tried to spit out a reply until you noticed your GPS said you arrived.

“We’re here!” You exclaimed as you parked in front of their apartment building. Luckily on the drive over here, the rain stopped and fell into a light drizzle.

“Thanks (Y/n)! You’re the best!” John yelled as he ran inside hand in hand with Alex. Hercules gave you a wave before he walked inside, not minding the sprinkle of rain too much. You gave him a smile but turned to see Lafayette still in the back seat.

“Ah, (Y/N)! I was wondering if you would like to accompany us to lunch tomorrow? Since you were so kind enough to give us a ride in this terrible weather.” Lafayette asked.

You blushed and started to sputter, “ I t-told you really don’t have to! I-I mean I couldn’t just l-let you guys w-walk in the rain.” You ducked your head down. “It’s ok, Lafayette.”

Lafayette rolled his eyes, “(Y/N), I insist. Please come to lunch with us, we would love to see you again.”

You nodded shyly and gave him your number. He hugged you and gave a kiss on your cheek before he left the car, “See you tomorrow, (Y/N!)”

Ever since after that day the boys have never left you side. You were at their apartment more than your own and you never had a dull moment with them. Being around the boys helped you come out of your shell. You were still shy, but they helped you feel less insecure about yourself since they always gave you the sweetest compliments. There was only one downside to all of this however, you fell in love with not just one or two of them. Oh no, you fell completely in love with all of them.

Each boy was so different and unique and treated you so kindly that you couldn’t help it. They would give you so much attention and love that you felt like you were in their relationship too, but that wasn’t the case.

Lately, however, the boys have been ignoring you. At first you thought it was because they were too busy with their jobs, but they would still go out with each other and not with you. Your movie nights and sleepovers were cancelled over and over again and you couldn’t remember the last time you actually talked to one of them without them sounding disinterested.

You believed they were getting bored of you, which brought back your insecurities and shyness in full force. You never went outside anymore, only if you absolutely had to, and you completely stopped talking to the boys. Ever since you started ignoring them, they tried to contact you anyway possible, which both angered and upset you.

It’s alright if they ignore me but once I do it back it’s not alright? You would think angrily at night. Who do they think they are?

But then your mind would turn back around with a new thought.

They never liked you. They pitied you, idiot. Your brain would yell at you. You were only around for attention and nothing else.

Since you were so shy, the only friends you had were your coworkers and the boys. You never hung out with any of your coworkers, but you got along well with a couple of them and today you decided to stop mourning and go out for once. You were finishing getting ready when you got a text.

jmads: (1:28 PM)

u almost ready? im outside

You quickly slipped on your shoes and grabbed your belongings before locking the door. You waved when you saw James but stopped slightly when you saw another person who you did not know.

“Hey (Y/N), I know we were suppose to get some food together but Thomas here asked if he could tag along.” James asked.

You waved shyly at Thomas and he smirked. He didn’t give you the best vibes, but if James was friends with him he couldn’t be too bad.

The three of you walked down the street and came up to the little café that you always loved. You were about to sit next to James when Thomas wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“Come sit by me, (Y/N). I don’t bite…much.” He grinned mischievously.

He plopped you down right next to him, a little to close if you were asked, and kept his arm around you. You tried to talk to James more, but he just kept asking you questions to “get to know you better”.

“Y'know,” Thomas said as he scooched closer. “Madison never told me how gorgeous you are.”

You tried to move away but he held you close to his side.

“But I have heard it from Lafayette.”

You head snapped up and froze, “H-how do you know Lafayette?”

“Oh now you wanna talk,” He chuckled. “Me and Lafayette go way back, darlin’ but enough about me. Lafayette used to talk to me all the time about you. How him and his boyfriends love ya to death.”

The more he talked the more you started to fidget. You knew somehow this was leading to something bad.

“Y-yeah, I’m good friends with a-all of them.” You played with the hem of your shirt.

“But they ignore you now don’t they, sweetheart?”

Your eyes went wide and you tensed up, surprised and shocked that he knew such a thing.

“I bet that hurt you. Didn’t it, darlin’? Aren’t you upset with them?” He asked with a fake pout, mocking you.

“Thomas that’s enough, not now.” You heard James warn as he looked over at another table, but Thomas ignored him and kept going.

“I bet you’re looking for someone to patch that hole up. Someone who could make you happy.”

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes and nodded. Thomas got closer and cupped your face.

“I can be that person, (Y/N)”

It looked like he was about to kiss you until…

“(Y/N), what the hell?” Someone yelled and grabbed your arm for you to get away from Thomas.

You looked up and saw Alex glaring at you, red in the face with John behind you looking defeated.

“Why were you with Jefferson? And why was he getting all close to you? How do you know each other?” He yelled at you while you stood frozen on the spot. “Never mind all the we’re going home. Goodbye Jefferson!” Alex taunted.

He barged out of the café while John held onto you. You looked at him confused and wanting answers, but he just shook his head and told you to wait until you got back to their apartment.

You sat in the car in tense silence, with Alex fuming in the driver’s seat while John looked dejected out the window. Nobody spoke all the way to their apartment.

As you walked into the door of their apartment behind Alex and John, the memories of being with them, being left alone, and what just happened all flooded into your mind. You heard Alex yell angrily for Laf and Herc while you were still reminiscing and you soon started to sob.

“(Y/N)? Ma chérie, what happened?” Laf questioned as he came out of the bedroom. He and Hercules were about to hug you when Alex interrupted.

“Don’t hug them! They were getting all cuddly with Jefferson earlier,” Alex screeched. “Plus they’ve been ignoring us!”

You suddenly stopped crying and tensed up. You were ignoring them?  

YOU were ignoring THEM?

Your self control shut down.

“EXCUSE ME?” You yelled as the boys flinched. “Last time I fucking checked you four were ignoring me! I was trying to contact and hang out with you guys and I barely ever got a hello from any of you! I thought at first you were busy with work but then I would see you all getting breakfast or some shit!”

The boys stared at you, frightened, as they never heard you yell that loudly or curse.

“And to put the cherry on the mcfucking top, once I decided to ignore you, next thing I’m getting texts out of nowhere! Asking me to hang out! How fucking hypocritical! I’m not some little toy where you can tell me when you want me and when you don’t!” You were so angry tears started to fall from your eyes as you screamed.

“So,” You whimpered softly, a drastic difference from just a moment ago. “Why were you ignoring me?”

The boys’ faces softened as they saw your tears. They looked at each other before Hercules spoke up.

“We were…trying to plan on how to ask to join our relationship.” He said softly as he stepped closer to you.

“You…what?” You asked as you tried to dry your eyes.

Hercules and Laf enveloped you in a hug, “We really like you, ma chérie. We just couldn’t think of how to ask you and we were so busy that we didn’t even notice that we weren’t paying enough attention to you.” Laf snuggled his face into your hair.

You giggled, “R-really?”

“God (Y/N) we were making it so obvious,” John stepped into the hug. “We absolutely adore you and would do anything for you.“

You looked over at Alex, who looked absolutely heartbroken and for once in his life, speechless.

“I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N) I didn’t know you were so lonely and I d-didn’t mean to make you cry it’s just that,” He took a deep breath. “We care about you so so much and we were so afraid to fuck up our friendship with you if we asked you out and t-then you ignored us and it broke our god damn hearts.”

Your heart was breaking at seeing Alex like this. You wanted to pull him into the hug, but you knew he had more to say.

“A-and then I saw you with Jefferson and I just couldn’t take it an-an-and, God we just love you.”

He fell into your embrace as the five of you hugged and you were so happy you started crying again.

“(Y/N), baby, what’s wrong?” John cupped your face.

You shook your head and looked at each of your boys, “I love you all too. And I would be honored to join your relationship.”

All of them cheered as you felt your face become buried in kisses and you knew you would never be ignored again.

group chat

in case anyone missed it, i’m running a group chat on discord for anyone who’s interested in talking about EDs, gender, or anything really. send me a message if you’re interested in joining!

Veruca’s Parents met at the touristy mariachi-themed restaurant where Arturo and his best friend worked, as the resident band and host. When a group of servers quit during a busy dinner service,  Arturo was forced to be the waiter for Vals table of rude drunk and rowdy spring break tourist. Pissed off and dressed in full costume; he took orders like “can we have a side of queso cheese?” Val’s friends lied and said it was her birthday so that he and the band would have to serenade her. She apologized profusely for her friend’s rude comments and jokes. He originally didn't like Val and her friends, but he kept running into her all week outside of work, at the grocery store, on the street, at the tattoo parlor. One night Val got separated from her group, lost, she walked into a club where Arturo’s rock band was performing…

The Signs As Things My Discord Server Has Said
  • Aquarius: I am a cryptid
  • Pisces: "cuck cuck, wait shit I MEANT CLUCK"
  • Aries: I might shoot a hobo
  • Gemini: i want to shit on a cow
  • Leo: Why are you booing me? I'm right
  • Virgo: "I'm at a church" "Do you mean Jesus Altar"
  • Libra: I'm tired
  • Scorpio: "Is that a penis" "No it's a mushroom" "No it's a penis"
  • Sagittarius: Shove that mushroom up my ass
  • Capricorn: I want a zombie to eat me out
Social Simulation

“And over here, kids, is our Society Simulation chamber.” the professor gestured towards a wide array of supercomputers that filled a chamber the size of a warehouse. Each of the computers was the size and shape of a small brick house.

Some of the kids gasped aloud at the enormous size of the room while others waved some of the server engineers, who waved them back. The professor continued as she lead them up the stairs towards a watching room. A smart glass served as an observation port to the computers below.

“Each of these computers is simulating a society of AI people. Their growth as a species from simple bit gatherers to complex civilizations with entire data economies. Our findings have been very interesting to say the least. Here, let me show you around.” she continued. The smart glass lit up and began zooming in on a variety of computers.

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Star Trek Discord Server

Hey everybody! Do you like Star Trek? Do you want to find more people to talk about Star Trek with? Would you like to join a chat group specifically for this purpose? Well, conveniently enough, I just made one!


-must like Star Trek (any series and/or movies)

-must not be a TERF, racist, homophobe, or any kind of bigot

-must be at least 13 years old

Basic rules:

-No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, ableism, etc.

-Be respectful of other people; don’t be an asshole.

-No NSFW outside the NSFW channel.

If you want to join, then reply to this post or message me and I’ll send you an invite link. Also, if you could reblog this to spread the word it would be much appreciated!

when it comes to the issue of trans men in lesbian spaces i think it should be noted that there is a significant and numerous phenomenon of spaces such as michfest, terf spaces, women’s colleges, feminist groups, that have an implicit or explicit rule that trans men are allowed in their women-only space by virtue or being Female, because the prevailing GROUP definitional understanding of Women and Female are sex-essentialist and biologically essentialist. and thus in such spaces trans women are implicitly or explicitly disallowed.

many trans men in such spaces have been complicit in the group dynamic of aggression and discrimination against transgender women.

i am not accusing anyone, trans man or lesbian or feminist, of transmisogyny where transmisogyny is not evident.

i merely want to remind people of what pre-existing group dynamics exist, and how women such as myself, transgender or otherwise, lesbian or otherwise, tend to get suspicious when people support a “lesbian community” that includes trans men.

it is always important to investigate the motivations behind such an “inclusion,” and what the effects of it are.

and furthermore, in the age of social media, it’s extremely important to investigate what people actually mean when they say “a lesbian community.” there are material differences between, for example, a dyke bar, a college student group, a discord server, a friend group, a dating website, a hashtag, and a nonprofit organization. So we should keep in mind the specific thing that we’re talking about.

All that being said, not to overstep my boundaries but I have observed a general division in opinion on this issue among trans men: the trans men who are in favor of “inclusion” in lesbian spaces generally seem to be straight, and the trans men who are against such “inclusion” generally seem to be gay.

Not trying to generalize or anything.

But I do think that it’s pretty annoying that there is a dynamic in some self identified capital L Lesbian communities that it’s just, like, accepted and celebrated that trans men can be present, in order to date women, which is like Super weird to me…

And at the same time, these aforementioned self identified capital L lesbian communities have HUGE problems with aggression and stereotyping targeted towards trans women…

It mirrors the dynamic that I mentioned earlier in my post.

Anyway… Like, seriously, when you want to have a space that identifies and labels itself as Woman 4 Woman, Sapphic, WLW, Lesbian, Dyke, Butch, Femme Women, Ladies Who Seek Ladies, maybe you should seek to prioritize women.

And, like, obviously trans men DESERVE social spaces and support and stuff.

I’m not trying to get rid of that.

Specifically LGBT spaces are a thing.

Specifically Transgender spaces are a thing.

Specifically Trans Men spaces are totally a thing.

We can have those at the same time as Lesbian spaces.

I’m not trying to be reductive or sectarian or unfairly single out any person or any demographic. Just trying to say what I, A Lesbian Transgender, think about Lesbian And Transgender issues.

Ten Minutes Ago (Part 6)

Feysand - Cinderella au

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I miss Cassian and Feyre’s friendship, they’re so pure

Originally posted by disneyasastrology

Feyre is once again walking the halls of the palace, and once again late for the ball. The Suriel dressed her in a gold gown this time, even more grand than the night before, with the same glass slippers and the same midnight warning. She also placed the disguising spell to shield her from the Hyberns.

As Feyre tries unsuccessfully to find the ballroom, she begins to panic, walking faster and faster until she turns a corner and -

“Oof!” She grunts as she runs into a large body. Stumbling back, Feyre almost falls before two strong hands catch her by the arms and steady her.

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HEY FANDERS! Do you hate having your content stolen? read this!

@lestroodledoodles and @aharleigh2 have created a discord server and an Instagram group DM where we hunt down and share the accounts stealing content! not only that, but there are chat rooms for sharing art, chatting, and more! a great way to make new friends AND help them out <3 hope to see you there!

if you would like the link to the discord server, contact @lestroodledoodles and @aharleigh2 

if you’d like to join the Instagram DM, contact @lestroodledoodles or @aharleigh2  

You’ve seen the ads, or you’ve heard a whisper on the streets, a wicked new game show has just been produced!  The prize is a billion dollars if your team is led to victory.  But what they aren’t telling you is that you’re damned to the game forever, while people watch you die time and time again, and killers lurk in the darkness, you’re forced to survive, and trust your team members to ensure you don’t get a knife in the back. Do you have what it takes to survive? Or are you a killer waiting to release their blood thirst upon the world?

   How the game show works:  Each applicant is divided into one of the six teams, or you have the choice of becoming a killer, which is a team on its own.  You will be randomly placed into a team, if you’re interested in a leadership position for the team, put it on your application.  If you write a killer, it can be any canon horror character, an oc, or a character from any fandom.


  • All characters are allowed, from any fandom, and even OCs.
  • Out of character drama is not welcome here. In character drama is fine.
  • No duplicate faceclaims; twins can be discussed.
  • This ROLEPLAY server will contain blood, gore, death, etc.  This is an 18 + server.
  • You have three slots you can use to write scenes with, please be sure to post when you’re done with a thread in the updates room, together with a summary of what took place in your scene.
  • Please be considerate of your partners. You don’t have to match reply length, but give them something to work with, put as much effort into your replies as they are doing for you.
  • Please do not interrupt other people’s RPs if there is already a scene going. If a scene has been left untouched for 5 hours and has not been locked in #room_updates, you may use the room to start a new scene.
  • For any questions, concerns, and so forth, you can DM the admins and mods.
  • Once you are accepted and within our server, please make sure you post your application to #applications. This means you need to keep a copy of your application handy in the chance you are accepted.

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