More Modern Witches...

A coven practicing their rites at the club, chanting their spells to house music. No one approaches or bothers them as they dance their rituals long into the night.

International covens who have their meeting through Skype during the full moon in all its phases.

Witches from all over the world exchanging information via Tumblr, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

Witches from the bayou trading gumbo recipes for sauce recipes with witches from Italy. Witches from Japan, England, and India exchanging tea recipes. Witches from Brazil and Peru exchanging booze with witches from Russia, acai liquor for vodka.

Witches in cities keeping hives on tops on building, and planting flowers for the bees in their window boxes.

Witches who can’t afford to become doctors learn massage instead and cast healing spells on their clients through touch.

Witches who are servers and bartenders, giving out blessing and curses alike to patrons who deserve either.

Witches who are bartenders using salt and spilled beer to cast protection spells on the girls leaving their bars.

Witches who are doctors, saving lives like miracles but at great personal cost to themselves.

Elemental witches who dedicate themselves to certain professions. Fire witches who are firewomen. Water witches who are life guards. Earth witches who are gardeners. Air witches who are weather forecasters.

Witches who earn their spirit animals, who seek out Native American wise women or aboriginal wise woman. They take their spirit walks with them, and learn about dream magic.

Witches who have hanging herb gardens in their kitchens or on their porches.

Witches who refuse to wear black, or just black. Witches who wear floral prints and/or hot pink.

Witches who are beauticians and/or hair dressers who cast spells on their clients to help them love themselves better.

Witches who are servers who cast a basic glamour on themselves so that people who like them will tips well and assholes who don’t will be unable to remember anything about them, only able to give vague descriptions and never remember their name.

Witches of color who braid charms, blessing, and protections in their loved ones hair because things are really fucked up right now.

Witches who are ‘fag jags’ and 'gay goddesses’, who love, support, and become new family because we know what it’s like to live on the fringe.

Witches who ease our secret sisters into womanhood and help with their transition, the ones that teach them what their birth mothers never would.

Witches who see no color or religion, who only see women who are all made of iron, stardust, pure will, and of course, magic.

Inner city witches who cast spells with graffiti and protect the block.

Witches who are hitchhikers, fearless and free, going wherever fate and the road takes them.

Witches who have taken back the night.

Fired for fighting discrimination.

I was just let go from my job at Landry’s Seafood House in Union Station which is located in St. Louis, MO.

I was let go without being given a reason but this happened suddenly after I placed a call to Human Resources about a server/bartender/trainer named Tina.

Tina, in my short three months there, has had the audacity to say several absolutely racist things about many different races and cultures in my presence.

1. A “joke” about people from the Philippines piling out of a car like clowns.

2. Standing between two Asian guests, she just started imitating them in a highly stereotypical and offensive manner for no reason.

3. Saying that she doesn’t wait on Muslim tables, it’s just a personal thing, they scare her.

4. Saying the words “NIGGER F*****” twice to me and another black employee.

Despite informing my managers, she received multiple warnings…even after this final incident.

I was told to leave if I was uncomfortable or call HR on my own.

I did call them the following morning.

I was then let go after hearing that Tina had been telling other staff that the management told her not to worry, that they were behind her 100%,

We need to let Landry’s know that discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable!

Please call the offending location at 1-314-231-4040 speak to a manager and let them know that Tina the bartender should no longer hold a working position there! Let them know that it’s 2015 and we don’t tolerate this anymore!

Also, feel free to call their corporate office at 1-800-552-6379 starting on Monday! Help me fight this injustice!

Please fire me. As the cook in a small restaurant, I take dietary requirements very seriously. So when people ring in and book I ask them on the phone to disclose any allergies/intolerances. Despite doing so, I still manage to get individuals (such as the following one) who show up and demand I cook them something suited to their requirements, even though when they tell me over the phone they had none. This is especially difficult when their said requirements are hard to cook for when i have no appropriate ingredients on hand.
On Saturday a lady who is part of a big group shows up, and literally squeezes her overlarge self INTO my kitchen (???) and tells me she is Coeliac, Lactose free, and has an allergy to garlic and onions, and demands I cook her a meal “just as good as everyone elses.” So I tell her not to eat any of the Share platters I put out for everyone else, and I will make her a suitable meal of her own. 30 minutes later, I personally take this meal out to this woman, to find her eating a SHARE PLATE of zucchini fritters which contain Gluten, Lactose, Garlic and Onions.