serve bot

Hmmm. I just had a bit of a thought of if Zenyatta had a life before the monestary? Like…I don’t know maybe he was a serving bot to some rich family that he grew close two over the time he was with them? But the rising of omnics growing sentient changed things and the family became afraid of him and tried to dismantle him or left him for dead and abandoned him before he was founded by the outcast omnics that later formed the Shambali.

…Imagine if he understood some of Genji’s pain and bitterness over the betrayal from his brother because Zenyatta himself had been betrayed by a family he thought he could trust and trusted him.


Okay so I came up with an AU. It’s in a futuristic setting. Kid is a mechanic (no way!!!) and Law is a robot AI humanoid thing. Basically Kid, who is kinda poor, finds Law broken in the garbage or ally or something, takes Law home and fixes him. Law now serves Kid as service bot/ house maid/ whatever (don’t know how to better explain it). Though Kid repaired Law, Law still has this glitch where he flips between innocent cutie and devious psycho. Where am I going to go with this? I have absolutely no idea! I don’t usually do this kind of thing. Hopefully this hasn’t already been done.