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If You’re Buying Lezhin Coins in English, You Need to Stop.

Bold title, I know, but honestly I just need to save as many people (or bank accounts) as possible because apparently not many people (that I know of) know this fact: You’ll get more coins if you buy it in the Korean version of the app. That’s right, I said it. So let me break this down to you.

(Since I currently live in Japan the prices are in yen but the concept is basically the same wherever you are so whatever)

If I use the English version of Lezhin app, the coin prices that would come up would be like this:

¥600 - 17 coins
¥1,200 - 36 coins + 10 points
¥2,400 - 75 coins + 30 points
¥3,600 - 115 coins + 50 points
¥6,000- 200 coins + 100 points
¥11,800 - 405 coins + 300 points
¥17,800 - 620 coins + 500 points

But, if I use the Korean version of the app, it would be like this:

¥480 - 23 coins 
¥1,200 - 65 coins
¥2,400 - 131 coins + 50 points
¥4,800 - 281 coins + 100 points
¥8,400 - 521 coins + 300 points
¥11,800 - 751 coins + 500 points

Wow, would you look at that… Isn’t that crazy? Just switch the language and BOOM, look at all the money that you can save (or could’ve saved, I’m sorry for your loss). And yes, you can use those coins to buy English chapters too. Honestly, the first time I knew about this, I felt so betrayed and robbed, but now I want to help as many people as possible to continue reading their favorite manhwas legally and supporting their favorite artists without breaking their bank. So please, reblog and spread this message, and just know, that we can make our bank accounts great again.

<//❤️~Oo°*_( 桜さくや )_*°oO~❤️\<

Tadaaaa !
The other drawing for husbando Sakkuuuun (/❤️u❤️)/~~~~ <3
<*_~ SaKuRaSaKuYa ~_*> ! c:
wuh !
I always wanted to draw him like this since I know about the #桜さくや hype on Twitter :’D NOW - FINALLY.
pink suits him so well, he'sgoddamnhandsomeasalwaysjfc ///^///) I already smell the scent of cherryblossoms…. <3 spring feeeeliiingsss ~❤️~

haaahh..I’m so glad I managed to draw a digi drawing for him too  although I’m still super busy with final exams ._. BUT NO, I’d go through sleepless nights just to finish fanarts for his birthday *^* !!
alright, it's STILL his birthday, so we can still celebrate and talk about what a great person he is…. <3 ALL DAY LOONNGGGG

It’s actually the 4th time celebrating his birthday, which means I almost love him for 4 years, FOUUURRRRRR YEARS ;w;)9 !! <3 ma luv, ma baby <3
Thank you so much StrikeTanaka for making him EXISSSTTTTTT ( 9;////;)9 ! what would be life without Sakuya, seriously :’D! 

Moreover it’s sad I can’t show my love for him like japanese fans can do, like..LOOK AT THAT AMOUNT OF MERCHANDISE THEY HAVE. HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN SPEND ON THIS. IT’S LIKE THEY’RE RICH AF. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;////;? Ok they do have the benefit that they don’t have to order that stuff overseas etc v.v)! ahahahah ~ what a great life :‘D at least that’s all I can do for Sakkun now ;//w//;) <3

anyways, hope u like this one too >w>)/ !! <3 <3 <3

How the Zodiac Signs got their Symbols

Athamas, a king in the land of Croneus, had a son named Phrixus and a daughter named Helle by his first wife. Her name was Nephele. He eventually grew tired of Nephele and sent her away. He then married Ino, the daughter of Cadmus who was the King of Thebes. Over time, Ino grew jealous of Nephele’s children. She wanted the kingdom for her own sons and decided to use treachery and deceit to get it. Nephele was fearful for her children’s safety, and sent a protector into the castle walls to watch over them. The protector was a Ram with a fleece made of gold that was given to her as a present from Zeus. The Ram has always been loyal to Nephele ever since. When the day of sacrifice came, the ram spoke to Phrixus and Helle, told them to climb on his back and to make sure they held on tight. Once they did, the ram sprang into the air and flew across the sea. Helle, who is much weaker than her brother Phrixus, fell off the ram’s back and into the ocean where she plunged to her death. The place she fell is called Hellesponte. Phrixus survived and ended up marrying into the royal family of Colchis, thus maintaining his noble status. In thanks to Zeus, Phrixus sacrificed the golden ram that had carried out the god’s wishes on Earth. Phrixus hung the ram’s fleece in a special spot in Colchis, where it would be the theme of legends to come. Zeus hung the ram’s likeness in the sky to commemorate its bravery, and it shines there to this very day.

Zeus was a lover of women, both mortal and immortal but it was sometimes hard to escape to be with other women being under the watchful eye of his wife Hera. He also was unable to appear in his true form, as he would strike too much fear into the hearts of mortal men and women. One of Zeus’s methods was to change himself into an animal, which allowed him to escape from Hera and get close to the woman of his choice. One day, a maiden named Europa caught Zeus’s eye as she was out playing with a group of girls by the seashore. Knowing that she and her friends would be terrified if a strange man or god approached them, he changed himself into a beautiful white bull. Once she was comfortable with the bull, she started to play with it. They got farther and farther away from her friends. Zeus laid down, and Europa climbed on his back. Then he plunged into the sea and swam away with Europa clinging to his back. Zeus took her to the island of Crete, where he changed back to his true form. He took Europa as his lover, and she bore him three sons. Zeus hung the image of the bull in the heavens, where it represents love, strength and beauty.

Gemini represents two heroic twin brothers named Castor and Pollux. Their mother, Leda, was one of Zeus’ many love affairs. Castor and Pollux were legendary adventurers and fighters. They were members of the Argonauts, the group of brave young men who set off with Jason to find the Golden Fleece (Aries story). The two brothers are also known for their constant rivalry with Theseus of Athens. Theseus, in fact, kidnapped their sister Helen one day and locked her up in Athens. When Theseus was away, Castor and Pollux stormed the city and took Helen back. The twins died fighting while they were still relatively young. Castor was killed in a struggle with the Leucippidae. Zeus saw the struggle and the death from his place in the heavens. The twins were among his favorite mortals, and Zeus did not want to see them both go to Hades, so he hurled a thunderbolt at the Leucippidae and killed them. Then he took Pollux up to the heavens. Pollux did not want to be immortal while his brother was still in Hades so Zeus brought Castor up in the heavens with Pollux, where they were reunited and remained together forever.

This crab was the first symbol of the Zodiac to be placed in the heavens by an immortal other than Zeus. It was actually sent by his wife, Hera, to plague the Greek hero Heracles (Hercules), who she hated very much. Hera hated Heracles because he was the product of Zeus’s many affairs. The crab was not a particularly kind creature while on Earth. It was originally called Carcinus, which is Greek for ‘crayfish’. It dwelled underwater, and was huge and rather malevolent. Heracles was in the middle of the Twelve Labors, which was his punishment for crimes committed as a young man. In a fit of madness, which was actually placed on him by Hera, he killed his wife and young sons. The gods decided that even though he wasn’t fully responsible for the crime, he would need to spend many years atoning for his sins. They put him in the service of his brother, Eurystheus, who ordered him to do one thing after another, all of which seemed impossible. Heracles was no ordinary man, and in the course of his labors he gained glory and won over most of the Olympians. Hera, however, remained implacable in her hatred. At the time when Hera sent the giant crab to attack Heracles, he was fighting a much more terrible monster, the Lernean Hydra. Hera thought that Heracles would be too busy fighting the Hydra to pay attention to the giant crab, or that if the crab distracted him, the Hydra would have an opportunity to finish him. Unfortunately for the crab and Hydra, Hera was mistaken. Heracles killed Carcinus easily, then turned his attention back to the Hydra. Hera, who had watched the incident, did not forget the animal that had died at her command. She placed it in the heavens to show that she was grateful for its efforts.

♌ LEO:
Leo is represented by a mythical monster fought by Heracles during his Twelve Labors. This monster was the Nemean Lion. The valley of Nemea had been terrorized by the beast, which was thought to be impossible to kill. The was actually Heracles’s First Labor. He had to find the lion in its mountain lair and destroy it before it could completely wipe out the Nemean countryside. Once he had killed the lion, his brother and taskmaster Eurystheus wanted him to bring its hide back to the city as proof that he had actually accomplished the task. Once he found the lion, he tried to kill it right away. First with his arrows, then with his giant sword, which were both unsuccessful. He ended up wrestling the lion, strangling it with his bare hands. Once it was dead, he skinned it using its own claws and carried it to Eurystheus. After showing his brother, who panicked and ran when he saw the lion’s remains, Heracles took the lion’s carcass away. He made a cloak out of the skin and a helmet out of the head. The spirit of the lion was placed in the sky, where it was no longer deadly, but beautiful.

This constellation is said to be the figure of a goddess. According to legend, during the Golden Age, which was under the rule of the Titans at the time, the gods and goddesses lived on Earth among men. Once the Olympian era came to be, things started to change. Zeus was a harsh and strict ruler. He saw humans as rather lowly creatures who were far beneath immortals. He thought they should be treated like animals. Prometheus, a Titan, became the protector of men and sided against Zeus. He stole fire from the Olympians and give it to humans. Zeus was pissed off and chained Prometheus to the top of the Caucasus Mountains, intending to leave him there forever. However, Zeus was not finished punishing Prometheus or the human race yet. He sent down Pandora, the first woman. Ancient Greeks believed that women were the source of all evil and discomfort. The symbolic representation of women’s corruption of humanity is Pandora’s Box, which was filled with all the demons that torture humanity, from greed to spite. After Pandora unleashed these demons, the remaining immortals on Earth quickly departed for Olympus. The last one to leave was Astraea, the daughter of Zeus and Themis. Astraea was the goddess of virtue. She went to the heavens and watches from the sky every night to see when earth will be ready for her to return.

The legend of this sign seems to originate in Egypt, where the Egyptian lord of the dead used a scale to weigh the souls of those who had died. Anubis is portrayed with the head of a jackal. He and his brother Apu-at watched over the two roads that led to the Underworld. Anubis would weigh the souls of the dead to determine their value based on what they had done on Earth. Anubis sent worthy souls to the kingdom of Osiris, the equivalent to Heaven. He could be seen as a benevolent deity but also a dark and terrible figure that you could not escape from. His attribute, the scales, was a symbol of final judgment. The Greeks allowed them to retain their place and legend in the heavens.

The Scorpion was a monster summoned at the will of the who at the time was a wrathful goddess, Artemis. She called upon the Scorpin to destroy Orion. Orion was a giant. He was more than mortal, but less than a god or goddess. He was the son of Poseidon and is often supposed to be the son of Gaia, as were all giants. Orion was strong and very beautiful, but he thought too highly of himself and forgot to show proper respect toward immortals. It is not clear what Orion did to anger Artemis. According to one version, he tried to rape one of her handmaidens. According to another, he may have tried to force himself on Artemis herself. Perhaps he simply boasted that he was a better archer than she was. Of all the goddesses, however, Artemis may have been the worst one to anger. She was the goddess of the hunt and the goddess of revenge, and she was ruthless and violent once angered. She became furious with Orion’s impudence and commanded a giant scorpion to attack him. The scorpion stung Orion and killed him. Artemis placed her servant in the heavens as a reward for doing her bidding. Because of Orion’s parentage, he could not go to Hades. He was placed in the heavens as well, where he continues to flee across the night sky, away from the poisonous scorpion.

The Archer represents one of the more heroic figures of the zodiac, Chiron, the kindest and gentlest of the Centaurs. Although many of them were stupid and violent, Chiron was known for his wisdom, caring nature and his ability to teach. He was immortal. Chiron tutored the Greek heroes Achilles and Jason and many others. He was renowned among the Greeks, although he lived by himself in a cave in the countryside. Heracles shot him with an arrow by accident. He was trying to kill the other vicious centaurs who were plaguing the countryside. He had no intention of shooting Chiron, and was extremely remorseful. Although Chiron used his medical skills on the wound, it was incurable. Heracles’ arrows were tipped with the deadly venom of the Lernean Hydra, which killed any victim it touched. But Chiron was immortal so instead of dying, he remained in terrible pain and agony. Prometheus, the Titan, managed to help Chiron. It is not clear what exchange Prometheus and Chiron made, but the Titan made Chiron mortal, and enabled him to leave the Earth and go up to the heavens.

This constellation has a mythological explanation that dates to before the Greeks. Capricorn, the Seagoat, is thought to be the image of a powerful Babylonian deity named Ea. He has the lower half of a fish and the head and torso of a goat. He lived in the ocean. He came out every day to watch over the land, and he returned to the sea every night. The Greek version of this legend does not match with the physical description of the Seagoat. Greeks thought that the starry figure was Pan, a Greek demigod. Pan had the upper half of a man, but he had the legs of a goat. He was the son of Hermes and a forest nymph. According to legend, when the nymph saw her strange baby, she shrieked in fear and ran away. Hermes, however, loved his strange son. He took him to Olympus, where the other gods and goddesses also took a liking to Pan. He became the god of shepherds and flocks, taking the responsibility from his father. He did not dwell on Olympus; he preferred to live among the shady trees in the mountains. He amused himself by playing his beloved reed pipes or by chasing nymphs through the woods.

In many ancient cultures, there was a god known as the 'Water Bearer’ or 'Water Pourer’. Water is the bringer and sustainer of all life; therefore the force that made water rain down from the heavens was among the most revered by ancient peoples. In Greek legend, Zeus was the Water Bearer. Although he was the god of many things, one of his most important roles was as the god of storms. The constellation Aquarius could have originally been representative of Zeus as the Water Bearer. Another myth, probably of more recent origin, is the myth of Deucalion, the only man to survive the Great Flood. The story of this flood is very similar to the Judeo-Christian legend of Noah’s Ark. As the story goes, during the Iron Age, humanity had become more savage than animals. Brother fought each other, fathers were killed by their own sons, and no one was safe. Both men and women were violent, bloodthirsty and had no morals. The words of the gods meant little or nothing to them, and no one would repent for their sins. Zeus, despairing for humankind, sent a great flood upon the Earth. The flood destroyed all the people in the world – with the exception of Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha. Zeus came across them while visiting Earth and too a liking to them. They lived alone and had almost no food or material goods. Despite this, they fed Zeus, gave him shelter for the night and spoke kindly to him, even though they had no idea that he was a god. They were the last godly people on Earth, so Zeus allowed them to survive the flood. After it ended, he helped them to create a new race of men, which was supposed to be stronger and better. Deucalion is known as the 'Water Bearer’ because he not only lived through the flood, but he helped to bring life to a new generation.

This constellation is associated with a Greek legend about Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, and her son Eros, the god of love. The two were walking along a river one day when the terrible monster Typhon suddenly rose up out of the water trying to kill them. Typhon was ancient and awful. Typhon was as strong as a Titan, meaning he was also as strong as the Olympians. He was as tall as the heavens and his eyes shot flames. He had 100 dragonheads sprouting from his hands, taking the place of his fingers. None of the Olympians had the power to destroy Typhon alone, so for a time, all they did was flee from him. They did this by transforming into animals. Aphrodite and Eros transformed themselves into fish and swam away. Alternately, they dove into the river and were rescued by two friendly fish, who carried them to safety. Two fish were hung in the sky, their tails intertwined, to commemorate the day when love and beauty were saved.

First time drawing Rider ;_; 

I didnt clean it up (so technically this is the sketch/planning wHAteVer U cALL iT), so hopefully yesterday’s drawing makes up for the messy one today 


So I’ve put together some of my favorite stories! I hope you all will enjoy them as much as I do!

Guys, thank you for your work and thank you for your words!

(note: be careful, some fanfics contain spoilers for s7)


Wait Out the Storm by @killians-dimples - Killian and Emma are enjoying a day on the water when a storm happens upon them. They decide to wait it out down below, where Killian has some interesting ideas as to what can occupy their time. Mindless fluff and smut. 

Something Just Like This by @killians-dimples​ - Killian and Emma enjoy a quiet morning in their home.

February Thirteenth & February Fourteenth  by @cutieodonoghue - After a trip around the world, emma returns home to storybrooke, unprepared to be suddenly entwined in killian jones’ life thanks to ruby’s constant meddling, and her dad’s insistence that killian is off limits.

Let’s Just Be Us by @cutieodonoghue​ - rockstar!killian and movie star!emma secretly dating, but those pesky fans figure it out… 

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Favorite Destiel Moment             Part 1 (Castiel)

Lazarus Rising  (The Blind date)   ∞  SPN 04x01

I think Castiel had his first moment of fascination with Dean Winchester when he saw how broken and lost he was.

You can see how he moves towards him, mesmerized by his soul. Castiel’s almighty petulance made him feel like a savior, a merciful benefactor taking on a “personal” mission to save and rescue this precious and wounded human, just like humans sometimes take a chance and try to rescue some poor animal in need, for example. In the beginning, you may be the size of the Chrysler Building compared to this tiny cat or dog. Then you give yourself to caring for it and end up inadvertently adding a new member to your family.

Years later, with X damages to your apartment and X bills from your vet, someone will ask you about the story of how you got this cute dog.

You will proudly tell the history of your amazing rescue and how generous you were, helping this tiny creature that needed you so much. And while you are explaining how you gave him a name, about the first time he peed on your carpet, and many shoes he shredded, you realize that now you are the one unable to live without him.

So in the middle of telling about your generosity as a rescuer, you realize you lost track of when he begin to take control over your life and feelings. You start recalling all the times his presence was key in your life as a source of happiness and companionship, and you realize that the true and amazing rescue story is actually the last X years of your life spent with this animal. Sorry to compare Dean Winchester with a wounded little puppy, but you can´t underestimate the power of love in whatever way you find it at the beginning.

Poor Castiel, so regal, so powerful and yet helpless, still learning 8 years later to this day about how you have to give up your notions of a grandiose existence if you want to let yourself be rescued by this endless source of amazement that is love, which comes in all shapes and transforms the very core of your existence.

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of him becoming human again, just for the sake of Destiel as the end game. Forget the human sexuality issue, and all the controversy because of their genders or orientations. Dean is bisexual, and Cas doesn’t give the flying fuck about “sexual orientation”, as he himself said before. I believe the true tragic love story is about how Castiel the Seraph - with a true form of the size of a Chrysler Building, with 4 heads and 3 sets of wings full of eyes, a majestic multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent - still stands alongside this semi-alcoholic bisexual hunter who still calls him a “dumbass”.

I hope I don’t offend anybody with these ramblings that woke me up this morning. But I love Castiel as an angel and a celestial entity, and I hope he can be who he really is, until the moment of his comeback. Destiel is my Ship and I believe in it, but it’s not fair to sacrifice the magnificence of an amazing and mystical creature in order to fulfill a romantic trope. That is the challenge that I will gave to any writer, to make that kind of relationship work. Dean as a bisexual hunter human, Cas as a celestial entity contained by a human vessel. I believe that the transformative nature of love can drive both to a middle ground where Cas doesn’t have to become human.

I just realize that, in my understanding, Castiel will be the one giving up everything for a human relationship. And thinking about the real power of love beyond species or gender makes me believe that the love these two deserve may not be as physical as we think, or we would like to see. Yes, I also want to see them kiss and jump each other’s bones.

But what would Dean Winchester be willing to give up for the sake of this love, which he may not be ready to receive or give? I am just remembering how Superman (whom will be key in the second part) once tried to be human for love, and then the responsibility of his powers and his love for Lois make him come back to his powers again. I believe Castiel is important in Supernatural - as an Angel, not just as a love interest.

But reading again from the beginning of my explanation, there should be just a quirk remark about how hot Cas looks in this scene, I recall my own experience. So, this gave me enough reasons to believe that maybe Castiel, being the mature one in the relationship, would willingly give up his powers and the rest of his grace for love (that coincidentally is the title of my blog, oh! the irony).

Not to please Dean, or to make their relationship easier, but maybe because rescuing this wounded puppy has shown him how happy he can be if he let himself go, including his wings, grace and halo. Because of the circumstances that lead him to kill Billie, to say ‘I love you’ to a human, and for the chance of real love that he may experience after all. Then, he may find the need to be at the same level of this puppy because it was him who truly rescued him from his almighty ego and give him one or two lessons about redemption.

*now allow me to cry and hour or two in my personal pit of despair*

Thank you very much my dear @starsinursa for helping me in the proof reading and the correction of this extra long rambling.

are you falling or flying, clarissa?

you know, as always, i’m really irritated when people call clary by the name morgenstern because she doesn’t use it, it’s not the name she grew up with, and most importantly she doesn’t like it, like don’t be fucking rude. so when the angel raziel called her clarissa morgenstern i was really annoyed, and then i got to thinking and this fits really perfectly into this shadowhunter fic i’ve been planning so what if:

the morgensterns are an old, wealthy, and powerful shadowhunter family, right? they have such an odd name for their profession, such a specific one – morning star, the name of lucifer before he fell, the name that jesus uses to describe himself in the bible. are they referring to one, to both?

who knows.

but what a powerful name, what an important name. that’s not a name you take for yourself, not when you’re a servant of heaven like the shadowhunters are. it’s a name you earn.

then there’s the name clarissa. clarissa means bright and shining. so her name translates to the bright shining morning star. and it must have been valentine who gave her that name, because it’s such a heavy name for a baby, for a young woman, for anyone. and valentine calls her clarissa morgenstern because that’s what she is to him, a bright shining star. but that’s not a name you’re given, not really. it’s one you earn.

so i really like the idea that raziel calls clary by the name clarissa morganstern because he thinks she’s earned it. i like the idea that all the reasons clary chafes with the clave and other shadowhunters and the downworlders are the same reasons that the angels love her. she falls into the role of holy soldier in a way that’s so much cleaner and straightforward than most of the people around her.

i talk here and here about why i believe clary is a blossoming little general and about her sharp take on morality (some of these opinions are out of date because WOAH BOY some people have had hella character development, but i stand by the general idea of them). but in summary:

clary is crazy charming when she’s wants to be. she’s not manipulative really, she’s too straight forward for that. but especially in the first season she did impossible things so casually, and i don’t mean in magic or power. i mean in getting mortal enemies to die together for her cause, getting loyal subjects to break oaths to their queen for her, getting the aid of people who once professed to hate her or even tried to kill her. i once wrote that clary is dangerously charismatic and i believe that. she doesn’t have to be right, she just has to convince everyone she’s right, and she’s kind of scarily good at that.

secondly, clary has a very black and white view of morality. there isn’t really any grey area where she’s concerned. i’m just going to copy and paste from my other post here, so:

she’s really big on forgiveness. which seems odd, considering how completely ruthless she can be at times, but it’s true. it’s one of my favorite qualities of hers, the dichotomy of how readily she forgives and moves on from past hurts against how completely and thoroughly she’s capable of hating and cutting down those who stand in her way.

clary basically forgives everyone who’s ever lied to or wronged her – she doesn’t hold a grudge against magnus for taking her memories in the first place, against raphael for any of the actions he’s taken against her, never holds onto any hurt or resentment for any of the cruel things alec has said to her. jace ignores her for weeks and she doesn’t take it personally, only wants him back in any way she can have him. when luke abandons her in her time of greatest need she doesn’t blame him, is only happy to have him back. when luke’s sister returns she insists that they give her a chance, and even after cleophas has proven herself to be a betrayer and a liar, even when clary has every reason not to trust her – she does. when cleophas says she’s changed her mind, she’s ready to betray valentine even tho moments before she would have declared herself one his most faithful servants – clary believes her. clary believes and trusts a murderer because that – that’s part of clary too, i think, even her positive qualities circle back to her ruthlessness.

holding onto grudges and hurts will only hinder her, so she doesn’t. she has a goal and she has enemies and those are immutable and unmoving but everything else is negotiable.

clary is not a woman that deals in grey areas. either something is right or it’s wrong, either you’re with her or against her, and she has little patience for anything or anyone that tries to stay in the in between. this is most perfectly shown with that quick back and forth between her and cleophas in the alley. cleophas says that hurting an angel goes against everything being a shadowhunter stands for, and clary shoots back oh, and killing downworlders doesn’t? cleophas says it’s different, but the thing is for clary it isn’t. she deals with absolutes. killing downworlders and torturing an angel are the same for her because they are both actions that heaven’s warriors shouldn’t be taking, and in her mind if you’re capable of one you’re capable of the other.

so in conclusion: clary has a stunning capacity for both compassion and forgiveness, is ruthless down to her bones for better or worse, and treats morality as far more black and white than is probably healthy.

look at her relationship with jonathan and how that fits into all of this. when she’s on his side, she’s moved by compassion, is willing to forgive all manner of atrocities because she believes in him. when she’s like this, her dangerous charisma comes out in full force, and she nearly turns him to her side without even trying to. then he crosses a line, and all that compassion disappears, at least on the surface. clary has made her judgement – her brother is no longer worth saving, and she’ll kill him with her bare hands when necessary. compassion and forgiveness. black and white morality. utter ruthlessness. clary’s interesting, i think, because she has all these qualities at once.

and … i just feel like all these qualities make the angels really like clary. she is like them, ruthless and caring and with an unmovable certainty for what she believes to be right. on top of this, a charisma and presence that pulls others to her side in spite of how her other qualities grate on them or get them in trouble. she’s a leader, more last season than this one, but she still has those qualities.

they look at her, raziel looks at her, and calls her clarissa morgenstern. she is the bright, shining morning star.

will she fall like lucifer? is she a messiah like the son of god?

who knows.

but both of those people brought change, brought revolutions, for better or worse.

clary has earned her name. when change comes, as it inevitably must, people will have her name on their lips.

for better or worse.

Fic Update: Between Heaven and Hell

Summary: A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

Read this chapter on here and on AO3 here

                                             Part Twenty

Something was about to go down.

Something big.

Something soon.

Will could sense it, the way he’d always been able to tell the exact moment when he had to ditch a boosted ride before the plates were broadcasted to every police cruiser in the city, or noticed Loss Prevention discreetly following him around in a store and watching to see if he was going to try to slip something under his jacket and walk out without paying. He was good at it, always getting out just before the shit was about to hit the proverbial fan, no matter how much his teenage buddies used to protest when he pulled over in the stolen Merc or Mustang they were joyriding in and ordered them to all get out and scatter. Three of them got busted for Grand Theft Auto one night when Will was busy on a snatch-and-grab job for Hood, one was lucky, he was barely sixteen and got tried as a juvenile, but the other two…they got handed felony sentences and three years in the state pen.

His phone had been vibrating in his pocket during the whole ride from the Jolly Roger to Jones’s condo but he didn’t dare answer, not with the way Jones was staring out the tinted window, as still as a statue save for the drumming of his fingers on the empty leather seat next to him. He hadn’t said a word after his curt order of “drive” and he stayed completely silent while Will parked in the plum spot reserved in the underground garage for the penthouse, exiting the SUV before Will even had the keys out of the ignition and making a beeline towards the elevator. Will watched him in the rearview mirror, the brake lights casting a red glow over Jones’s face as he walked behind the car. His head turned and their eyes met for a brief moment, the red reflection going even brighter in his pupils and Will blinked at the weirdly distorted image. He had looked almost….inhuman, for a split-second, all red eyes and lips that curled in a sneer against a mouth as dark as a black hole. But then it was gone, and Will blinked again and rubbed his finger nervously over the key fob, feeling the raised lines and edges of the tiny logo press against his palm like an anchor to reality.

It must have just been a trick of the light.

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Have you ever felt a light inside not reflected when you meet your own eyes in the mirror? Felt the call of greatness echoing through body and bone but are faced with the reality of mediocrity oozing from underneath your skin? Inside you glow but outside covered in darkness and sin? Had a soul crafted by God but a body full of broken, and a heart that is soaked in hope unfulfilled?

Man thinks me worthy but on the scale created by the creator un created I’m not even a crater on the disk of weights im supposed to weigh up against

I have accomplished nothing
I have done nothing of worth or value
All that is good in me came from The One up above
All that is bad in me bubbled up from the scum inherent in the Sons
Adam had sin as I do but he knew repentance
He was blessed with redemption
I worry my fate was never written in letters of great
I worry my seal has been tightened and I will never rise to grace
I I fear my soul will never taste the light of returning in haste to the Master of time and space
I wonder will I ever hear the footsteps of the servant in heaven and know tears as I realize my lies were forgiven and look down at feet walked on hallowed ground and know that I heard my self walking
On the path that does not end, but forever I will know light
Forever faith will have been rewarded to me
Forever I hope
I pray
Is my destiny
But I fear not


A litany of source code; Believer


Happiness Is

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 412

A/N: This drabble is pure unadulterated fluff. Happiness is a blue-eyed angel (but you already knew that).

The human condition is convoluted, confusing, and oft times completely contradictory – even more so confounding to those angelic warriors compelled by duty to unquestioningly serve the will of God.

In his time upon the Earth, both a servant of and exiled from Heaven, both saved by and the savior of humanity, the angel Castiel came to understand directly many of the distinctive qualities defining mankind - doubt, free will, loyalty, betrayal, friendship, family, anger, forgiveness, kindness, sacrifice, pride, hopelessness, courage, regret, faith, sorrow, pleasure, pain, and even love.

Yet one quintessentially human experience eluded him – happiness. Happiness – the all too often taken for granted contented state of knowing all is right and as it should be. Happiness – the undeniable feeling of wholeness and belonging when every piece of the puzzle aligns with unmistakable clarity, not to illuminate the mysteries of the universe, but rather to shine a light upon the deepest darkest fears which cast uneasy shadows upon the soul and muddle our way. Happiness – a glowing beacon to guide us home.

Too tainted by human weakness to any longer be a soldier of the Lord, absent the soul to affirm his burgeoning humanity, Castiel existed alone in a realm defying definition, fated to vacillate betwixt opposing worlds. The blue-eyed aberration of celestial design seemed destined to never know happiness – that is, until the day he met you.

In your shining eyes, he is astounded by the beauty of his father’s creation. In your easy laughter, he perpetually finds delight. In your playful banter, he perceives melodious joy. In the supple pout of your lips and sweet taste on your tongue, he savors passion. In the involuntary soft moans escaping your throat at the caress of his angelic grace, he comprehends desire. In the gentle curves of your lithe body pressed against his vessel, he is overcome by pleasure. In the quietude of your companionship, he realizes solace. In the most mundane of your daily interactions, he falls impossibly deeper in love.

But despite their virtues, all of these experiences share a fundamental transience, with repetition fading into the tedium of life, an eventual afterglow of monotony.

All save one – for whenever he happens to behold your smiling aspect, Castiel’s lips are compelled to mirror the bliss alighting your features, not because he knows precisely what you are smiling about, but because he recognizes you are happy. And in this knowledge of your happiness, he discovers his own.