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Prince Joshua?

Josh is actually secretly training himself how to cook. Every morning, at about 2am, you can find him in the servants quarters (courtesy of Jan, who supplies him the space, cooking utensils, and ingredients), learning a new recipe. He has been challenging himself on how to make the perfect dinner for his perfect princess and is determined to wow her despite him burning something every 20 minutes. He uses Jan as a taste tester after every attempt and forces Jan to be as critical as possible in order for himself to learn and improve his newfound hobby. His favorite thing to make is actually making creme brulee, as he finds making custard very satisfying (the initial tasting where you get to crack the hard sugar coating is the actual reason why he likes making it).

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sleep headcanon.

Sidonai finds it easier to sleep next to other people. It’s a preference he’s had since his childhood. When he was younger and would have a bad dream, he would go to his mother’s room, where he’d sleep with her and his governess, Kaelon, for the rest of the night. Some nights he’d even make up scenarios (i.e. “mother, my tummy hurts” or “mother, I heard a noise outside my window”) and feign nightmares just to spend the night with Sabrael and Kaelon.

The habit ceased for some time after his mother’s banishment, but on his lowest nights, he still found himself sneaking into the servants’ quarters to sleep with Kaelon. As he grew into adulthood, this preference became even more sparse, especially once he rose through the military ranks. He didn’t want to come off as weak or dependent as a general of 72 legions. So while in battle, he dealt. But when he’d come home, he’d spend the first few nights with Kaelon.

Now as a full grown demon, he still prefers company when he sleeps. Usually if he is feeding or engaging in a short fling, he’ll sleep next to them, but it won’t comfort him. He’s sees it as a much more intimate and personal act. He prefers sleeping next to people he cares for, especially his former lover, Nicolo. He would sleep next to Nicolo every night, and when Nico finally left, Sidonai felt extremely uncomfortable in his own bed. 

He will still occasionally sleep beside Kaelon, but only if his emotions run high. For the most part, he’s gotten sadly used to sleeping alone.

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Emily held open the door for the child as she passed through and into an unused room. Most of the supplies, empty whale oil tanks and other inconveniences were stacked neatly to one side of the room, making space for a small bed, a table with a wash basin and a trunk. It was not as elaborate as even the sofas and chairs in the parlors, but it was certainly more than what she had originally. 

She flicked on the light and stood by the doorway and watched as the girl looked around the room. The child was lost, confused and certainly delusional since she stumbled into their hands through the waterlock. The Royal Physician, Anton Sokolov, had already had a look at the girl. She was unharmed and healthy. He figured that she was simply startled and in a bit of shock from the cold water. For now, she would stay with the cooks and maids in the servants quarters closer to the basement. That would keep her occupied, warm and out of Emily’s hands until she found out what to do with her. The Empress had already figured that she would have the girl sent to an esteemed orphanage if her parents could not be found.

Emily certainly didn’t want her. 

“I hope it’s to your liking.” she sighed. “You’ll be staying here with the staff until we can find your parents. These people will take care of you. Let them know if you need anything.”