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In the Servant x Service Sava Matsuri event, there was a corner where the cast were asked to think of names for women. If the staff approves of the names they thought about, then these names will be included in Yamagami Lucy’s official name. (Please refer to my post here:


Suzuki Tatsuhisa: When I was in Grade School, my mom once said “You know what, I’d like to change my name for real” and I was like “HUH?!”

Takahashi Mikako: Sh-… Shi-…?

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: She wanted to maintain the original Kanji of her name but she wanted to change the way it’s read. *Take note that Japanese Kanji characters can be read in different ways* She really didn’t like the name “Shigeko” so she said “I think I will be ‘Moko’ from now on…”

Takahashi Mikako: *laughs so hard*

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: I told her “aren’t you stupid?”

Takahashi Mikako: Her name would be veeeeery cute!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yeah yeah yeah

Takahashi Mikako: It’s like a dog’s name! Sooo cuuuuuute!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: I told her “wait a minute!” You know, our house was near the municipal hall and THAT WOMAN really tried to go and change her name there.

Takahashi Mikako: Don’t say “that woman!” Hahaha. For real?!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: She’s  a natural airhead.  Really. There was a time when I was in Middle School, well, I was in Basketball Club, where every member should shave his head if we lose the game. So the basketball club members were like “Since you guys lost, go shave your head!” So I asked mom, “Mom, I want you to shave my head.” However, she cut my hair neatly. So I was like “Didn’t I tell you to shave my head?” But she said “I think I did pretty well this time.” DON’T SAY “I THINK I DID PRETTY WELL THIS TIME!” LISTEN TO MY INSTRUCTION!

Takahashi Mikako: Haha. What’s up with that mother-son conversation? You reaaaally get along well, don’t you?

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: It’s amazing isn’t it? Well yeah, we get along well. And there are times when we bring our bento (lunch box) in school right?

Takahashi Mikako: Yeah yeah yeah

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: There was once time when mom said “I’ve finished doing your bento today~! And when I got it, it felt reaaally light. But I didn’t have time to check on it since I was already late. So it was lunch time, when I opened my bento, there was CUP NOODLES.

Takahashi Mikako: Haha, eh? Inside the bento?

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yeah, well, more like inside the Kinchaku Pouch. (Google it if you wanna see how a Kinchaku Pouch looks like)

Takahashi Mikako: Aaahh! Haha

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: One Cup Noodles was there. I was like “HEY!”

Takahashi Mikako: Like “pour some boiling water and wait for 3 minutes?” HAHA

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yeah. And that was the first time I saw my teacher look at me with pitiful eyes. FOR REAL.

Takahashi Mikako: Haha. What’s this, she’s cute but a funky mother, isn’t she?

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: She’s a bit crazy. So when I got home, I asked her “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?”

Takahashi Mikako: Ohh, so you asked her?

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yeah, and she said “Eh? You can just pour hot water, can’t you?” And I was like “Huh-?… Well-… INDEED.  But-…”

Takahashi Mikako:  Hahaha. She’s like Maria Antoinette.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa:  Yeah yeah, so my teacher said “This is bad.” So the faculty shared their bento with me.

Takahashi Mikako:  Hahaha. You got a larger portion instead.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa:  Yeah yeah yeah, so things like this happened.

Takahashi Mikako: Ehhhhhhh.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa:  My mother is that kind of person.

Takahashi Mikako: You have a lot of memories with Shigeko. No, more like Moko. Hahaha. SO CUUUUUUTE.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Moko or Shigeko… By the way, my father’s name is Masami.

Takahashi Mikako: Ohh, is that so?

*They were talking about how to write Masami in Kanji*

Takahashi Mikako: So Shigeko, Masami and then Tatsuhisa.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yes, Tatsuhisa. It’s my real name~



サーバント×サービス×サービス #12 高橋美佳子,鈴木達央 ラジオ

Servant x Service Service Radio #12 (Takahashi Mikako with Guest Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Romantic Starter Pack

❤️ - Our Muses are on vacation in a Log Cabin. As it gets dark, they decide to turn on a movie, get some snacks, get a nice big blanket and cuddle. Fit with a lit fireplace for extra warmth.

💛 - Muse A is a servant who works under the wing of a very wealthy woman, as Muse B is a poor folk who happened to win a trip to said womans grand home! Upon arrival, Muse A is assigned to be Muse B’s personal service servant. Treating them to professional meals, clothes, special treatment and baths. At the end of the night, once Muse B thanks Muse A for their services, it is discovered that Muse A was never assigned to do everything they had, and they did it because Muse B was unreasonably charming to them.

💚 - Our Muses met on a dating app and barely know one another, scheduling a simple date at a karaoke bar. Once Muse A had arrived, they were disappointed to know that they had gotten stood up. Before they leave, however, Muse A discovers that it’s Muse B who is currently up on stage, preforming almost as a professional.

💙 - Our Muses don’t know one another, however, both of them earn a spot together in the same cart on the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyworld. Chatting each other up, they discover they get along pretty well, and accidentally fall in love by the end of the ride.

💜 - Muse A is found in a cemetery sitting by a grave on the verge of tears, speaking to it alone. Their voice is heard by Muse B who happened to be there at the same time, coming over and taking a seat with them once introduced, each of them vent and talk to each other about who they’re there to see. It turns out Muse A was unable to afford flowers for the grave stone, and, sadly, this is their first time seeing this loved one as a grave. Muse B can’t stand that idea and treats Muse A to a small trip to the store for some flowers. This night ends with each of their numbers in one anothers phone.

🖤 - Our Muses had a rough argument and Muse A is ready to leave. Muse B claims that they would prefer if Muse A left anyway. So, Muse A decides to break it off and pack their things. It takes over a day, but, everything is packed up and they’re ready to leave. Before they go, however, they check in on Muse B and ask if there’s anything else to say. All Muse B does is stand up, walk over and hug Muse A in a small fit of quiet tears. They sit there a while before Muse A drops their luggage and hugs Muse B back, calling them an idiot for making them pack all their stuff for nothing.

💔 - Our Muses are in an unhappy relationship. All they do is fight, they sleep facing away from each other. They bicker all day when they get up, and they argue all night before bed, there’s no winning. They both love one another dearly, but, are afraid to start any casual conversations, as they’re afraid of more fights breaking out. This is why they’re still together.

Not Anything Special (Part 1)

Caspian x Reader

May 19, 2017

Word Count: 2383

Requested by: @coolcoolfantasy

Warnings: none

Note: GOSH I am so sorry this took so long! Thank you for being so patient! This prompt is amazing, and it got away from me so quickly, I’m going to have to split it up into parts! I hope you enjoy it!

I think it’s better if it’s a Caspian x  reader about how Caspian fall in love with a simple girl who came after Pevensies. Caspian forgets about Susan and fall in love with her even though she is not a warrior but just a normal girl.


The carriage jostles Y/N around for the umpteenth time and she inwardly groans. She hated coach rides, but her parents didn’t trust to send her across all of Narnia on a horse, but herself. An elderly lady, the only other person in the coach, glances up at her.

“Do you want something to help you sleep? I have some herbs in my pack,” she offers, motioning with knobby hand to the bag that sits between their feet.

“No, thank you, madam,” Y/N replies. She looks out the window. “I’ve just been on this coach for too long.”

The woman nods. “Are you going to Cair Paravel for the celebration of the Kings and Queens returning and helping to end the reign of the Telmarines?”

“No. My parents are sending me to the capital for a better life. My mother is friends with a servant in the castle and she has found me a position there,” Y/N tells the woman.  

The woman nods again, her hands returning to the weaving in her lap. “Opportunities are good when people are around the Kings and Queens.”

Y/N eyes the woman, whose hands were moving over the thread in her hands expertly, even though it was dark in the cabin. “You speak as if you knew them yourself.”

The woman chuckles. “I wish I had.”

“You might still,” Y/N offers, and the woman smiles sadly.

“Maybe so.”


When the carriage arrives in the city six hours later, the woman was asleep. Y/N leans forward to wake her, but her eye catches a bright flash of red and gold to the side and her hand falls instead around the edge of the window.

The walls of the Telmarine capital slowly grow taller as the coach travels deeper into the city. Y/N stares up in awe at the exquisite architecture, so much better than the small houses that littered her own village so many miles away. The carriage suddenly starts to slow and the old woman blinks awake.

“Oh, we’ve arrived,” she says, her voice raspier than before. “Why have we stopped?”

Y/N shrugs and leans her head out of the window to ask the driver the question.

“There’s a festival going on, madam,” he replies. “We’ll be stalled here for a while.”

The woman starts to put her things together. “Wait, what are you doing?” Y/N asks, and the woman stops and looks up at her with wide, blue eyes.

“I’m getting out. I want to see the Kings and Queens as soon as possible.” Y/N watches, dumbfounded, as the woman gets her things together, opens the door, and starts to climb out of the cab without waiting for someone to stop and help her. Y/N quickly grabs her things and pays the driver, following the woman.

“Can you show me the direction to the castle?” Y/N asks, and the woman glances over her shoulder.

“Follow me, dearie, and you’ll see them soon enough!” the woman calls, and Y/N scurries to catch up. She wasn’t necessarily looking for the family of royals, but she went with the woman anyway. They reach the edge of the courtyard that most of the crowd was gathered in, just in time to see an enormous lion and a boy watch as four people, two boys and two girls, walk through a man-sized hole in a tree and disappear. Cries erupt from the crowd and the dark haired boy turns away from the tree. He looks over the crowd, his jaw set tight, and Y/N’s stomach churns when his eyes flit from her to someone else.

“That was them,” the woman sighs, folding her hands in front of her. “I missed them again.”

“Again?” Y/N asks, and the woman turns and starts to make her way back through the crowd. “Wait, madam!”

“Go to the castle, young one,” the woman says, turning. She puts an unexpectedly strong hand on Y/N’s arm. “Do something amazing with this opportunity you’ve been given.”

Y/N nods, speechless, and watches as the woman hobbles through the crowd, disappearing in the mass of people.


(Four and a half years later)

“Y/N!” Amelie, the servant’s boss, whispers, and Y/N jolts awake. “You’re on breakfast duty! Remember to brush your hair today, because you’re serving!” Amelie bustles away, disappearing amongst the bunks that lined the room, waking the others.

Y/N rubs her eyes and sits up. She’s yanked back onto her pillow, though, by her hair that was caught under her bottom. She sighs in agitation and pulls her hair out from under her and sits up again, swinging her legs over the side. Standing, she stretches her arms and reaches for her toes, letting her back pop. She goes to her trunk and pulls out her clothes for the day and then moves quietly through the servant’s quarters.

She takes a quick bath in the cold water that was sitting in one of the tubs, waiting for someone to use it. After she gets out, she refills the tub with water from a spout in the corner of the room and then changes into her day clothes. Just as she was leaving, she remembers Amelie’s order to brush her hair, and does so. She pulls it into a braid before leaving the bathroom to go back to her bunk. There, she puts away her nightgown and pulls out her socks and boots.

Finally exiting the servant’s quarters, she takes a deep breath of Narnian air, putting her hands on her hips as she walks along the short cobbled path to the kitchen. She could hear the clatter of pots and pans and the shout of the cook to his kitchen staff before she even opened the heavy door, stopping to pet the stray cat that hung around the bushes outside the kitchen.

Heaving the door open, Y/N slips around the edge of the kitchen to where the other servants on serving duty were chatting, putting on their aprons and little bonnets that were customary for servants that would be amongst the king and other members of the royal court. Y/N picks up her own apron and starts to tie it around her waist. She had been on serving duty for the past few months, and had always been treated with the civility that King Caspian gave them all; she was happy that it wasn’t anything like the horror stories she had heard of how the Telmarines treated the staff.

“Y/N, I want you to lead the group today,” Amelie says, and Y/N nods in response. She had been comfortable in the position of leadership that Amelie had put her in the last few weeks, and was happy that she was being placed with the responsibility.

The servants line up next to the counter that the cook’s staff put the plates that were ready to be served on, relaxed and chatting, the younger girls giggling behind Y/N. The cook shouts out, “Service!” The servants straighten their shoulders in unison and fall silent, taking plates as they came. Y/N pushes the door open with her back, hands laden with plates of fruits and grilled meat.

Y/N makes her way to the table that consisted of the king and his valued court members that were lucky enough to live in the castle. Y/N and the rest of the staff fan out gracefully, setting plates down in synchronized movements.

As Y/N places King Caspian’s plates before him, he smiles up at her. Y/N bows her head, curtseying a bit, and could swear that he was watching her leave as she made her way back to the kitchen.

Y/N takes her place on the wall with a pitcher of fruit juice in her hand for the rest of the meal, ready to serve when she was beckoned. She didn’t look at the table directly, but watched the members of the court eat out of the corner of her eye.

At the end of the meal, the court leaves, single file. When the last member was gone, the team of servants swoop in to clean the mess and start to help prepare for lunch, where all members of the court and some of their family members would be joining. As Y/N stacks dirty plates on top of one another, placing silver ware in a shallow bucket, Amelie enters the room, scanning her staff’s faces.

“Y/N,” she says, making her way across the room. Her face was red, but Y/N couldn’t tell if it was from work or anger. Y/N straightens and her eyes widen, ready to be chastised if it were the latter. “What did you do during the meal?”

“I- I served, madam,” Y/N stammers.

Who?” Amelie says forcefully.

“The king, madam,” Y/N squeaks. “And then I served juice when needed. I stood against the wall when I wasn’t doing so, madam.”

Amelie searches Y/N’s face, the woman’s dark, greying hair whisked across her wrinkled forehead. Her eyes look furiously across Y/N’s face, looking for signs of lies.

“M-may I ask why you’re inquiring, madam?” Y/N says hesitantly.

Amelie runs a hand down her face, wiping sweat off. “The king has requested your presence,” she says, finally. “And I know you. You’re good and kind, and wouldn’t make a mistake big enough that the king would punish you himself. So this has to be a good thing. Go, clean up. He requested for you to meet him immediately.”

Y/N gulps, surprised. “Yes, madam,” she says, picking up her skirts so she could move quicker. Y/N pushes to the sink in the corner of the kitchen, dunking her hands in the pot of clean water and scooping water to her face. She scrubs her hands and smooths her dress before turning out of the kitchen door.

Walking quickly, her mind swimming, Y/N feels terror growing in her chest. What did she do? Did she touch him on accident? Did she have a nasty look on her face unconsciously? Did she not bow low enough? None of these things sounded like something the king would normally be upset about, but Y/N just didn’t know what she did.

“Excuse me!” a voice comes from the doorway that Y/N had just hurried past. She stops for a second, turning and looking over her shoulder. She was required to stop if it was a member of the court stopping her, but she was ready to tell anyone else that she had to go. Her mouth already parted to snap, her words die in her throat as the king himself stepped out from around the archway. “You are Y/N, right?” he asks, his accent strong.

Gulping, Y/N curtseys, ducking deeper than she usually did, in case that was what she was in trouble for. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Please, walk with me,” he says, motioning to the doorway. He waits for her to be at his side for he starts into the large courtyard that laid in the center of the palace. King Caspian doesn’t talk at first, but walks next to her with his hands clasped behind his back, looking at the greenery and statues that surrounded him. Finally, he stops in a small, secluded circle that was surrounded by hedges. A statue of a woman sits in the center, looking tall and regal.

“Do you know who this is a statue of?” the king asks her, looking down at her.

Y/N gazes at the statue. “Queen Susan? The Gentle?”

Caspian laughs. “No. This is her sister, Queen Lucy.” They both look up at the statue and he adds, “The Valiant.”

“Ah,” Y/N says, her voice shaking. “You knew them, right?”

“Yes, for a short time,” King Caspian replies. He looks down at Y/N again. “How long have you worked for the castle?”

“Four and a half years, Your Majesty,” Y/N replies.

“Please, call me Caspian. That means you were here when they left?”

“I arrived shortly after,” Y/N tells him. He sits on a stone bench and motions for her to join him. She sits as far as she could away from him, but it wasn’t much.

“And your accent and looks tell me you aren’t from this region,” Caspian continues.

Y/N touches her long, blonde braid. “No, Your Majesty- er, Caspian.”

Caspian nods, a soft smile on his face. They sit in silence for a few moments. A soft breeze flows through the small courtyard, and Caspian was quiet for so long that Y/N allowed herself a small second to enjoy the breeze. After almost five years, she still wasn’t used to how fresh the air was in the capital.

“I’m being advised by my court that I need to be married,” Caspian says, and Y/N snaps back to attention. “And…” he trails off, not looking at Y/N.

“And?” Y/N prompts, forgetting her manners for a moment.

“I’ve taken a liking to you,” Caspian says, turning to her. “I’d like to start courting you, if you would let me.”

Y/N stares at Caspian, her mind blank. “Excuse me?” she says, her mouth moving without her brain.

“I know this is sudden, but you’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met,” Caspian says, his hands fidgeting. Y/N looks down at them. “And I’ve met with the women that the court has suggested for me, and none of them compare to you.”

Y/N looks back up at Caspian’s face. His wide, dark eyes stare back into hers. It wasn’t as if she could say no, right? He could have her banished, and it would be awkward to serve around him if he didn’t.

“Sure,” Y/N finally forces out, and Caspian’s face breaks out into a wide smile.


“Yes,” Y/N says, nodding.

“Fantastic!” Caspian says, standing and pulling her to her feet. Realizing that he had just touched her without her permission, he yanks his hands back and blushes. “Sorry. Okay. So, I’ll come and visit you soon, okay?”

“Okay,” Y/N says, amused at his boyish glee. How could he be so happy to be building a relationship with her? She wasn’t anything special. Other girls that she had seen around the castle that were drooling over the king were skilled in reputable tasks, such as archery or sword fighting or extremely intricate weaving. They were all incredibly smart. She was a mediocre weaver, and didn’t take any interest in weaponry. While she could read and write, she didn’t practice often.

“I’ll meet with you soon,” Caspian says again, bowing a little. She gasps as he leaves. He had bowed to her.