Not The Boy Next Door

Author: wordplay

Rating: M

Status: Completed in February 2013

Word Count: 10,650

Summary: Blaine Anderson is a struggling musician with a new job. This is the story of everything he finds there.

Tropes/Genre: AU, future!fic, musician!Blaine, artist!Kurt, friends!Klaine, romance, slow build

Lynne’s review: very sweet, and well written slow build with quite the romantic as hell gesture by KURT.  

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Don't Screw This Up

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by hazelandglasz

Kurt’s working as a mechanic in his dad’s garage and Blaine keeps faking car trouble just to see him (like “my car’s making these noises!” “Mr. Anderson, that’s just the engine.” Or he snaps off his own rearview mirror so Kurt can reattach it.) He’d really like to ask Kurt out but is afraid he’ll say no, and he also doesn’t want to ask him in his work place. Up to filler whether Blaine eventually gets his shit together or Kurt has enough and leaves his cell number somewhere for Blaine to find.

Words: 1973, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Blaine pushed the door open with a smile and wrapped his arms around Rachel, kissing her deeply. “Rach, I am so proud of you… such an amazing performance,” Blaine beamed, tears in his eyes. “How could you ever feel it was sub-par? You’re literally the greatest performer I have ever known.” His words were sincere and spoken with love and adoration as he studied her eyes. He was lost in them for a moment before snapping back to reality and gasped, “Oh!” Pulling the flowers from behind his back, he offered them to her, a boquet of her favorite with the words I love you written on the card.

Blaine took a deep breath in and bit his lip, hesitating for only a brief moment before he worked up the courage to talk. “I spoke to Kurt,” he started. “And he has given us his blessing… and I would really, really love it if you would call yourself my girlfriend, Rachel Berry.”