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Ok but what if people saw mc in her serval/cat form playing with saeyoung in his human form in the park and they come over and are like your not ment to keep servals as pets you know their wild animals and seayoung just shrugs like ya ok but I'll do it anyway and yoosung and searan just look at each other and smile like that idiot .

Some people just can’t keep their mouths shut! sheesh

Saeyoung threw the tennis ball high into the air and across the park. MC chased it, running around obstacles and over people if they got in her way. She jumped and caught it in her teeth, landing easily back on the ground. She sauntered back to Saeyoung and dropped the ball at his feet.

Saeran and Yoosung sat on a blanked setting up their picnic. MC had wanted to run around in her serval form before going back to the car and changing into her human form. It was fun playing with the boys.

Saeyoung tossed the ball again, it sailed towards a crowded picnic table, “Oops.” Saeyoung cried.

MC jumped high before the ball hit the table and snatched the ball in mid-air, twisting to get her momentum away from the crowd. The people were startled to see the serval so close and jumping so high. One man scowled after MC as she ran back towards Saeyoung. She dropped the ball at his feet again and he slowly bent over and picked it up. The man had followed MC, Saeyoung was sure he was coming to complain.

“I’m sorry sir. I will keep the ball away from your area from now on.” he apologized.

The man was taller than Saeyoung, with a beer belly. His hair was white and wiry. He looked angry. Saeyoung put his hands up defensively. Saeran and Yoosung stood as well. The man looked like he was ready to punch Saeyoung.

“Where did you get that cat?” he asked Saeyoung harshly.

“Uhm, I didn’t ‘get’ it. She decided to love me.” He said, laughing at his own joke. Saeran rolled his eyes.

“Do you have a permit to have it as a pet?” his voice was accusatory.

“Permit? To own a cat?” Saeyoung asked, confused.

“This isn’t any ordinary cat.”

“Well, we can agree on that.” Saeyoung laughed again.

The man did not think it was funny.

“It’s a serval. If you keep one as a pet, you’re supposed to have a permit. And there are rules. It’s still a wild animal, you should have it on a leash.” He pointed his finger at Saeyoung, coming dangerously close to stabbing him in the chest with it.

MC hissed at the man, leash indeed, who did he think he was.

“I don’t think she likes that idea.” Saeyoung said.

“It doesn’t matter, rules are rules. If I see you here again with that cat not on a leash, I will report you.” He spit at Saeyoung.

Saeran started towards the man but Yoosung held him back, shaking his head. They didn’t need this to escalate.

“She doesn’t belong to me. I don’t own her. So, I will not be putting a leash on her. Now, if you don’t mind, you are interfering in our outing, please go back to yours.” Saeyoung was done being nice.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you buddy.” The man threatened then turned and walked back to his party.

MC clawed at Saeyoung’s leg to get his attention.

He knelt next to her.

“Time to change MC. He just killed the mood.” Saeyoung smiled at her and kissed her head. She ran towards the car, eager to return to her human form. She was boiling mad, but nothing good would come of it if she did something to the man. It would only prove his point. But how dare he call her wild!

The boys were laughing again when she returned, fully dressed, and sat next to Saeyoung. He leaned over and kissed her. Enjoying the feel of her full and tender lips.

“Hello kitty cat.” He teased.

“Hello little pup.” She said.

They all groaned.

“What!” she said.

“That was bad! Don’t say that again MC.” Yoosung laughed.

“Whatever, let’s eat, I’m starving!” they dug into the picnic like they hadn’t eaten for days. Except of course for Yoosung, who tried to grab some food before it was all gone, although he had to be mindful that they didn’t chop off his fingers if he got in their way.

Werewolf AU

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I don't have a ref yet but my Kwami OC is a golden tiger c:

that’s my kwami oc too!!!

(although i was thinking about switching it to a cheetah or serval or even a carcal cat)


Set of postcards I made for Shanghai Comic Con, less than two weeks away!

8 species of cats in Starfleet uniforms from various periods in Startrek history. Because of the international nature of Starfleet, I picked cats from each continent/region of the Earth (sans Australia, since it doesn’t have native cats)

Pallas Cat - Central Asia

Tiger - Indian Subcontinent

Asian Golden Cat - East Asia

Serval - Subsaharan Africa

Caracal - North Africa and Middle East

Jaguarundi - South America

Bobcat - North America

European Wild Cat - Europe

Come see me at Shanghai Comic Con on November 5-6! I will be Artist Alley table 38!