serval as a pet

things that should stop being normalized

-fat animals

-getting your pets high

-exotic pets (im talking servals, coyotes, foxes, etc.) 

-harming or putting animals into uncomfortable situations under the impression that its funny 

Tigers are not pets

Servals are not pets

Foxes are not pets

Otters are not pets

I’m so annoyed whenever i see an exotic or wild animal in a collar and all the comments are about how much people want one. The exotic pet trade is devastating to natural populations and on individual lives of animals who are NOT DOMESTICATED and are not meant to be around humans. They are aggressive, they have scent glands! They should be free in the wild! So many cats, dogs, birds, rodents, and reptiles are already struggling to find homes! Please adopt a domestic animal that desperately needs  home with a human rather than contributing to the poaching kidnapping and breeding of endangered species. It’s possible to appreciate something without owning it, take the money you would give to an exotic animal dealer and give it to a nature reserve instead!