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Do you ever just have that one character in a TV show/Movie/Book that you love so much and just can’t seem to handle seeing them with another character. Therefore you literally ship them with no one. And it’s not even about the character they are being shipped with or about the ship itself, you’re just so invested in the character that your heart just shatters when you see them with another character. Even though you know you have absolutely no chance with them, it just hurts you to see them with someone else. Guys please reblog and say u agree or else i am going to check myself into a mental hospital because I’ve been going crazy thinking about this and if no one can relate than that will prove how fucked up i am.

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Is there any chance you can update the "deaf" tags? It's been a while and I'm #desperate lol...

deaf derek:

Lighting Makes No Sound by Niveously (3/? | 6,053 | PG13)

“It’s just that it’s two am and I need to shoot this caffeine straight into my blood circulation if I’m gonna finish this paper I’m working on. And you’re in my spot. Not that I made a reservation, but, you know.”

Want you to shut up (Even when cannot hear you) by ChairmanChurch (7/7 | 19,487 | R)

“Wait, wait,” Scott scrutinized him suspiciously, “is all of this about the killer thing or just that you want to ogle at your roommate’s body?”

“No way, dude. I have my standards. Not the guy with eery green grey eyes, perfectly trimmed stubble and stupid bunny teeth.”

(Or the one in which Derek is deaf and Stiles doesn’t stop talking, and Isaac’s finally being helpful)

deaf stiles:

Reading the signs by StupidGenius (5/5 | 7,891 | PG13)

“Who’s this?” He asks. Cora blinks.

“Oh, right! Uh, Derek, this is my best friend, Stiles.” She pulls back and starts to move her hands around as she speaks.” Stiles, this is my big brother Derek, the one I was telling you about.”

The kid moves his hands back at her, mouthing words but never speaking. He’s not sure he understands what’s going on.

“He said it’s nice to meet you. He’s heard a lot about you.” Cora says. Derek frowns.


“He’s Deaf.” Laura says, tapping you pointer finger to the corner of her mouth and her ear. “You know, like can’t hear? At all? He signs.”


Stiles- I Can’t Imagine Me Without You

Requests-  Could you do a Stiles one based on the song Fools by Lauren Aquilina? Love your writing x /  Hey! Can you please do one where the reader is a werewolf and she is caught by hunters who are torturing her bc they want information and Stiles is freaking out bc he’s in love with her (she doesnt know) and wants to save her but he got caught to en he needs to watch his love being tortured I love your writing so much❤️ Xx

A/N- There were my last two requests, so I will be opening my ask tonight and starting to take holiday prompts.

“Hey, let me go,” Stiles spat, struggling against the arm dragging him through a room he couldn’t see.
He heard the screech of a large door, letting him know that he was in some kind of industrial building. The thick blindfold covering his eyes prevented him from seeing anything, and while he was afraid of what was to come, he was a little hopeful he would find you in this place. You had gone missing several days ago, leaving Stiles out of his mind with worry, and when he had gone looking for you himself, he had ended up getting taken too.
When he found himself in the back of a van with Severo and Araya Calavera staring him in the face, Stiles realized he should have known. The news of Scott biting another beta had probably traveled down to Mexico, and while the Calaveras had agreed to leave the pack alone while Chris Argent hunted Kate, the hunter hadn’t exactly kept up with his promise.
Stiles didn’t blame him. He knew there had been much bigger things to worry about with the Beast in town, but still, a little heads up of your impending doom would have been nice. He was contemplating that now as the barrel of a gun dug into his back, prompting him forward.
“Look, I know how to walk, oka-” he began, but before he could finish protesting, he suddenly felt himself being shoved forward.
He just barely caught himself on his dirty palms, now caked in a thin layer of dust from the floor. The slamming of the large door made him realize that he was probably trapped, and he reached up to whip the blindfold away from his eyes. When he cast a glance at his surroundings, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.
He was surrounding by metal on all sides,and when he caught sight of the emblem on the wall, he suddenly felt like the universe was playing one very cruel joke on him. He was in a bank vault, the very same one Scott and Derek had broken into over a year ago. They had been dealing with alpha werewolves and human sacrifices, and Allison had still been alive at that time. It seemed surreal that he would be back there now, after so much had changed.
“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” he muttered to himself.
“Stiles?” a voice asked suddenly.
Stiles blinked and shoved himself up onto his knees, glancing around wildly at the sound of your voice. You had been resting against one of the stone columns in the vault, trying to get some rest, but you were just barely drifting off when the door had screeched open. You remained frozen in case it was one of the hunters, not exactly eager to face more torture. But at the sound of Stiles’ voice, you realized that you weren’t the only one in danger anymore.
“Y/n?!” he cried, scrambling up and darting toward the column that your head was popping out from behind. “God, we’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
You leaned into him as his arms brought you against his chest, and you could practically feel the relief radiating off of him as he squeezed you. Stiles had been your best friend for what felt like forever, and the way you cared for him was different than the way you cared for anyone else. Not even your loyalty to Scott could compare to what you felt for Stiles.
That might have had a little something to do with the crush you had been harboring since you were twelve, but you never would have admitted that to Stiles.
“We?” you questioned, pulling away from him slightly.
“Me and Scott. And Malia and Lydia too,” he explained. “Well, I was looking for you. Then I got kidnapped too. Roscoe broke down on the way to Scott’s and I guess the Calaveras must have been following me, because they were right there.”
“Stiles, I’m so sorry,” you whispered.
He shrugged. “Don’t be. I was out of my mind looking for you. At least I know you’re safe.”
You fell silent for a few seconds, blinking at his kind words. Whenever he said things like that, it always stirred up feelings inside that you would rather keep hidden. Unfortunately for you, Stiles tended to be very observant and extremely obsessive, and having known you for ten years, he tended to pick up on things.
“What?” he asked. “What’s that look for?”
“I…I just…” you began. “You shouldn’t be here. They could have hurt you. They could still hurt you.”
“Eh, I’m alright,” he told you. “A little bruised, but I’ll live. Besides, it’s not me I’m worried about. The Jeep’s still on the side of the road. They better not have laid a hand on him, I swear to g-”
You laughed softly, despite the fact that you had been stuck inside a bank vault for three days. Stiles tilted his head. “Come on. You know that jeep is one of my top priorities. See, the list goes: my dad, you, Scott, the Jeep-”
“I’m before Scott?” you asked, genuinely surprised.
“‘Course you are,” Stiles said with a one-shouldered shrug. “I’ve known you longer.”
“Yeah,” you said softly. “I guess you have.”
You closed your eyes and leaned back against the concrete beam, and Stiles reached out to pat your knee. “You look exhausted.”
“I am,” you whispered honestly.
Stiles frowned. “What have they been doing to you?”
You swallowed. “I healed, Stiles.”
“What?” he demanded suddenly, his tone sharp as nails. “What did they do?”
“Look, don’t freak out-”
“Don’t fr-I’m sorry, don’t freak out?” he exclaimed. “Y/n, you were missing for three days. You’re my best friend, so if anyone has a right to freak out, it’s me! Also, why aren’t you freaking out?! You’re the one who got kidnapped for god’s sake! I mean, you’d think-”
“Okay, okay,” you breathed, throwing up your hands. “Jesus, I get it. You’re best friend of the year.”
Stiles blinked suddenly. “Are..are you mad at me for something?”
“No,” you told him honestly. “No it’s not that. It’s-it’s just…I didn’t want you to get hurt too.”
“They’ve been torturing you,” he stated bitterly. “Haven’t they?”
You nodded. “They’ve just being tasing me mostly. Still hurts like a bitch though.”
“I should have tried harder to find you,” he said, shaking his head in anger. “Maybe if we had gotten to you quicker-”
“Stiles,” you cut him off, placing your hand on his. “There was nothing you could have done. I was leaving the library pretty late on Saturday. They must have been watching all of us, because when I went to my car, they drove up and grabbed me. I didn’t even have time to fight.”
Stiles frowned and squeezed your hand. “Why were you at the library over break?”
“My grades have been slipping since everything with the Beast happened,” you sad softly.
“You should have told me,” Stiles said. “Actually…why didn’t you?”
“You were so busy with Malia,” you said softly. “After everything with her mom, she needed you.”
“Yeah, but you’re still my best friend,” he told you. “You always come first. No question. If you had just asked, I would have been there in a minute.”
“Really?” you asked. “No questions asked?”
“You’d do it for me,” he stated plainly. “That’s the way it’s always been. Well, maybe not lately, but you’ve always been there for me, even when I wasn’t there for you. Even when I was hard to be there for.”
“Stiles you don’t have to-”
“I need to,” he cut you off. “I need to say this.”
Stiles took a deep breath, and opened his mouth to continue, but before he could, the screech of the vault door opening caused him to freeze. You felt his hand tense underneath yours as the heavy footsteps of the hunters came closer. You immediately pulled your hand away from Stiles’ and scooted away from him, but Araya and Severo had already seen how close you were.
“How sweet,” Araya remarked. You didn’t have to look over to tell it was her. You could tell not just by her accented voice, but by the condescending, mothering tone she always used. “Scott McCall’s two best friends, huddled up together.”
“He’s not going to come,” Stiles spat at her. “He’s not that stupid.”
“Stupid?” she repeated. “No, not stupid. But loyal? Oh, he is loyal, and he will come for you.”
“What if he doesn’t?” you asked her. “What if he decides to save his own skin?”
Severo rolled his eyes and scoffed, but Araya tilted her head. “Then we kill you. But that doesn’t mean we cannot get some information out of you first.”
The sound of electricity sparking echoed off the metal walls, and you glanced over at the taser in Severo’s hand. The hair on the back of your neck automatically stood up, knowing all too well the pain of what was to come.
“She can’t give you any information,” Stiles said, nodding to you. “She can’t give up the alpha or anyone else in the pack. It’s instinct.”
Araya smirked. “You think someone who has been a hunter as long as I have would not know something like this?”
Stiles swallowed. “Oh, so that’s for me.”
Still smirking, Araya shook her head. “No. You may not be a werewolf Stiles, but you are undyingly loyal to your friends. You would die before you gave anyone up…unless the consequence was worth it.”
“Worth what?” he demanded.
“Worth the life of your best friend.”
Stiles felt every muscle in his body grow taut, but before he could react, Severo was walking forward. Stiles tried to stand up and fight, but a swift punch to his jaw sent him crashing to the ground.
You snarled, and Stiles was able to push himself up and catch you just barely swipe at Severo with your claws before he grabbed you by the hair and stuck the taser into your side. You yelped, and crumpled to the floor, twitching as aftershocks ran through you.
“No!” Stiles cried, but Severo quickly tossed the taser to Araya and walked over to slam Stiles into the floor.
You glared up at her as she knelt over you, but you felt a wave of fear wash through you as she turned up the setting on the taser. It might not kill you, but you knew that at a certain level of current you wouldn’t be able to heal, and that was never a good thing.
“Who is the second beta, Stiles?” Araya questioned.
“Look, just stop-” Stiles began.
He flinched and stopped talking at the sound of your scream. Araya had tased you again, and every zap of electricity sent Stiles’ blood pounding in his ears.
“Stop,” he begged. “Stop, hurting her-”
Another scream, but this time you managed to speak through the pain. “D-don’t tell her, Stiles. You-you can’t-”
Araya kicked you in the ribs, sending you rolling onto your side with a gasp. “Shut up. You can save her Stiles. You can stop this.”
“No!” you cried, causing Araya to taze you again.
“Stop!” Stiles screamed, trying to break Severo’s hold.
The hunter simply grabbed him by the short strands of his hair and slammed his head into the metal floor. Stiles groaned in pain, but his eyes remained on you, now barely conscious.
“Don’t…don’t do it…” you murmured.
Your broken eyes were the only things Stiles could see at the moment, and he didn’t know what Scott would have done if he had been there, but he did know that he was going to have to do something to stop Araya.
“Fine,” he choked. “Fine. Her name is-”
“Stiles, don’t!” you croaked, causing Araya to kick you again.
“-Izzy,” Stiles breathed. “It’s Izzy. She’s tall, abnormally tall for a girl, actually, and she’s got curly, dirty blond hair.”
Araya smiled. “What else?”
“I don’t even really know he-”
Severo gripped him by the hair again and Stiles huffed. “Okay, okay, fine! She, uh, she wears a lot of scarves. She’s a senior like us. That’s it, I swear.”
“We believe you, Stiles,” Araya stated. “And you thought this would be hard.”
Stiles swallowed and looked down, and you felt your body sag in exhaustion, and maybe a little relief. He had done what he was best at and lied to Araya convincingly, enough that she backed away from you and gestured Severo up from the ground.
“We’ll be back with food later,” she informed you, before backing out of the vault with the other hunter in tow. “Maybe.”
The door slammed shut, and you couldn’t help but let out a weak laugh. Stiles immediately scrambled over to you and pulled you into his lap.
“Izzy?” you questioned. “Sounds an awful lot like Isaac.”
Stiles let out a sigh of relief. “I knew he was good for something. We just never figured out what it was before he left.”
“That was smart,” you whispered against his chest.
“Nah,” he murmured. “It was just quick thinking. I had to do something to get them to stop, right?”
“Thank you, Stiles,” you said softly.
He offered you a soft smile and reached out to touch your cheek. You felt your heart clench, and that was when you were reminded of what he had been saying earlier.
“What did you need to tell me?” you asked.
“Oh,” Stiles said. “Uh, you know, what? It can wait. You should sleep.”
“Okay,” you whispered, closing your eyes as you leaned against him.
Stiles’ arm tightened around your shoulders as you slept, and he just wished that he was strong enough to protect you. Yes, you could heal, and he had seen you come back from a lot worse than this, but he hated seeing you hurt. It had always made him nervous when you were kids, even if you got the smallest cut. His constant worry could have been a side effect of losing his mom, because even thinking about losing someone else sent him straight into a panic attack.
He remembered how when you were twelve, he had talked you into a climbing race up the tree in his backyard. You had been winning, but then Stiles suddenly heard a snap, your short scream, and an even more agonizing one after that. He hopped down, only to have his eyes widen in horror when he saw the bone sticking out of your arm.
The Sheriff had been at work, and there was no one else at the house, and this was enough to cause his breath to shorten and his heart to race. You had been in so much pain, and there were tears streaming down your face, but you still managed to calm him down enough to stop the panic attack. Of course, when Peter had talked you into letting him bite you in that parking garage sophomore year, cuts and bruises weren’t really a problem anymore. Stiles still worried, but now it was over much more dangerous things.
You had always taken care of Stiles, whether or not you needed to be taken care of too. If he was being honest, it had taken him way too long to realize that. It wasn’t until the beginning of your senior year that he started thinking about how close you had always been, and how much you had done for him. His father had told him that he didn’t talk to any of his high school friends, that they had just gone their separate ways, but Stiles couldn’t see this happening to you.
You were his best friend. You were the one who made fun of him for crying over Star Wars but was also willing to cry with him. You were the one who was able to talk him down from a panic attack, even while you were panicking yourself, and you were the one for him.
Even after he and Malia had realized they weren’t going to work out, he had still been hesitant to admit his feelings. Maybe his dad was right, and you and Stiles would go your separate ways with a friendship that would be nothing more than memories. It had to end sometime, because everything does, right?
But maybe it didn’t have to. Maybe Stiles could admit his feelings, and maybe, just maybe, you would feel the same. He was terrified. Terrified of losing you, terrified of saying the wrong thing, but as you he looked down at you, sleeping in his arms, he realized something.
Stiles might have had a lot to lose by admitting how he felt, but he would lose even more if he didn’t. And that was something he wasn’t willing to give up.

Feliz Navidad.”
Two granola bars and a bottle of water hit the floor at your feet, and before you could even reply to Araya, she was slamming the vault door again.
You groggily sat up and pulled away from Stiles. You had woken up just in time to hear her words, but you didn’t want to believe them. “Was she serious?”
Stiles frowned. “I think so. I mean it was Christmas Eve earlier, but it’s gotta be past midnight by now, so yeah. Holy shit.”
“I can believe we’re sitting in a bank vault on Christmas,” you whispered. “Everyone’s going to be celebrating, and we’re stuck in here.”
“Not everyone,” Stiles said softly. “The others are going to be looking for us. No one was in the mood for holiday cheer with you gone.”
You nodded and leaned back against one of the metal walls. “Are you scared?”
“Not as scared as I was before,” he told you.
“You were more scared before you ended up in here?” you questioned.
Stiles nodded. “I had no idea what was happening to you. I was going out of my mind, and I know this isn’t great, but at least I know you’re alive…and I’m kind of glad I got kidnapped.”
“Stiles, that’s crazy,” you stated.
“Yeah, I know,” he admitted with a sigh. “Hey, look, there’s something I need to tell you.”
“Well, we’ve got all this time on our hands,” you said wryly. “Go ahead.”
“Okay, so I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while,” he admitted. “But I was scared. I didn’t know how you’d react, or if I would ruin everything-”
“Ruin what?” you asked, your tone slightly shaky.
“All of it,” he said. “Our memories, our friendship…our future.”
You felt your breath catch in your throat at Stiles’ words. You figured you knew where this was going, but you didn’t want to get your hopes up. You probably wouldn’t be able to come back from the disappointment, or the fact that you could lose your best friend.
“And I feel like…after everything that’s happened…I feel like I have to tell you this.”
“Yeah?” you whispered.
“I don’t know when this started to happen, honestly,” he continued. “All I know is that one day, when I looked at you, I realized how much I’ve been missing. And I just thought, I love you. I love you so much, and I can’t get old and move on and forget you, because I think I’d lose it. I wouldn’t be me, without you, Y/n. I can’t imagine me without you.”
You blinked, staring at him in shock. Stiles swallowed nervously. “And, uh, you look pretty scared right now, so I guess that’s a no.”
“I-no!” you cried.
“Oh, wow, okay, that’s a little harsh-”
“No, Stiles, I mean no, I’m not saying no,” you breathed. “I want you more than I’ve wanted anyone. Is that crazy?”
“No,” he said softly, reaching out to run his thumb across your cheek. “It’s not. Well, no more crazy than werewolves and hunters, and being trapped in a bank vault on Christmas.”
“I guess you’re right,” you whispered.
Stiles leaned forward, brushing hair back from your face, but before he could get any closer, the muffled sound of gunshots rang through the air. It was sad that you knew that sound right away, but after everything you had seen, you would never be able to forget something like that.
“What the hell was that?” Stiles asked you.
“Gunshots,” you breathed. “Stiles, I think they found us.”
Stiles let out a sigh of relief and wrapped his arms around you. “God as soon as we get out of here, I’m taking you out on a date.”
“Can I at least shower first?” you laughed, hugging him back. While the battle wasn’t over yet, you felt a sense of peace. Scott would save you like he always did, because you and Stiles were his best friends, and when that vault door finally creaked open, you knew you were right.
The pack piled into the room, along with Chris Argent, firing questions at you, one after the other. You and Stiles answered them as best you could, and the pack was relieved to see that while you were exhausted, you were safe, and not that much different from when they had last seen you two.
What they didn’t know was that you and Stiles had both changed, and that had only been in the past ten minutes. While you hadn’t come out and said what happened right away, as you and Stiles walked out side by side, Scott turned around with a quizzical look on his face.
He paused, right next to the unconscious body of Severo and raised his eyebrows at you. “There’s something different about you two.”
“Being kidnapped will do that to you,” Stiles offered.
Scott shook his head. “It’s not that.”
“Scott, seriously? Can we get out of here?” you asked. “I think we’ve made enough memories in this place.”
“Okay,” he said suspiciously. “But I’m going to figure it out.”
“We believe you,” Stiles assured him, nodding enthusiastically.
“Ugh, can we please leave?’ Malia groaned. “I want to open my presents.”
“Malia, it’s 4am,” Lydia stated, rolling her eyes as they headed outside.
Scott gave Stiles an odd look, but he quickly turned around and headed toward the door as Malia grumbled that it was still technically Christmas morning. As the pack filed out of the abandoned bank, you reach out and quietly grabbed Stiles hand. He grinned to himself and squeezed your fingers  in his, thinking that he had never been so happy to be kidnapped in his life.