found an article on making your serums a few years ago and saved it to use. since then I have tried a few combo’s and found them really nice. since I get a lot of questions about serums I thought I would sort of condense the article and post it up here for you guys to try. 

keeping it natural in skincare is always good and being able to make your own serum combo is nice to. being able to tailor the ingredients to your specific skin needs is nice too especially since you can control how much or how little anti-aging you add. starting anti aging in your early 20′s is a good thing to do but you don’t need to over do it, too much too young can actually cause your younger skin to breakout (especially since anti-age usually boosts moisture production blah blah.)  

#TGIF! Here are some things I recommend checking out this weekend if you have not!

#NYX has been relaunched under Loreal in Singapore and they’ve brought in a big range including updated products like the Avant Pop palettes and this Go-To Palette in Wanderlust with shadows contour blush highlight, you-name-it. Things are selling out fast so hurry down.
#Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Serum - it feels like a 2min spa experience just applying and smelling this gentle antioxidant serum
#Shiseido White Lucent - updated product range in gorgeous Sakura-pink ombre packaging
#Chanel Les Beiges foundation - enough said about this
#Maybelline The Nudes - For so long I assumed this would be poor-quality and not worth a look; is it too late now to say sor-reeee?
#MACxEllieGoulding - initially uninterested but found myself really drawn to the flattering warm tones after playing with the products. Check out the Lipglasses and Full Face Kit in Halcyon Nights. Swatches on today!
#Revitalash - finally trying it. This is 1 of about 3 serums in the world containing an ingredient that makes lashes grow beyond their genetic set point. I wouldn’t shell out big bucks for anything else.
P.S. Look out for the pink limited edition breast cancer packaging cos a portion of proceeds go to charity. Review, info and photos next month!

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Skincare Basics: Benefits of a Serum

A serum is a great way to improve the overall texture and tone of your skin and if your moisturiser is just not cutting it, chances are a serum will do the trick. 

I’m a big fan of facial oils but I also love a good serum. You don’t have to use one or the other just put the two together and you’ve got a supercharged skincare routine. 

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The mask that came straight out from Tony Stark’s lab?

Not really - these came out from the Estee Lauder Research labs. 

But it’s still pretty darned good nonetheless! If you’re curious to find out what the new Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Masks are about, and why you need to look like Iron Woman for 10 mins a week, in return for smooth, radiant skin, check out my first-impressions post here!


Can we take a moment to thoroughly appreciate this tiny ass bar of wizardry magic distilled from the oasis of Eden?

I had pretty much garbage-esque skin (basically, my skin closely resembled garbage). I used to slather on coconut oil and almond on onto my face before bed because my face was disgustingly dry and patchy and discoloured and weird. The coconut oil and almond oil was temporarily sufficient, but ultimately my dry flaky lizard skin would return. I looked like a goblin and a gargoyle had a baby and the baby was caught in a tornado made entirely out of fire and acid.

Essentially, this sexy pink hot potato revived my skin from years and years of using crap make-up (because it’s an excellent idea to regularly apply something with 50 unpronounceable ingredients to your face) and nurturing Canadian winter weather. If Lush ever discontinued it I would riot in the street and probably send them videos of myself crying to Sarah McLachlan songs.

Oh, and holy shit: if you need to fade a scar, try this. I have this gross crater on my body and have used probably EVERY drugstore scar-fading treatment and only Full of Grace has managed to reduce its appearance.

Every time I picture my life without Full of Grace I get stress sweats. If I could write this serum bar a love ballad I would write it like eighty love ballads. Seriously.

🍋🍯Lemon & Honey face serum for highlighting, brightening and toning.

Start with your clean, no makeup, driest fresh face- no lotion. 1 tbsp squeezed half lemon, 1 tbsp honey mixed and apply with cotton ball or paint brush. Set time 20 mins. Rinse. Then just add your bronzer to cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead then Glo Up✨☝🏾️

Need a dewy glow that doesn’t feel greasy or smear off easily in this heat?

@VDLsg’s Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation is formulated to be more long-wearing than typical cushion formulas and also contains prune extract to protect and repair.

Check out 2 “metal” series face products - Beauty Metal Cushion and the new P+R=O Wrinkle Care Roll On Serum on

P.S. there are details there on color products I used to get this look, and VDL’s GSS promotions and how you can get a free toiletry bag from the new @ion_orchard VDL outlet this June!

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