sertraline hcl

“This is my story—this is my song—

well, I may not be able to read music yet, I feel everyone’s story has a song to it—at least I feel it and can hear it if I listen most closely with the third ear in my heart—so with a song in my heart I tell my story—

Here in Washington Square Park 3/21/17 — eleven days after my 86th birthday — trying to keep my writing hand as steady as possible — oh! I took my first Sertraline HCL (25mg) anti-depressant pill today and it seems to be "working” — see, I had to “separate” from my wife five months ago. She had to go to a nursing home. We were together 30 years 24/7. Her being there is “expensive” and I don’t have the heart to divorce her—now I don’t know if I’m more sick than tired or more tired than sick—but definitely depressed—yet I feel better writing about it. Now I or anyone else may read all the personal writing I do and have done — I call it my personal graffiti — so be it—

And now I have a chance to write this and someone may read it.

And I cry—thank you.“