The Mighty Thor #420 The Black Galaxy Saga

Stellaris was attacking Thor and his clone. The Avengers joined the fight. Meanwhile, the High Evolutionary was creating a new race of humans. The Clone was killed and the fight continued…


herbackhurts said to superheroesincolor:

Who would you cast Mindy Kaling as (pref. in the Marvel Universe?)

Sersi of the Eternals 

“Sersi, a practically immortal member of the Earth-born race call the Eternals, has lived amongst and interacted with humans more than almost any other member of her race. Several thousands of years ago Sersi inspired the legend of "Circe: in Homer’s epic "The Odyssey,” and also met, mixed with and influenced several other historical characters, such as Merlin and King Arthur Pendragon, throughout the course of human history. 

Sersi is the only fifth level adept, the highest possible, among the Eternals in the discipline of matter rearrangement. Amongst the Eternals it’s said that even Prime-Eternal Zuras, mightiest of all Eternals, fears the power of Sersi.“