It always surprised him how effective this thing was. Basically it was a stick with three electric saws on top and with those he was basically cutting through people. Not too big of a deal yet. 

The point where it became interesting tho, was when he went against the Corpus. The MOAs could be built of everything imaginable, but this little (or big) baby just cut through like it was butter. 

And even though they were not as effective against the Crewmen, what cut metal would also cut flesh.

It was quick footwork that brought him through the horde’s of Corpus that tried to acquire the Cryopod. He stabbed backwards, the saws cutting through the chest of a crewman and when Sparrow lunged, pulling the Serro in a wide arch over their head, he ripped the poor guy into halves before landing and essentially crushing the Corpus’ dreams and hopes.