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Mein Sohn

Growing up, I felt like I heard the word “no” an awful lot. Other phrases I heard were: “That’s not practical”, “It’s just a hobby”, “It’ll never amount to much”, “Do as I say, not as I do”, and “That’s not a real job." 

Yet somehow I’m still dreaming, writing, and doing all the things that bring me joy. As a parent I do find that one has to say "no” more than one would like, but I’m also making it a point not to tell my son that he can’t do something or that it will never mean anything to his future. I spent way too many years searching for all the things I’m supposed to do instead of doing what made me happy while I had the opportunities to do them.

I’ve never traveled anywhere, for example. 

My son has some very specific likes: nature, insects, languages, music, reading, and boardgames. He’s a thinker, if you can’t tell. He’s adventurous, loves to explore the world around him, and wants to know about everything. In a word he’s PERFECTION. I have no pre-conceived notions of what he SHOULD be when he grows up, but I certainly have hopes of what he COULD be when he grows up. His options at this point are almost endless, but while I would hate for him to be gone all the time, I fully intend to support him and encourage him to see the world, meet its people, learn from its animals, and appreciate its power and beauty.


Big Bad Handsome Man - Imelda May

Part 5’s theme song

her voice is incredible!!


Dropped him off at his first day of school’s YMCA before school care program. He said “Mom, I love you, but there are Legos.” He is so handsome in his uniform and it sort of breaks my heart, but I can’t help to excited for him. He introduced himself to everyone without instruction or hesitation. I hate that I wasn’t the one to pick him up from the first day of school, but his step-mom told me he loved his first day, likes his teacher, and has a lot of friends whose names he can’t remember.