serpents pass


Six years ago today the most epic Avatar group went to Megacon. This was the culmination of months of planning and coordination, and I still can’t believe this many people followed through and got it done on time.

We had it all: The Gaang, the Freedom Fighters, the Earth King, his bear, two Dai Lee agents, the hippies that sing “Secret Tunnel”, the pregnant woman from Serpent’s Pass, and an actual goddamn twelve year old Aang. We had all of Ozai’s Angels, the badass bounty hunter, WE HAD THE FUCKING BOULDER!!!! It was EPIC.

So let’s just remember that day everyone. We pulled it off, and this remains the most incredible group I’ve been apart of. Wooooo!!

Help me with tags guys, there are a ton of you and its been a long time.


I told you already … no vegetables on the ferry! One cabbage slug could destroy the entire ecosystem of Ba Sing Se! Security! 

If you slow this segment down, you can actually see the cabbage slug getting destroyed along with the cabbages. Slowed it down and showed the projected motion to make it easier to spot!

•horned serpents who hardly ever go into the library because they’re mind to always going too fast to focus on a book for too long
•horned serpents who pull elaborate pranks that no one can figure out but never take credit
•horned serpents whos best friends with a pukwudgie because they understand them better than anyone else. The heart and the mind just get each other
•but god knows they bicker like a married couple because they never agree on anything
•horned serpents who are the youngest sibling who always tried to be better than their older sibling, they weren’t ever actually smarter than their sibling but they tried so hard
•horned serpents who have to study their asses off because unlike some of their other housemates, it’s just not sticking
•here comes the thunderbird who has a huge crush on them, picking up the horned serpent who’s passed out in the dining hall because theyve been up for 48 hours studying, taking them to their common room
•horned serpents being completely supportive of helping them study and cheering them on for getting a 78%.
•"you know every supernatural character and their complete backstories, its okay if you don’t have room in there for algebra"